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B and .
No one walked in this country, least of all Ed Dow or Dutch Renfro or any of the rest of the Bar B crew.
( B ) A message runs too great a risk of being distorted if it is to be relayed more than about six consecutive times.
Traffic in the next lane appears to be moving more smoothly so he pokes a tentative fender into Lane B, which is heavily populated by cars also moving at 70 m.p.h..
The adjacent driver in Lane B has three choices open to him.
of their first engagement at Falling Waters after Old Jack's First Brigade had destroyed all the rolling stock of the B & O Railroad.
-- Fetch me the copies of everything B and C companies have requisitioned in the last six months.
( B ) the reduction of dependence on external sources.
( B ) the need to plan investment programs.
Meaningful policies include: ( A ) kinds of cars the state should own, ( B ) when cars should be traded, ( C ) the need and assignment of vehicles, ( D ) use of cars in lieu of mileage allowances, ( E ) employees taking cars home, and ( F ) need for liability insurance on state automobiles.
Mileage allowances for state employees are of two types: ( A ) actual mileage and ( B ) fixed monthly allowances.
The Commission shall certify to the Secretary of State, upon his request, copies of the formal submissions of claims filed pursuant to subsection ( B ) of Section 4 of this Act for transmission to the foreign government concerned.
The Secretary of the Treasury, upon the concurrence of the Secretary of State, is authorized and directed, out of the sum covered into the Yugoslav Claims Fund pursuant to subsection ( B ) of this section, after completing the payments of such funds pursuant to subsection ( C ) of this Section, to make payment of the balance of any sum remaining in such fund to the Government of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia to the extent required under Article 1 ( C ) of the Yugoslav Claims Agreement of 1948.
Inventory and evaluate wildlife habitat resources in cooperation with other Federal agencies and with the States in which National Forests and Grasslands are located, as a basis for orderly development of wildlife habitat improvement and coordination programs, including ( A ) big-game, gamebird, and small-game habitat surveys and investigations on the 186 million acres of National Forests and Grasslands, ( B ) fishery habitat surveys and investigations on the 81,000 miles of National Forest fishing streams and nearly 3 million acres of lakes and impoundments, and ( C ) participation in planning, inspection, and control phases of all habitat improvement, land and water use projects conducted on National Forest lands by States, other Federal agencies, and private groups to assure that projects will benefit wildlife and be in harmony with other resource values.
For the year 2000 this means servicing ( A ) the protection requirements of a watershed producing at least 200 million acre-feet of water each year, ( B ) recreation and wildlife resources used each year by 635 million visitors, ( C ) a timber resource supporting an annual cut of 21 billion board feet, and ( D ) 60 million acres of rangelands.
For United States expenditures under subsections ( A ), ( B ), ( D ), ( E ), ( F ), ( H ) through ( R ) of Section 104 of the Act or under any of such subsections, the rupee equivalent of $200 million.
With respect to Article 2,, paragraphs 1 ( B ) and 1 ( C ): Uses of Section 104 ( E ) and Section 104 ( G ) rupees: The Government of India will use the amount of rupees granted or loaned to it by the United States pursuant to paragraphs 1 ( B ) and 1 ( C ) for projects to promote economic development with emphasis upon the agricultural sector including food reserve storage structures and facilities as may from time to time be agreed upon by the authorized representatives of the United States and the authorized representatives of the Government of India, in the following sectors: A.
The Government of India further agrees in cooperation with the Government of the United States, to coordinate the use of grant and loan funds provided for in paragraphs 1 ( B ) and 1 ( C ) of Article 2, with such direct dollar assistance as may be made available by the Government of the United States of America, so that both sources of financing may be channeled to specific and clearly identifiable economic development programs and projects.
It is agreed that any goods delivered or services rendered after the date of this agreement for projects within categories A, B, and C under paragraph 2 above which may later be approved by the United States will be eligible for financing from currency granted or loaned to the Government of India.
Local currency will be advanced or reimbursed to the Government of India for financing agreed projects under paragraphs 1 ( B ) and 1 ( C ) of Article 2, of the Agreement upon the presentation of such documentation as the United States may specify.
The Government of India shall maintain or cause to be maintained books and records adequate to identify the goods and services financed for agreed projects pursuant to paragraphs 1 ( B ) and 1 ( C ) of Article 2, of the Agreement, to disclose the use thereof in the projects and to record the progress of the projects ( including the cost thereof ).
By this standard, it is determined that where two stations operating on the same frequency are involved, objectionable interference from station A exists at any point within the service area of station B where station A's signal is of an intensity one-twentieth or more of the strength of station B's signal at that point.
Some 45 frequencies are assigned for use primarily by dominant Class 1, -- A or Class 1, -- B clear-channel stations, designed to operate with adequate power and to provide service -- both groundwave and ( at night ) skywave -- over large areas and at great distances, being protected against interference to the degree necessary to achieve this objective.

