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Based and on
Based on this figure and considering depreciation costs of vehicles, pool personnel have determined that travel in excess of 10,000 miles annually is more economical by state car than by payment of allowances for use of personally-owned vehicles.
Based on this phenomenon, a number of investigators have used this method to `` look through '' human organs.
Based on our experience with clients,, we see 14 major problems which fall into three broad groups -- the market place itself, marketing methods, and marketing management.
Based on this evidence, Armstrong was acquitted.
Based on letter appearances and names, it is believed to be based on Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Based on the assumption that Kentucky neutrality would act as a shield against a direct invasion from the north, Tennessee initially had sent men to Virginia and concentrated defenses in the Mississippi Valley, circumstances that no longer applied in September 1861.
Based on phylogenetic research, the latest ( 2009 ) revision of the APG classification groups together the former families Hemerocallidaceae, Xanthorrhoeaceae sensu stricto and Asphodelaceae as the Xanthorrhoeaceae.
Based on phylogenetic research, the latest ( 2009 ) revision of the APG classification groups together these three families under the conserved name of Amaryllidaceae.
Based on phylogenetic research, the latest ( 2009 ) revision of the APG classification supports the use of a single broadly defined family, Asparagaceae sensu lato.
Based on the proposed correspondences listed below, the following phoneme inventory has been reconstructed for the hypothetical Proto (- Macro )- Altaic language ( taken from Blažek's summary of the newest Altaic etymological dictionary et al.
Based on this sample, the estimated population mean is 10, and the unbiased estimate of population variance is 30.
Based on Defense Ministry statistics that had not been released to the public, the Group of Monitoring Compliance with Human Rights in the Army ( GMCHRA ) has recorded the deaths of 76 soldiers to date in non-combat incidents for 2011, and the injury of 91 others.
Based on a statement by Darnley made in 1894, it was believed that a group of Victorian ladies, including Darnley's later wife Florence Morphy, made the presentation after the victory in the Third Test in 1883.
Based on the amber, the island could have been Heligoland, Zealand, the shores of Bay of Gdansk, Sambia or the Curonian Lagoon, which were historically the richest sources of amber in northern Europe.
Based on his ideas for human perfection, Alcott founded Fruitlands, a transcendentalist experiment in community living.
Based on his industry experience on Air Force missile projects, Mueller realized some skilled managers could be found among high-ranking officers in the US Air Force, so he got Webb's permission to recruit General Samuel C. Phillips, who gained a reputation for his effective management of the Minuteman program, as OMSF program controller.
Based on analysis of one sample of 51 modern Ainus, their mtDNA lineages have been reported to consist mainly of haplogroup Y ( 11 / 51
Based on the Motorola 68000 family of microprocessors, the machine sports a custom chipset with graphics and sound capabilities that were unprecedented for the price, and a pre-emptive multitasking operating system called AmigaOS.
Based on a newer, slightly more flexible, version of the Asters original Motorola MC6845 video chip, the Rockwell 6545, it worked by adding a new video mode, one with the ability to reprogram an extended, ( 2048 characters instead of 256 characters ) version of the character set, supported by an extended character memory of the video card that did not use one ( 8 bit ) byte per character, but an 11 bit " word ", so it could address each one of the available 2048 unique programmable characters.
Based on internal textual references, " Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye " apparently dates from the early 1820s, while When Johnny Comes Marching Home was first published in 1863.
Based on the Panzer III tank chassis, the Sturmgeschütz III was originally fitted with a low-velocity gun, and was assigned to the artillery arm for infantry fire support.
Based on democratic principles which continue to this day, Harmony, Inc. is smaller than its counterpart, but has an atmosphere of friendship and competition.
Based on this definition, the drain efficiency cannot exceed 25 % for a class A amplifier that is supplied drain bias current through resistors ( because RF signal has its zero level at about 50 % of the input DC ).

