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BBC and presenter
BBC Radio 2 presenter Steve Wright uses factoids extensively ( and occasionally incorrectly ; one recent example ( September 2012 ) defined a Googol as the number 1 followed by < i > one million </ i > zeroes.
Following the departure of Steve Rider from the BBC, Lineker, who is a keen recreational golfer with a handicap of four, became the new presenter for the BBC's golf coverage.
Starting in 1989, Palin appeared as presenter in a series of travel programmes made for the BBC.
In 1969-70 he was presenter of The Golden Silents on BBC TV, which attempted authentic showings of silent films, without the commentaries with which they were usually shown on television before then.
After the 1956 England tour, Benaud stayed behind in London to take a BBC presenter training course.
He is best remembered in the UK for his weekly role as presenter of Points of View, a BBC Television programme in which viewers ' letters criticising or praising the BBC were broadcast.
* Phil Mercer, radio presenter on the BBC
That same year Sykes signed a contract as scriptwriter and variety show presenter for the newly formed independent television company ATV, while continuing to write and perform for the BBC.
BBC presenter Richard Dimbleby, who broadcast the president's funeral from Washington, said that the regular programme was scrapped when news of the assassination was received and that the programme was a good expression of the sorrow felt in Britain.
* Owen Thomas, BBC presenter
* Cerrie Burnell, Actress, singer, playwright, and television presenter for the BBC children's channel CBeebies.
Caesar then went on to get his first " paid gig " on the Rod Lucas Show on BBC Radio Kent and shortly afterwards they both moved to the newly created Invicta Radio and, in a similar manner to BBC Radio 1 presenter Steve Wright, copied a style from American DJ Rick Dees that has subsequently become known worldwide as the ' Zoo Format '.
* Michael Clarke ( radio presenter ), Station Manager of Lisburn's 98FM and BBC broadcaster
* Craig Doyle ( BBC and RTÉ presenter )
* Maryam Moshiri ( BBC News presenter )
1980s-present ), Scottish BBC TV presenter
** Previously co-produced and served as presenter in a documentary for BBC television called In Search of the Spirit.
* Yan Wong, presenter BBC Bang Goes the Theory
In 2006, the BBC Somerset presenter Adam Thomas, in a BBC One regional programme Inside Out West, investigated why Avon refuses to die.
The BBC presenter David Hepworth, conducting the interview, had attempted to provide a list of addresses to which potential donations should be sent ; Geldof interrupted him in mid-flow and shouted: " Fuck the address, let's get the numbers!
* Eddie Waring ( 1910 – 1986 ), rugby league coach, commentator and television presenter famous for hosting the BBC game show, It's a Knockout.
Taking part in the programme along with Monkhouse were Leslie Thomas, the author of The Virgin Soldiers, and the BBC Radio 2 presenter John Dunn.

BBC and Andrew
During the Summer, the hour long programme News 24 Sunday was broadcast both on BBC One and the BBC News Channel at 09: 00, to replace The Andrew Marr Show, which is off air.
On 17 July 2003, Kelly, an employee of the Ministry of Defence, apparently committed suicide after being misquoted by BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan as saying that Tony Blair's Labour government had knowingly " sexed up " the " September Dossier ", a report into Iraq and weapons of mass destruction.
The book has been adapted for film and television a number of times, including a 1981 serial for TV directed by Rodney Bennett ; a 1995 movie adapted by Emma Thompson and directed by Ang Lee ; a version in Tamil called Kandukondain Kandukondain, released in 2000 ; and a 2008 TV series on BBC adapted by Andrew Davies and directed by John Alexander.
The most known examples of which being Aquila ( TV series ) ( 1997 – 1998 ) based on the novel by Andrew Norriss and Jeopardy ( BBC TV series ) ( 2002 – 2004 ) which won the 2002 BAFTA for Best Children's Drama.
* co. uk / mediaguardian / story / 0, 755 8, 1308092, 00. html Between the lines – BBC political editor Andrew Marr gives an insider's account of what to look for in British newspaper content.
* Remember This An Elegy on the death of HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother by Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate, at the BBC
) Troughton's other notable film and television roles included Kettle in Chance of a Lifetime ( 1950 ), Sir Andrew Ffoulkes in The Scarlet Pimpernel ( 1955 ), Vickers in the episode entittled Strange Partners in the Invisible Man ( the ITP Series also starred one of Pat's future Doctor Who co-stars, Deborah Watling, as Sally ) ( 1958 ), Phineus in Jason and the Argonauts ( 1963 ), Quilp in The Old Curiosity Shop ( 1962 ), Paul of Tarsus ( BBC 1960, title role ), Dr. Finlay's Casebook ( BBC 1962, semiregular ).