B and Fagan
# Paul Esteben, L. Ruch, J. P. Rouede, W. Maylie, S. Firmberg, B. Beaubay, William Fagan, J. D. Broderick, N. Seibel, M. Lannes, J. Gitzinger, J. P. Aycock, D. Verges, The Live-Stock Dealers ' and Butchers ' Association of New Orleans, and Charles Cavaroc v. The State of Louisiana, ex rel.
* 1931: The Improper Duchess by James B. Fagan, starring Yvonne Arnaud and Frank Cellier.
* James H. Fagan, ( B. A.
* Fagan, B.
B. Fagan.

B and 1934
* Cleopatra ( 1934 film ), an American film directed by Cecil B. DeMille
* 2012 – Yvonne B. Miller, American politician ( b. 1934 )
* 1934 – Yvonne B. Miller, American politician ( d. 2012 )
* 1934 – Ann Cole, American gospel and R & B singer
Alma-Tadema's meticulous archaeological research, including research into Roman architecture ( which was so thorough that every building featured in his canvases could have been built using Roman tools and methods ) led to his paintings being used as source material by Hollywood directors in their vision of the ancient world for films such as D. W. Griffith's Intolerance ( 1916 ), Ben Hur ( 1926 ), Cleopatra ( 1934 ), and most notably of all, Cecil B. DeMille's epic remake of The Ten Commandments ( 1956 ).
An older name for the condition is " Costen's syndrome ", after James B. Costen, who partially characterized it in 1934.
Rev., 43: 835 ( 1934 ); B. Rossi, Phys.
In 1934, a Hungarian physician, Paul György discovered a substance that was able to cure a skin disease in rats ( dermititis acrodynia ), this substance he named vitamin B < sub > 6 </ sub >.< ref > Paul György ( 1934 ) " Vitamin B < sub > 2 </ sub > and the pellagra-like dermatitis in rats ," Nature, vol.
is a 1934 American film starring Wallace Beery as Pancho Villa and was written by Ben Hecht, adapted from a biography by Edgecumb Pinchon and Odo B. Stade.
In 1934, behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner interpreted Stein's difficult poem Tender Buttons as an example of " normal motor automatism.
The other two boxes were one at Bristol Temple Meads West, and one controlling the movements in and out of the new Bath Road Depot which replaced the old B & ER locomotive works in 1934.
However, Orliac ( 2005 ) examined seven objects ( tablets B, C, G, H, K, Q, and reimiro L ) with stereo optical and scanning electron microscopes and determined that all were instead made from Pacific rosewood ( Thespesia populnea ); the same identification had been made for tablet M in 1934.
* Raymond B. Manning ( 1934 – 2000 ), American carcinologist
1934 Ford Model B ( 1932 )# Deuce coupe | Ford coupé
* L ' ABC de Babar ( 1934 ) — A. B. C.
In 1934, when the junior hockey teams were further divided between Junior ' A ' and Junior ' B ', the Memorial Cup served as the Junior ' A ' championship trophy, and the Sutherland Cup became the Junior ' B ' trophy.
Andersen discussed the position with owner and president Harvey B. Fuller Jr. and on October 8, 1934 he joined the company.
Petersen was elected the 28th Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota in 1934 and served with Governor Floyd B. Olson.
* 1934: " Einheitsfrontlied " (" United Front Song "); " Saarlied " (" Saar Song "), " Lied gegen den Krieg " (" Song Against War "), " Ballade von der Judenhure Marie Sanders " (" Ballad of the Jews ' Whore Marie Sanders "), Songs from Die Rundköpfe und die Spitzköpfe ; " Sklave, wer wird dich befreien " (" Slave, who will liberate you "; with Brecht ); " California Ballad "; Six Pieces ; Prelude and Fugue on B – A – C – H ( string trio )
* 1934 William T. B. Williams ( dean of Tuskegee Institute )
Die griechische Logistik und die Entstehung der Algebra in: Quellen und Studien zur Geschichte der Mathematik, Astronomie und Physik, Abteilung B: Studien, Band 3, Erstes Heft, Berlin 1934, p. 18-105 and Zweites Heft, Berlin 1936, p. 122-235 ; republished in English as: Greek Mathematical Thought and the Origin of Algebra.

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