Based and commercial
Based on this theory of cryogenic hardening, the commercial cryogenic processing industry was founded in 1966 by Ed Busch.
Based on the commercial success of other hybrid crops, the use of hybrid triticales as a strategy for enhancing yield in favourable, as well as marginal, environments has proven successful over time.
Based on an ordinance passed in 1928, commercial activity in the borough is limited to a single three-story building constructed to look like a house and two small workshops on a dead end.
* TAO ( Think As One )-- Behavior Based Architecture for multi ( and single ) robots ( commercial product )
Based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire in England, it was started in 1922 by Harry Shelvoke and James Drewry, both of whom had successful careers in commercial vehicle design and manufacture.
Based on the X-33 experience shared with NASA, Lockheed Martin hoped to make the business case for a full-scale SSTO RLV, called VentureStar, that would be developed and operated through commercial means.
Based in Menlo Park, California, Nuance deployed their first commercial large-scale speech application in 1996.
Based in Leeds and Southampton, with USA offices in Charlotte, NC and Irvine, CA, the company has continued to develop the commercial, closed source Smoothwall product range, while moving from its initial direct sales model to a reseller, channel-based sales model.
" Based on the Atomic Energy Act, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ( NRC ) issues licenses for commercial power reactors to operate for up to 40 years and allows these licenses to be renewed for up to another 20 years.
Based in Hutchinson, Kansas, World Trans is a manufacturer of commercial and shuttle buses.
Based on CY 2000 records of the Municipal Treasurer's Office ( MTO ), the municipality of Don Carlos had a total of 350 commercial establishments, majority of these commercial establishments are engaged in retailing, merchandising, food and beverage, catering and servicing.

Based and success
Based on this prior success with using MF by specialists to establish long-distance telephone calls, Dual-tone multi-frequency ( DTMF ) signaling was developed for the consumer to signal their own telephone-call's destination telephone number instead of talking to a telephone operator.
Based on the success of the Niva, the design department prepared a new family of front-wheel drive models by 1984, which was of a completely domestic design.
Based on sealed vials from the original experiment, scientists have been able to show that although successful, Miller was never able to find out, with the equipment available to him, the full extent of the experiment's success.
Based on the success of the first Quake game, id later published Quake II and Quake III Arena ; Quake 4 was released in October 2005, developed by Raven Software using the Doom 3 engine.
Based on the hit song by C. W. McCall, the film was an attempt to capitalize on the huge success of Smokey and the Bandit ( 1977 ).
Based on its success, Raven Software and Activision later published Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix in 2002, based on the Quake III: Team Arena engine.
Based on the success of The Man with No Name trilogy, Leone was invited to the United States in 1967 to direct Once Upon a Time in the West ( C ' Era una Volta il West ) for Paramount Pictures.
Based on the dramatic success of the Wörgl experiment, several other communities introduced similar scrips.
Based on the success of Centurion, 23 additional systems were ordered in September 2008.
Based largely on the success of the WebPad National formed the Information Appliance division ( highly integrated processors & " internet gadgets ") in 1998.
Based on the success of earlier maintenance missions, NASA decided to have a fifth service mission to Hubble ; this was STS-125 flown on May 11, 2009.
Based on the success of the college, it was decided that it would move to the former home of the P & C grocery store at River Glen Plaza.
Based on the initial success, U-God was able to open his own label, Suppa Nigga Productions.
Based on the success of the EP, Tate agreed to leave Myth and become Queensrÿche's permanent lead singer.
Based on that success, a remake of the series began in 1991 and ran for two seasons.
Based on the success of this, area-wide programs were begun in the 1980s to eradicate the insect from whole regions.
Based on its rapid success, however, it was also quickly released in hardcover format.
Based upon the success of this collaboration the group started to look for a permanent theatre in Manchester and eventually a new theatre was built inside the disused Royal Exchange with Maxwell as one of the founding artistic directors.
Based in Paris, Vieuxtemps continued to compose with great success and perform throughout Europe.
Based on the success of the Special Economic Zones of the People's Republic of China, China has created Economic and Technological Development Zones.
Based on the success of Digital Audio Tape in professional environments, both companies saw a market for a new consumer-oriented digital audio recording system that would be less expensive and perhaps less fragile.
Based on the success of that concert, Lucier, Mumma, Ashley, and Behrman embarked on a tour of the United States and Europe under the name the Sonic Arts Group ( at Ashley's suggestion, the name was later changed to the Sonic Arts Union ).
Based in Geneva, the Emancipation of Labor Group attempted to popularize the economic and historical ideas of Karl Marx, in which they met with some success, attracting such eminent intellectuals as Peter Struve, Vladimir Ulianov ( Lenin ), Iulii Martov, and Alexander Potresov to the organization.

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