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Bayezid and II
Bayezid II or Sultân Bayezid-î Velî ( December 3, 1447 May 26, 1512 ) ( Ottoman Turkish: بايزيد ثانى Bāyezīd-i < u > s </ u > ānī, Turkish: II.
Bayezid or II.
During his reign, Bayezid II consolidated the Ottoman Empire and thwarted a Safavid rebellion soon before abdicating his throne to his son, Selim I.
Bayezid II married Ayşe Hatun, a convert of Greek ethnicity, who was the mother of Selim I.
Bayezid II ascended the Ottoman throne in 1481.
Like his father, Bayezid II was a patron of western and eastern culture and unlike many other Sultans, worked hard to ensure a smooth running of domestic politics, which earned him the epithet of " the Just ".
Throughout his reign, Bayezid II engaged in numerous campaigns to conquer the Venetian possessions in Morea, accurately defining this region as the key to future Ottoman naval power in the Eastern Mediterranean.
The last of these wars ended in 1501 with Bayezid II in control of the whole Peloponnese.
Bayezid II
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* 1512 Bayezid II, Ottoman Sultan ( b. 1447 )

Bayezid and was
Ordered by Sultan Bayezid I, the mosque was designed and built by architect Ali Neccar in 1396 1400.
Bayezid I ( Ottoman: بايزيد اول, Turkish: Beyazıt, nicknamed Yıldırım ( Ottoman: ییلدیرم ), " the Thunderbolt "; 1354 March 8, 1403 ) was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, from 1389 to 1402.
Bayezid ascended to the throne following the death of his father Murad I, who was killed by Serbian knight Miloš Obilić during ( June 15 ), or immediately after ( June 16 ), the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, by which Serbia became a vassal of the Ottoman Empire.
In 1400, the Central Asian warlord Timur had succeeded in rousing the local Turkic beyliks that had been vassals of the Ottomans to join him in his attack on Bayezid, who was considered one of the most powerful rulers in the Muslim world during that period.
In the fateful Battle of Ankara, on 20 July 1402, Bayezid was captured by Timur and the Ottoman army was overpowered.
Many writers claim that Bayezid was mistreated by the Timurids.
However, writers and historians from Timur's own court reported that Bayezid was treated well, and that Timur even mourned his death.
Bayezid II's overriding concern was the quarrel with his brother Cem, who claimed the throne and sought military backing from the Mamluks in Egypt.
Rebellions in the east, such as that of the Qizilbash, plagued much of Bayezid II's reign and were often backed by the Shah of Persia, Ismail, who was eager to promote Shi ' ism to undermine the authority of the Ottoman state.
Ottoman authority in Anatolia was indeed seriously threatened during this period, and at one point Bayezid II's grand vizier, Ali Pasha, was killed in battle against rebels.
His older son Bayezid, who was in charge of the left wing of the Ottoman forces, took charge after that.
His other son, Yakub Bey, who was in charge of the other wing, was called to the Sultan's command center tent by Bayezid, but when Yakub Bey arrived he was strangled, leaving Bayezid as the sole claimant to the throne.
He was one of the sons of Bayezid I and Devlet Hatun.
In 1398 and 1399, Boniface IX appealed to Christian Europe in favor of the Byzantine emperor Manuel II Palaeologus, threatened at Constantinople by Sultan Bayezid I, but there was little enthusiasm for a new crusade at such a time.
Although John V had been restored, Manuel was forced to go as an honorary hostage to the court of the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I at Prousa ( Bursa ).

Bayezid and born
During Bayezid II's reign, his son, Prince Selim was the sancakbeyi of Trabzon, and his son Suleiman I of the Ottoman Empire was born in Trabzon in 1495.
The Ottoman sultan Bayezid II was born there.

Bayezid and son
Bayezid recognized Stefan Lazarević, the son of Lazar, as the new Serbian leader ( later despot ), with considerable autonomy.
* Sultan Bayezid I ( 1354 1402 )- son of Gulcicek Hatun
* May 3 Mehmed II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire dies and is succeeded by his son Bayezid II.
* September 17 John VII Palaiologos seeks refuge with the Ottoman sultan Bayezid I after John V Palaiologos is restored by his son, Manuel, and the Republic of Venice.
Upon the completion of this construction, Bayezid I demanded that John raze these new works, threatening war and the blinding of his son Manuel whom he held in captivity.
Murad's son, Bayezid, was informed of the sultan's death before his older brother Yakub.
Eventually, Murad's son Bayezid I retreated the rest of his troops from the battlefield, so it was the Serbian victory.
Meanwhile the other surviving son of Bayezid, Musa Çelebi, who was captured at the battle of Ankara, was released by Timur into the custody of Yakub of Germiyan Mûsa was freed, after Mehmed made a request for his brother's release.
With Mûsa dead, Mehmed was the sole surviving son of the late Sultan Bayezid I and became Sultan Mehmed I.
In 1508, the city was captured by Selim I, who was the son of the Sultan of the Ottomans at that time, Bayezid II.
One of them was Lala Mustafa who instigated the Sultan's third son, Bayezid, then Beylerbey of Karaman, to raise a rebellion against his brother Selim, who was to inherit the Imperial throne.
But Selim was an alcoholic and Roxelana's third son, Bayezid, had shown far greater military ability.
Following the conquests between 1362 and 1400 of Murad I and his son Bayezid I, a need arose for the formal organisation of Ottoman territory.
This became the seat of government of Bayezid ’ s youngest son, Mehmed I, and was to remain a residence of princely governors until the 16th century.
** Princess Fulaneh Begum, m. as his second wife, before 14 May 1513, Prince Murad Effendi, elder son of Şehzade Ahmet, Crown Princess of Ottoman Empire, son of Bayezid II.
In 1391 however, John V was compelled to raze the fort by Sultan Bayezid I ( r. 1382 1402 ), who otherwise threatened to blind his son Manuel, whom he held captive.
When Adil died, his son Kötürüm Bayezid became bey.

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