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Baker's and cover
I later went on to design the cover for " Wheels Of Fire " for Cream and also for Ginger Baker's " Airforce ", a band called Mighty Baby ... Jeannie Lewis ' " Free Fall Through Featherless Flight " and a few of my own releases of Tiny Tim, " Chameleon ", " Keeping My Troubles To Myself ", and " The World Non-Stop Singing Record.
On discovering that Kim had been held at an abandoned hotel that the group use to make pornographic films and had scrawled the word Car in her own blood on the wall, Murphy and his own cover officer, Jackie Cole, ride with another of Baker's group, Branko, to a brothel in Cardiff where Jackie's cover is blown.
Nicolas Slonimsky noted in Baker's Biographical Dictionary that " Disillusioned about commercial opportunities for American music, including his own, he established in East Lansing, in April 1936, his own lithographic handpress, with which he printed his own music, handling the entire process of reproduction, including the cover designs, by himself.
The white cover version used not only the lyrics but closely imitated the style and arrangement of the original and became a Gold Record for Gibbs, thus ruining any chance of Baker's recording becoming a pop hit.

Baker's and for
There are several recipes for homemade CO < sub > 2 </ sub >, but they are variations of the basic recipe: Baker's yeast, with sugar, baking soda, and water, are added to a plastic bottle.
Baker and Bruce put aside their differences for the good of Baker's new trio, which he envisioned as collaborative, with each of the members contributing to music and lyrics.
Bruce began a varied and successful solo career with the 1969 release of Songs for a Tailor, while Baker formed a jazz-fusion ensemble out of the ashes of Blind Faith called Ginger Baker's Air Force, which featured Winwood, Blind Faith bassist Rick Grech, Graham Bond on sax, and guitarist Denny Laine of the Moody Blues and ( later ) Wings.
In 1976, Robert Tijdeman applied Baker's method in transcendence theory to establish a bound on a, b and used existing results bounding x, y in terms of a, b to give an effective upper bound for x, y, a, b. Langevin computed a value of exp exp exp exp 730 for the bound.
In 2009, Hostess Brands did not renew their agreement to produce Sunbeam Bread for the northeastern U. S. LePage Baker's of Auburn, Maine assumed the contract to produce Sunbeam Bread for that region.
Baker's son, Howard H. Baker, Sr. ( 1902 – 1964 ), was the Republican candidate for governor of Tennessee in 1938 and later served in the U. S. House of Representatives.
Earlier, Tatum had personally selected and purchased for Clarence Baker the Steinway piano at Baker's, finding it in a New York showroom, and shipping it to Detroit.
He has also illustrated Russell Baker's Sunday Observer column in The New York Times magazine and created the monthly comic strip Bad Baby for Parents magazine.
Baker's drumming attracted attention for its flamboyance, showmanship and his use of two bass drums instead of the conventional single bass kick drum ( following a similar set-up used by Louie Bellson during his days with Duke Ellington ).
The closing title sequence for episode four features Baker's face instead of Peter Davison, and credits him as the Doctor before Davison's own credit.
Baker's yeast is not useful as a leavening agent for rye bread, as rye does not contain enough gluten.
Baker's yeast is the common name for the strains of yeast commonly used as a leavening agent in baking bread and bakery products, where it converts the fermentable sugars present in the dough into carbon dioxide and ethanol.
Baker's yeast can also be used to produce ethanol via fermentation for use in chemical synthesis, although doing so in some places requires permits.
On his first theatrical writing job, he co-wrote the lyrics for the musical revue Baker's Dozen in 1951.
The group still needed a name, so MacKaye chose the word " fugazi " from Mark Baker's Nam, a compilation of stories of Vietnam War veterans, where it was used as slang for " fucked up ", or, to be precise, an acronym for " Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In a body bag ".
When Bush Sr. decided to vacate his Congressional seat and run for the U. S. Senate in 1969, he supported Baker's decision to run for the Congressional seat he was vacating.
The final hockey game of Baker's Princeton career was at Ottawa's Dey's Arena against the University of Ottawa on February 28, 1914, for the Intercollegiate Hockey Championship of America.
In 1966 author John D. Davies published a biography of Baker, where he noted a relative of Baker's could not see a future for him in the post-war world.
Mark Goodman's 1985 novel Hurrah for the Next Man Who Dies is a fictionalized account of Baker's life.
Baker's honors included a citation on March 27, 1919, by General John Pershing, commander of the American Expeditionary Forces, for exceptional bravery on May 21, 1918, when he brought down his first plane.
Justice Tom C. Clark switched his vote at the last minute to a concurrence on the substance of Baker's claims, which would have enabled a majority which could have granted relief for Baker, but instead the Supreme Court remanded the case to the District Court.

Baker's and Phantom
The Blue Bulleteer, derived from Matt Baker's Phantom Lady.

Baker's and Lady
In Big Finish's regular line of Doctor Who audio stories, Ward joined Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor in The Apocalypse Element, in which Romana is Lady President of Gallifrey.
The crime that led to Baker's conviction and military discharge may have inspired the 1894 pornographic novel Raped on the Railway: a True Story of a Lady who was first ravished and then flagellated on the Scotch Express.

Baker's and #
# R. Nash, Christianity and the Hellenistic World as quoted in Baker's Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, Norman Geisler ; Baker Books, Grand Rapids, Mich .; 1999, p. 492.
# " Sol at the Baker's "
# The Baker's Boy ( 1995 )
# REDIRECT Baker's Chocolate ( brand )
# REDIRECT Baker's yeast
Baker's record was set while driving the # 88 Chrysler Engineering Charger Daytona, which is currently undergoing restoration in Detroit, after being found in the late 1990s in Iowa.
# REDIRECT Baker's theorem
# REDIRECT Baker's cyst
# Animadversions upon Sir Richard Baker's Chronicle and its Continuation, & c. Oxon, 1672, 8vo.
# REDIRECT Baker's Dozen ( solitaire )
# REDIRECT Baker's Dozen ( solitaire )
# REDIRECT Baker's Dozen ( solitaire )
# REDIRECT Baker's larkspur
Three-quarters of the way through 1988, Sacks left the team to drive for Buddy Baker's team, the # 88 Red Baron Frozen Pizza Oldsmobile.

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