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Avery and was
James Avery Hopwood ( May 28, 1882-July 1, 1928 ), was the most successful playwright of the Jazz Age, having four plays running simultaneously on Broadway in 1920.
This manuscript, which Jack Sharrar recovered in 1982 during his research for Avery Hopwood, His Life and Plays, was published July, 2011.
Robert Adam's brother James was in Rome in 1762, drawing antiquities under the direction of Clérisseau ; he invented a British Order, of which his ink-and-wash rendering with red highlighting, is at the Avery Library, Columbia University.
In 1935, he was promoted to animator, and assigned to work with new Schlesinger director Tex Avery.
There was no room for the new Avery unit in Schlesinger's small studio, so Avery, Jones, and fellow animators Bob Clampett, Virgil Ross, and Sid Sutherland were moved into a small adjacent building they dubbed " Termite Terrace ".
The exact nature of the transforming principle ( DNA ) was verified in the experiments done by Avery, McLeod and McCarty and by Hershey and Chase.
Before that, in two separate experiments, Frederick Griffith and Oswald Avery, Colin MacLeod, and Maclyn McCarty had shown that DNA led to the transformation of one strain of Streptococcus pneumoniae to another that was more virulent.
Under the terms of the will of Avery Hopwood, a prominent American dramatist and member of the Class of 1905 of The University of Michigan, one-fifth of Mr. Hopwood's estate was given to the Regents of the University for the encouragement of creative work in writing.
Avery Brundage stated that it was " The greatest Olympic film ever made " and Riefenstahl left for Hollywood, where she was received by the German Consul Georg Gyssling, on 24 November.
Northup was portrayed by Avery Brooks.
Among them were the New York Philharmonic's Sondheim: The Birthday Concert, which was held March 15 and 16, 2010 at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall and hosted by David Hyde Pierce.
The version of the song was recorded with Kronos Quartet, with Greg Cohen, Philip Glass, and The Dalai Lama at the benefit concert " Healing The Divide: A Concert for Peace and Reconciliation " at Avery Fisher Hall, recorded on September 21, 2003.
The first important deal for the company was the acquisition of the rights to Avery Hopwood's 1919 Broadway play, The Gold Diggers, from theatrical impresario David Belasco.
By the end of the decade, a new Schlesinger production team, including directors Friz Freleng, Tex Avery, Robert Clampett, and Chuck Jones was formed.
The legendary animation director Tex Avery was the producer of the first Raid " Kills Bugs Dead " commercials in 1966, which were very successful for the company.
The first published report of a man with a 47, XYY karyotype was by internist and cytogeneticist Avery Sandberg and colleagues at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, New York in 1961.
Sewell Avery, another businessman, had supported the museum within the Commercial Club and was selected as its first president of the board of directors.
Oswald Theodore Avery ForMemRS ( October 21, 1877 – February 2, 1955 ) was a Canadian-born American physician and medical researcher.
The Nobel laureate Arne Tiselius said that Avery was the most deserving scientist to not receive the Nobel Prize for his work, though he was nominated for the award throughout the 1930s, ' 40s and ' 50s.
The lunar crater Avery was named in his honor.
Avery was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Avery and one
Edited, with an Afterword, by Sharrar, Avery Hopwood's The Great Bordello, a Story of the Theatre, is a roman à clef that tells the story of Edwin Endsleigh — Hopwood ’ s fictional counterpart — who graduates from the University of Michigan and heads for Broadway to earn his fortune and the security to pursue his one true dream of writing the great American novel.
There are several hundred salt domes in the state ; one of the most familiar is Avery Island.
A number of animated cartoons were produced, including the Bugs Bunny cartoon Southern Fried Rabbit ( 1953 ), in which Bugs disguises himself as Uncle Tom and sings My Old Kentucky Home in order to cross the Mason-Dixon line ; Uncle Tom's Bungalow ( 1937 ), a Warner Brothers cartoon supervised by Tex Avery ; Eliza on Ice ( 1944 ), one of the earliest Mighty Mouse cartoons produced by Paul Terry ; and Uncle Tom's Cabaña ( 1947 ), an eight-minute cartoon directed by Tex Avery.
