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Bauhaus and band
Some people credit the band Bauhaus ' first single " Bela Lugosi's Dead ", released August 1979, with the start of the goth subculture, though many prior art house movements influenced gothic fashion and style, the illustrations and paintings of Swiss artist, H. R. Giger being one of the earliest.
* Peter Murphy ( musician ) ( born 1957 ), British musician with the band Bauhaus
Bauhaus were an English rock band formed in Northampton in 1978.
The band was originally Bauhaus 1919 before they dropped the numerical portion within a year of formation.
The band chose the name Bauhaus 1919, a reference to the German Bauhaus art movement of the 1920s, because of its " stylistic implications and associations ", according to David J.
The band also chose to use the same typeface used on the Bauhaus college building in Dessau, Germany.
Bauhaus associate Graham Bentley said that the group was unlike any Northampton band of the time, most of which played predominantly cover songs.
The band recorded five songs ; one of the tracks from the session, " Bela Lugosi's Dead ", running more than nine minutes, was released as the group's debut single in August 1979 on Small Wonder Records as Bauhaus ( the 1919 abandoned ).
Bauhaus ' growing success outstripped 4AD's resources, so the band moved to 4AD's parent label Beggars Banquet Records.
After Bauhaus disbanded, the members of the band did various solo work.
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Before the album was released, Jane's Addiction supported British band Love and Rockets on a two-month tour in late 1987 .. Also in late 1987, the band opened for former Bauhaus vocalist Peter Murphy at the now demolished Fender's Ballroom in Long Beach.
The band toured with Theatre of Hate, and then succeeded in getting a slot opening for Bauhaus at the end of 1982, but Astbury disbanded the group after a show on 26 February 1983.
* Love and Rockets ( band ), an alternative rock band formed by members of Bauhaus, named after the comic
In December 1980, " Telegram Sam " was the fourth single released by British gothic rock band Bauhaus.
The band Bauhaus included a song about the playwright, called " Antonin Artaud ", on their album Burning from the Inside.

Bauhaus and |
File: Naum Slutzky steel tea pot-Bauhaus. jpg | Naum Slutzky, steel teapot, made at Bauhaus.
Peter Murphy ( musician ) | Peter Murphy with Bauhaus in 2006
Image: Bauhaus weimar. jpg | Main building of the Bauhaus-University in Weimar
Wassily chairs in the Bauhaus of Dessau, Germany | Dessau

Bauhaus and
The design innovations commonly associated with Gropius and the Bauhaus the radically simplified forms, the rationality and functionality, and the idea that mass-production was reconcilable with the individual artistic spirit were already partly developed in Germany before the Bauhaus was founded.
Bauhaus combined a number of influences including punk music, glam rock, and Krautrock even funk and dub to create a gloomy and introspective sound which appealed to many fans left disillusioned by the New Wave that arose in the wake of punk's collapse.
Writing for Allmusic, critic Ned Raggett said " With their former band's generally gloomier shadows left behind, what Ash and Haskins draw from their time with Bauhaus is that group's melange of styles their most underappreciated strength.
One film critic described the numerous influences: " From his infelicitous name to his physical clumsiness, Norville Barnes is a Preston Sturges hero trapped in a Frank Capra story, and never should that twain meet, especially not in a world that seems to have been created by Fritz Lang the mechanistic monstrousness of the mailroom contrasted with the Bauhaus gigantism of the corporate offices perfectly matches the boss-labour split in Metropolis ( 1927 ).
While studying at the Bauhaus, Moholy ’ s teaching in diverse media including painting, sculpture, photography, photomontage and metal had a profound influence on a number of his students, including Marianne Brandt.
At a conference in Coscio de Arroscia, Italy in 1956, the Lettrists joined the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus to set a proper definition for the idea announced by Gil J. Wolman " Unitary Urbanism-the synthesis of art and technology that we call for must be constructed according to certain new values of life, values which now need to be distinguished and disseminated.
After her return, Kollwitz continued to exhibit her work, but was impressed by the work of younger compatriots the Expressionists and Bauhaus and resolved to simplify her means of expression.
Many are quite elaborately decorated, with expensive furnishings and appointments in styles from Bauhaus to Baroque but even a simple closet or storage room is sometimes used as a dungeon.
Through the unity of simplicity, mobility and functionality the Biedermeier Neoclassical architecture created tendencies of crucial influence for the Jugendstil Art Nouveau, the Bauhaus, and the 20th century architecture.

Bauhaus and concert
Following what was billed as a one-off performance of Bauhaus at the 2005 Coachella concert festival, the band reformed for a successful tour of the Americas in late 2005 and Europe in early 2006.

Bauhaus and 3
The song received crucial airplay on BBC Radio 1 and DJ John Peel's evening show, and Bauhaus was subsequently asked to record a session for Peel's show, which was broadcast on January 3, 1980.
Other artists that have been identified as influences on shoegazing include The Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Hüsker Dü, Spacemen 3, The Chameleons, The Cure, Bauhaus, Galaxie 500, and The Smiths.
Other artists identified as an influence on the genre include Tim Buckley, The Cure, This Mortal Coil, Sonic Youth, the Cocteau Twins, Hüsker Dü, Spacemen 3, The Chameleons, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, Galaxie 500 and Spiritualized.

Bauhaus and February
Meyer became director when Gropius resigned in February 1928, and brought the Bauhaus its two most significant building commissions, both of which still exist: five apartment buildings in the city of Dessau, and the headquarters of the Federal School of the German Trade Unions ( ADGB ) in Bernau.
Following Peter Murphy's 2005 tour, Bauhaus embarked on a full tour beginning in North America and Mexico in the autumn of 2005 and ending in Europe in February 2006.
Inside the school, particularly after he became Bauhaus director in February 1928, he tightened the program around architecture and industrial design, forcing the resignations of Herbert Bayer, Marcel Breuer, and other figures.

Bauhaus and 2006
Harry Seidler, AC OBE ( 25 June 19239 March 2006 ) was an Austrian-born Australian architect who is considered to be one of the leading exponents of Modernism's methodology in Australia and the first architect to fully express the principles of the Bauhaus in Australia.
Peaches and Herms was the opening act for Nine Inch Nails and Bauhaus during the second half of their 2006 summer U. S. tour.
In the summer of 2006 Bauhaus toured with Nine Inch Nails on the summer leg of the With Teeth tour.
From the middle of the 19th century, according to Jan Krikke ( 2006 ) isometry became an " invaluable tool for engineers, and soon thereafter axonometry and isometry were incorporated in the curriculum of architectural training courses in Europe and the U. S. The popular acceptance of axonometry came in the 1920s, when modernist architects from the Bauhaus and De Stijl embraced it ".
A third EP – Tu Mi Piaci (" I like you ") – of songs originally recorded by acts such as Bauhaus, Nedelle, Big Star, The Pussycat Dolls, and Nina Simone was released in 2006, along with a collaboration with ambient artist Grouper, entitled Creepshow.

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