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Baldwin and also
On Christmas Day 1100, Baldwin I, first king of the Frankish Kingdom of Jerusalem, was crowned in Bethlehem, and that year a Latin episcopate was also established in the town.
Raymond himself refused to do so and left for Tripoli ; Baldwin of Ibelin also refused, gave up his fiefs, and left for Antioch.
* August 19 – Baldwin III of Jerusalem takes control of the Kingdom of Jerusalem from his mother Melisende, and also captures Ascalon.
He also was friends with fellow expatriate writers Chester Himes and James Baldwin, although the relationship with the latter ended in acrimony after Baldwin published his essay Everybody's Protest Novel ( collected in Notes of a Native Son ), in which he criticized Wright's stereotypical portrayal of Bigger Thomas.
However, Baldwin II also thought that he would have to marry Melisende to a powerful ally, one who would protect and safeguard Melisende's inheritance as Queen and her future heirs.
Baldwin II perceived that Fulk, an ambitious man with grown sons to spare, was also a threat to Baldwin II's family and interest, and specifically a threat to his daughter Melisende.
He also became the tutor of Amalric's son and heir, Baldwin IV.
Realising that he had no hope of defeating Manuel, Raynald also knew that he could not expect any help from king Baldwin III of Jerusalem.
The film also features, as " witnesses ," interviews with the 98-year old radical educator and peace activist Scott Nearing ( 1883 – 1983 ), author Dorothy Frooks ( 1896 – 1997 ), reporter and author George Seldes ( 1890 – 1995 ), civil liberties advocate Roger Baldwin ( 1884 – 1981 ), and the American writer Henry Miller ( 1891 – 1980 ), among others.
" Baldwin suggested three options to the prime ministers of the five Dominions of which Edward was also king: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Irish Free State.
In the 18th and early 19th centuries it was common for the Prime Minister to also serve as Chancellor of the Exchequer if he sat in the Commons ; the last Chancellor who was simultaneously Prime Minister & Chancellor of the Exchequer was Stanley Baldwin in 1923.
" In the essay, Baldwin called Uncle Tom ’ s Cabin a " very bad novel " which was also racially obtuse and aesthetically crude, though making several basic mistakes in his analysis.
Buchan conveyed to Buckingham Palace and British prime minister Stanley Baldwin Canadians ' deep affection for the King, but also the outrage to Canadian religious feelings, both Catholic and Protestant, that would occur if Edward married Simpson.
The small community named after their property is also home to folk of various income levels, ranging from the well-to-do Baldwin sisters, two elderly spinsters who distill moonshine that they call " Papa's recipe "; Ike Godsey, postmaster and owner of the general store with his somewhat snobbish wife Corabeth ( a Walton cousin ); a black couple, Verdie and Harley Foster ; Maude, a sassy octogenarian artist who paints on wood ; Flossie Brimmer, a friendly though somewhat gossipy widow who runs a nearby boarding house ; and Yancy Tucker, a good-hearted handyman with big plans but little motivation.
* Baldwin I of Jerusalem ( also Baldwin I of Edessa, 1058 ?– 1118 )
* Baldwin II of Jerusalem ( also Baldwin II of Edessa, died 1131 )
* Baldwin II of Flanders ( also Baldwin I of Boulogne )
* Baldwin VI of Flanders ( also Baldwin I, Count of Hainaut )
* Baldwin I of Constantinople ( also Baldwin IX of Flanders and Baldwin VI, Count of Hainaut, 1172 – 1205 )

Baldwin and knew
Baldwin and Melisende knew that this situation was untenable.
William of Tyre knew Baldwin personally and gives a lengthy description of the king:
Interviewed by Julius Lester, however, Baldwin explained, " I knew Richard and I loved him.
* autobiography: James Baldwin grew up in Harlem and never knew his biological father.
McMurdo says that he knew this Birdy Edwards, and suggests that McGinty, Baldwin, and five other important members of the group wait in McMurdo's house, while he will lure Birdy Edwards there as a trap.
A former attorney general of West Virginia, Howard B. Lee, who knew both Baldwin and Felts, recalled that the men were the " two most feared and hated men in the mountains.