He is also one of six Star Trek actors ( the other actors being Kate Mulgrew, Michael Dorn, George Takei, Avery Brooks and Majel Barrett ) to lend their voices to the video game Star Trek: Captain's Chair reprising his role as Commander William T. Riker when users visit the Enterprise-D bridge featured in the game.
The first mayor was one of the city's leading citizens, Dr. Elroy M. Avery, an author and educator who came to New Port Richey from Cleveland after he retired in 1919.
Avery is one of three campuses ( with Tyndall and Magnolia ) housing the Berkley School District's Building Blocks program for infants through pre-school.
Fairmont is home to the U. S. headquarters of Avery Weigh-Tronix, one of the world's largest suppliers of weighing solutions.
Westvale Plaza, one of the earliest suburban " malls " of the region, appeared in the Avery Tract shortly after World War II.
This dichotomy was listed as one of the major determining factors involving the break-up of the band ; regardless of the success, Avery and Navarro's need to abstain and their wanting to live their lives free from addiction and the slavery that comes with it had to be their top priority in life and they couldn't do that while being a part of J. A ..
Tex Avery was just one of the many talents Walter Lantz Productions benefited from on the rebound.
" However, a viewing of the early Bugs cartoons of the late 1930s and early 1940s clearly demonstrates that the character was not " created " as a whole at one time, but rather evolved in terms of personality, voice, and design over several years through the efforts of Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Cal Dalton and Ben " Bugs " Hardaway, Robert McKimson, Sr., and Mel Blanc, in addition to Clampett's contributions.
Johns ' account to Paul Avery of the Chronicle indicates her abductor left his car and searched for her in the dark with a flashlight ; however, in one report she made to the police, she stated he did not leave the vehicle.
Dorn is also one of six actors ( the other actors being Jonathan Frakes, Kate Mulgrew, George Takei, Avery Brooks and Majel Barrett ) to lend his voice to Star Trek: Captain's Chair, reprising his role of Lieutenant Commander Worf.
Baird and Girard described Skilton's Skink in 1852 and named it in honor of one Dr. Avery J. Skilton, who had sent them specimen of the species.
Similarly it was one of the last new roles performed by Dame Joan Sutherland in a concert performance at Avery Fisher Hall.
Areas known for their salt mines include Kilroot near Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland ( over 100 years old with more than 25 km of passages ); Khewra and Warcha in Pakistan ; Tuzla in Bosnia ; Wieliczka and Bochnia in Poland ( both established in the mid-13th century and still operating, mostly as museums ); Hallstatt and Salzkammergut in Austria ; Rheinberg in Germany ; Slănic, Cacica, Ocnele Mari, Salina Turda, Târgu Ocna, Ocna Sibiului, and Praid in Romania ; Provadiya in Bulgaria ; Racalmuto, Realmonte and Petralia Soprana within the production sites managed by Italkali in southern Italy ; Avery Island in Louisiana, United States ; Saltville, Virginia, which served as the site of one of the Confederacy's main saltworks ; the wich towns of Cheshire and Worcestershire in England ; and the Detroit Salt Company's subterranean complex beneath the city of Detroit.
For instance, on the ABC / CBS show Family Matters during the closing credits of the episode " Scenes From a Mall " ( Season 5, Episode 12 ), a scene which was shown earlier in the episode featuring Reginald VelJohnson is re-played, but this time with one of the child actors stating that he " looks like that fat guy from Fresh Prince ," referring to James Avery who played Judge Phillip Banks on NBC's The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Later, a pimp ( Albert Popwell ) who killed one of his prostitutes ( Margaret Avery ) is himself shot at close range by a motorcycle cop.
Lemieux also had a reputation as one of the league's dirtiest players ; in fact, a recent ESPN special entitled " The Top 10 Most Hated NHL Players of All Time " ranked Claude second, behind only Sean Avery.
These included ( but are certainly not limited to ) Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Tex Avery cartoons, early Looney Tunes shorts, Two Stupid Dogs ( Cubby making a cameo in one segment when Brak asks if there are any questions from the audience ), shorts from the What-a-Cartoon Show ( including the pilot for Dexter's Laboratory among others ), The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and other classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons.
Avery took a year-long break from MGM from 1950 to 1951, during which time Dick Lundy took over his unit to do one Droopy cartoon, Caballero Droopy, and several Barney Bear cartoons.
They also created the famous Yellow room at Avery Row, Mayfair one of the finest rooms in London.

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