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BBC and raw
* How to plan for and decide on a pension impartial advice from BBC raw
To cope with this, many BBC websites would be closed including BBC Switch, BBC Blast, 6-0-6, BBC raw, Video Nation, and planned to sell the Douglas Adams created website h2g2, as well as the automation of many programme websites and radio websites.
* BBC raw wordsQuick Reads
* Watch video clips about story writing on BBC raw words starring Nina Wadia
Best drew upon his relationship with his own father in the making of the programme, which the BBC described as a ' raw and often distressing journey '.

BBC and words
In the words of BBC correspondent Robert Orchard, " the Dome was to be highlighted as a glittering New Labour achievement in the next election manifesto ".
Mark Mardell of the BBC news reported: On the Monday the Conference was to begin, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini ( who was until last year the European commissioner for security and justice ) had told the Italian newspaper Il Giornale that Europe's failure to agree on a common approach was " a very serious mistake, because it shows our inability, despite all the words uttered in this connection, to come up with at least a lowest common denominator on a basic problem: namely the struggle against discrimination, on behalf of which we in Brussels so often speak out ".
Pepper album that was banned from playing on the BBC, supposedly because the phrase " Henry the Horse " combined two words that were individually known as slang for heroin.
Moore does not remember his words at " The Eagle Has Landed " moment, and the BBC lost all the tapes of the broadcast.
Nevertheless, the overinterpretation of the theme of the song, as well as the fact that the lyrics of the song consisted for the most part of the often-repeated word " opera " and names of well-known operas and composers, and Çetin's breaking into operatic " lay lay la ", prompted extensive derision of the song, including the usual sardonic words from BBC commentator Terry Wogan (" a nicely understated performance there ").
This idea was repeated in a submission to the BBC in 2005 that included a story of a 1941 radar lecturer in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire drawing the circuit diagram, and the words " WOT!
The song regained prominence in 1932 when the Irish lyricist Jimmy Kennedy added words and it was recorded by the then popular Henry Hall ( and his BBC Dance Orchestra ) featuring Val Rosing ( Gilbert Russell ) as lead vocalist, which went on to sell a million copies.
The first words spoken on BBC Radio 1 were "... and good morning everyone!
The New York Times wrote " Trinny Woodall, one of the upper-crusty and scathingly blunt hosts of What Not to Wear, a hugely popular fashion makeover show on the BBC, does not mince words.
In 1988 Coia became the host of the BBC gameshow Catchword, memorable for the fact that seemingly every contestant endeavoured to employ the words floccinaucinihilipilification or pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis during their efforts.
In the UK, BBC Radio 1 broadcasted the full show, live from Wembley Stadium in London on Saturday 21 July which led to controversy over the amount of swear words Madonna uttered live on air and the BBC had to issue an apology.
In the " Film Club " round of the popular long running BBC Radio 4 panel comedy I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, regular reference is made to this film with one or more words changed to satisfy that weeks theme of comedy film titles-usually by Graeme Garden.
According to the BBC, it " started life as a jig with Irish roots, whose first appearance seems to be in a collection published in London in 1661 entitled ' An Antidote Against Melancholy ', where it is set to the words ' There was an old man of Waltham Cross '.
It was during the production of Till Death Us Do Part that a BBC bureaucrat, according to legend, attempted to talk Speight into ameliorating his script by bargaining the number of occurrences of " damn ", " bloody " and other words held to be offensive.
The BBC also wrote that the song is " a spectacular party anthem " that " highlights 50 Cent's ability to twist his words effortlessly ".
The first words spoken on BBC Radio Lincolnshire came from Nick Brunger: " And it's a warm welcome for the first time to the programmes of BBC Radio Lincolnshire.
He has written miscellaneous songs, as well as both words and music for television, ( Watching, Split Ends for Granada TV ) and Love Songs ( BBC Radio ).
The BBC trivia show QI claimed there were 923 words spelled cie, 21 times the number of words which conform to the rule's stated exception by being written with cei.
* Where RP / BBC has the rounded LOT vowel in words containing the spellings ' f ', ' ff ', ' gh ' or ' th ' ( such as ' often ', ' off ', ' cough ', ' trough ' and ' cloth '), Norfolk may have as in the vowel of THOUGHT.
* The GOAT vowel of RP / BBC generally has a quality that can be represented as in Norfolk: thus words with the spelling ' oa ', ' oe ' and ' oCe ' such as ' boat ', ' toe ', ' code ' sound to outsiders like ' boot ', ' too ', ' cood ' respectively.
An exception is that of words spelt with ' ou ', ' ow ', ' ol ' such as ' soul ', ' know ', ' told ' which have a diphthong quite similar to the RP / BBC.
* In the speech of older Norwich residents and in rural areas, a distinction exists which is absent in RP / BBC: where the latter has the FACE vowel, the former accent has in words spelt with ' ai ' or ' ay ' such as ' rain ' and ' day ', but ( similar to ' air ') in words spelt ' aCe ' such as ' take ', ' late '.