A second BBC audio version was produced in 1984 and broadcast on BBC Radio 7 in February 2009 starring Andrew Sachs as Captain Bluntschli and Gary Bonds as Major Saranoff.
* In May 2008, BBC Radio 7 broadcast Dionysos, a ninety-minute drama based on The Bacchae written by Andrew Rissik and starring Paul Scofield as " Cadmus " and Diana Rigg as " Agave ".
The story of Antinous ' death was recently dramatized in the radio play " The Glass Ball Game ", Episode Two of the second series of the BBC radio drama CAESAR, written by Mike Walker, directed by Jeremy Mortimer and starring Jonathan Coy as " Suetonius ", Jonathan Hyde as " Hadrian " and Andrew Garfield as " Antinous ".
In 2004, following a complaint made by Andrew Rosindell MP, Abbott was investigated by the Committee on Standards and Privileges regarding payment she had received from the BBC.
It broke with the tradition of punning on ' Dad ' for the title, and was named ' Nemesis ', although Andrew Marshall later revealed that the original title " Feliz Navidad " was nixed by the BBC, feeling it too obscure.
The show received less critical acclaim than the similar BBC family sitcom 2point4 children, also written by Andrew Marshall.
Other Merton alumni are Bodleian Library founder Thomas Bodley, the Oxford Calculators, Director-General of the BBC Mark Thompson and Sir Andrew Wiles who proved Fermat's Last Theorem.
* Andrew Peach, BBC broadcaster
* On 7 October 2001 BBC Radio 3 broadcast a production of The Tempest adapted for radio and directed by David Hunter starring Philip Madoc as Prospero, Nina Wadia as Ariel, Josh Richards as Caliban, Catrin Rhys as Miranda, Andrew Cryer as Ferdinand, Rudolph Walker as Gonzalo, James Laurenson as Alonso, Christian Rodska as Sebastian and Ioan Meredith as Antonio.
The fifth adaptation is a TV series co-produced by the BBC and WGBH Boston, Little Dorrit, written by Andrew Davies, and featuring Claire Foy, Freema Agyeman, Bill Paterson, Andy Serkis, Matthew Macfadyen, Tom Courtenay, Judy Parfitt, Arthur Darvill, Russell Tovey, Janine Duvitski, James Fleet, Ruth Jones, Eve Myles, Mackenzie Crook, Stephane Cornicard, Anton Lesser, Alun Armstrong, Sue Johnston, Emma Pierson and Amanda Redman.
From 2001-2003, he played the grumpy and frequently volatile Andrew in the BBC drama series Bedtime, with Sheila Hancock playing his long-suffering wife, Alice.
* Andrew Davis begins a term as chief conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and is appointed musical director of Glyndebourne Festival Opera, effective with the 1989 season.
For example, from literature: Shirley Ann Grau, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction winner, and Andrew Breitbart, conservative journalist ; from business: David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo !, and Neil Bush, economist and brother of President George W. Bush ; from entertainment: Lauren Hutton, film actor and supermodel, and Paul Michael Glaser, TV actor of " Starsky and Hutch "; from music: conductor and composer Odaline de la Martinez, who was the first woman to conduct at a BBC Proms concert in London ; from government: Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House who famously coordinated the first Congressional Republican majority in 40 years, and Luther Terry, former U. S. Surgeon General who issued the first official health hazard warning for tobacco ; from medicine: Michael DeBakey, inventor of the roller pump, and Dr. Regina Benjamin, President Obama's Surgeon General ; from science A. Baldwin Wood, inventor of the wood screw pump and Lisa P. Jackson, United States Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) Administrator under President Obama ; from sports: Bobby Brown, former New York Yankees third baseman and former president of the American League.
And John Duttine played David Powlett-Jones in BBC TV's To Serve Them All My Days ( 1980 ), adapted by Andrew Davies from the eponymous novel and as Archie Carver in London Weekend Television's People Like Us ( 1977 ), adapted from the Avenue novels.
* My Father-Reith of the BBC by Marista Leishman, published by St Andrew Press 29 September 2006.

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