Baldwin and Marlon
Baldwin also made a prominent appearance at the Civil Rights March on Washington, D. C. on August 28, 1963, with Belafonte and long time friends Sidney Poitier and Marlon Brando.
Baldwin ( right of center ) with Hollywood actors Charlton Heston and Marlon Brando at the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom | Civil Rights March on Washington, D. C. Sidney Poitier ( rear ) and Harry Belafonte ( right of Brando ) can also be seen in the crowd.
About 1, 500 people attended the funeral and a rally held afterwards in West Oakland was attended by over 2, 000 people, including actor Marlon Brando and author James Baldwin.
Among those mentioned are: Yoko Ono, Cibo Matto, Aretha Franklin, Vaginal Cream Davis, Yayoi Kusama, Angela Davis, Sleater-Kinney, The Slits, Billy Tipton, Juliana Luecking, Laura Cottingham, James Baldwin, Marlon Riggs, David Wojnarowicz, Justin Bond and Hanna's close friend, Tammy Rae Carland.
Among the many individuals he photographed were Judith Anderson, Marian Anderson, Pearl Bailey, Josephine Baker, James Baldwin, Tallulah Bankhead, Barbara Bel Geddes, Thomas Hart Benton, Jane Bowles, Marlon Brando, Paul Cadmus, Erskine Caldwell, Truman Capote, Bennett Cerf, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dalí, Ruby Dee, Jacob Epstein, Ella Fitzgerald, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Lynn Fontanne, John Hersey, Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, Horst P. Horst, Mahalia Jackson, Philip Johnson, Frida Kahlo, Gaston Lachaise, Sidney Lumet, Alfred Lunt, Norman Mailer, Alicia Markova, Henri Matisse, W. Somerset Maugham, Henry Miller, Joan Miró, Ramon Novarro, Georgia O ' Keeffe, Laurence Olivier, Christopher Plummer, Leontyne Price, Diego Rivera, Jerome Robbins, Paul Robeson, Cesar Romero, George Schuyler, Beverly Sills, Gertrude Stein, James Stewart, Alfred Stieglitz, Ada " Bricktop " Smith, Bessie Smith, Alice B. Toklas, Prentiss Taylor, Gore Vidal, Evelyn Waugh, Orson Welles, Thornton Wilder, and Anna May Wong.

Baldwin and Brando
Brando with James Baldwin at the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom | Civil Rights March on Washington, D. C.

Baldwin and Charlton
* actors, such as Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Charlize Theron, Charlton Heston and Russell Brand ; or

Baldwin and Billy
William Joseph " Billy " Baldwin ( born February 21, 1963 ) is an American actor, producer, and writer, known for his starring roles in such films as Flatliners ( 1990 ), Backdraft ( 1991 ), Sliver ( 1993 ), Fair Game ( 1995 ), Virus ( 1999 ), Double Bang ( 2001 ), as Johnny 13 in Danny Phantom ( 2004 – 2007 ), Art Heist ( 2004 ), The Squid and the Whale ( 2005 ), as himself in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, as Senator Patrick Darling in the TV drama Dirty Sexy Money ( 2007 – 2009 ) on ABC, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths ( 2010 ), and now Baldwin is currently a regular guest on Gossip Girl as William van der Woodsen and Parenthood as Gordon Flint.
She also briefly worked for Ruby Ross Wood, a prominent New York interior decorator who, with her associate Billy Baldwin, decorated the Marshalls ' apartment at 1 Gracie Square in New York City.
Diana Vreeland had Billy Baldwin decorate her apartment.
* Bird of Prey — Adapted by Nelson S. Bond as Birds of Prey for Gruen Guild Theater, June 19, 1952 ( Season 2, Episode 7 ), starring Bill Baldwin, William Challee and Billy Curtis.
After suffering through the 1975 season, in which he lost 18 games for a declining Tigers team, the Tigers traded him to the New York Mets with outfielder Billy Baldwin in exchange for star outfielder Rusty Staub and pitcher Bill Laxton.
The film stars Alec Baldwin as Mr. Conductor, Peter Fonda as Burnett Stone, Mara Wilson as Lily, Russell Means as Billy Twofeathers, Didi Conn as Stacy Jones, and Edward Glen as the voice of Thomas.
During the final years, one storyline centered around a woman over 60 years old who impersonated her daughter Adrienne Hunt ( Nancy Stafford ) by taking a special serum that would keep the old woman younger, but caused the death of Billy Aldrich ( Alec Baldwin ) in the process.
* Alec Baldwin as Billy Aldrich ( 1980 – 1982 )— Billy was married to Greta.
Billy Baldwin may refer to:
* Billy Baldwin ( baseball )
* Animation: Barry Hales, Simon ( Jiminy ) Turner, Stephen Hales, Billy Allison, Kevin Baldwin, Anna Brockett, Paul Chung, Arthur De Cloedt, Terry Dormer, Bob Godfrey, Tony Guy, Colin Hughes, Arthur Humberstone, Willard Kitchen, Charles MacRae, Neil Salmon, Kim Stephenson, Paul Stone, Glenn Whiting, Rob Newman
* William " Billy " Baldwin ( born 1963 )
The seven matches after Dohan were Billy Maharg, who took the fight decisively on points, then Frank Carsey, followed by three experienced fighters, Jimmy Devine, Tommy Love and Matty Baldwin ; the last two opponents on this losing streak were Philadelphians Billy Willis and Tim Callahan.
Billy Baldwin, Johnny Depp and Gary Oldman were also sought out by Disney for parts in the film.

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