BBC and offers
Generally, BBC Red Button offers text and video based services, as well as enhanced television programmes which offer extra information, video or quizzes.
Faced with potential unemployment from the sale of Ealing Studios to the BBC in 1954, director Alexander Mackendrick began entertaining offers from Hollywood.
As an activist, Lumley is best known for her support for Gurkhas, the exiled Tibetan people and government, the Kondha indigenous people of India, and the Prospect Burma charity, which offers grants to Burmese students, for whom she broadcast a BBC Radio 4 charity appeal in 2001.
As well as being able to display plain text, BBC Red Button offers richer graphics to Ceefax and a number of interactive video streams.
Over the years he received many more financially lucrative offers to take his programme onto other networks, but has rejected them because he holds a ' gentlemen's agreement ' with the BBC.
* Both Dee and Kelley appear as characters in Episode Four of the 1973 BBC / Masterpiece Theater miniseries Elizabeth R. Kelley offers Elizabeth his prophecies about the death of a prominent person ( which turns out to be Queen Mary of Scotland ) and harangues one of the conspirators against Elizabeth, hinting that he has foreseen the plot to assassinate her, finally observing the conspirator's execution for treason with a wry smile.
The BBC also offers audio description on some popular BBC One programmes for visually impaired-viewers.
The SABC's monopoly on free-to-air terrestrial television was broken with the introduction of privately-owned channel e. tv in 1998. e. tv also provided the first local television news service outside of the SABC stable, although M-Net's parent company, Multichoice, offers services such as CNN International, BBC World News and Sky News via direct-to-home satellite as part of its paid offering.
Emley Moor is also receivable and in some areas of the town offers better reception than Belmont, providing BBC Yorkshire & North Midlands and Yorkshire Television ( West ).
Hanley also offers several cultural facilities such as The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery ( a large ceramics collection, and restored Spitfire ), the Victoria Hall, the Regent Theatre, BBC Radio Stoke's Open Centre and studios, while Piccadilly hosts the annual Sanity Fair and French Market events.
Cox offers replays of ABC and NBC programming in some markets while Comcast includes offerings BBC America and CBS.
In the UK, the BBC iPlayer deals with the largest amount of traffic yet it offers HD content along with SD content.
For users which do not have the bandwidth to stream HD video or even high-SD video which requires 1500 kbit / s, the BBC iPlayer offers lower bitrate streams which in turn lead to lower video quality.
Minnesota Public Radio offers a few services: KNOW, the MPR News station in the Twin Cities, offers music service Radio Heartland on 91. 1 HD2 and additional news programming called BBC News and More on 91. 1 HD3 ; KSJN, the Classical MPR station in the Twin Cities, provides Classical 24 service on 99. 5 HD2 ; and The Current, on 89. 3 in the Twin Cities, offers Wonderground Radio, music for kids and their parents, on 89. 3 HD2.
Exile offers the option of playing an enhanced version of the game on a BBC Micro upgraded with a 16 kB page of sideways RAM.
Since quitting EastEnders in 1988, BBC bosses made numerous offers for her to return, but she never accepted any of the offers ; recently she commented " Why tarnish the gorgeous creation that was Angie Watts ?".
In the 1990 BBC television production of the political thriller House of Cards, Chief Whip Francis Urquhart offers reporter Mattie Storin a glass of Bruichladdich when she arrives for an interview, remarking, " Bruichladdich, if you know your malts.
The BBC Springwatch website offers further video content and allows viewers and programme makers to interact through a message board, Flickr photography group, blogs and the @ BBCSpringwatch Twitter account.
Already a well-known pundit on BBC TV's Rugby Special live weekly program, offers for more TV appearances followed.
The magazine offers detailed programme listings for RTÉ channels, as well as TV3, TG4, 3e, BBC, UTV, and Channel 4, as well as less detailed listings for a number of satellite channels.

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