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Beaty and Wertham
Beaty reveals in 1959 Wertham tried to sell a follow-up to Seduction on the effects of television on Children, to be titled The War on Children.
* Comics Reporter: " Let's You and Him Fight " Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5-Bart Beaty and Craig Fischer discuss Beaty's " Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture "
Bart Beaty in his book Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture describes a concerted campaign by Dell against publication of Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent to the extent of recruiting several of the companies that it licensed characters from ( including Warner Brother Cartoons, the Lone Ranger Inc. and Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc .) to send letters of protest to Wertham's publisher Stanley Rinehart.

Beaty and on
* In the 1960 Cold War novel Village of Stars by David Beaty ( writing as Paul Stanton ), an RAF V-bomber of the fictional Venger type is sent to drop a nuclear bomb on a rebel force in the Middle East.
In addition, he wrote his own articles, starting a regular monthly column in Melody Maker, and contributing to Rolling Stone with an article on his guru Meher Baba and a review of The Who's album Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy.
DNA testing on a Baty of Cumbrian descent has found close matches with others bearing the following surnames: Beatty ; Beattie ; Beaty ; Baity ; Beattey ; Batey and Bates.
Jackson remarried about a year later, on November 23, 1920, to Lydia Beaty Pierce.

Beaty and would
In October 1969 the Stars signed Zelmo Beaty away from the NBA's Atlanta Hawks, but Beaty had to sit out the season due to a one year option held by the Hawks, which the Stars would not buy out for $ 75, 000.

Beaty and .
* Beaty, Jerome, Middlemarch from Notebook to Novel: A Study of George Eliot's Creative Method, Champaign, Illinois, University of Illinois, 1960.
" Professor Michael Beaty, director of the Institute for Faith and Learning, said that Dembski's remarks violated the spirit of cooperation that the committee had advocated and stated that " Dr. Dembski's actions after the release of the report compromised his ability to serve as director.
A few of the older families that lived in Jennings were, of course, The Jennings family, Bradshaw family, the Beaty family ( BAY-TEE ), Nunns, Cunninghams, Connells, Blair's, Johns, Hewitts, Stephen's, Hodges, Lewises, Avrietts, Leigh's, Bates, McCalls, Scaffs and others.
The Beaty Bridge.
Early pioneer families included the Hookers, Weeks ( after whom Lake Weeks was named ), Simmons, Mitchells, ( their son became Governor of Florida in the early 1900s ) Pembertons, Hendersons, Wheelers, Tomberlins, Morris, Harvey, Littles, O ' Briens, Beaty, Baucom, Gray and Spencer.
David Beaty discovered oil in Warren in 1875 while drilling for natural gas in his wife's flower garden.
Fraser held onto the plantation briefly before selling to Robert Ernest Beaty in 1905.
" Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy ", a blow-by-blow account of The Who compilation album of the same name, followed in December 1971.
* Beaty, Bart.
* Bart Beaty.
According to historian Nancy Lee Beaty ( 1970, The Craft of Dying: A Study in the Literary Tradition of the Ars Moriendi in England ), Holy Dying was the " artistic climax " of a consolatory death literature tradition that had begun with Ars moriendi in the 15th century.
Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bloggy: An Online Poll Covets the Territory Once Owned by Pazz & Jop, November 30, 2006 edition of The New York Times.
* Beaty, Jonathan & Gwynne, S. C. ( 1993 ).
Zelmo Beaty suited up for the team and the Stars finished second in the Western Division with their best record yet, 57 wins and 27 losses.
* William J. Beaty, " Humans and sparks ; The Cause, Stopping the Pain, and ' Electric People ".
Canale & Beaty: Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics, 11th ed.

notes and repeated
This facilitated rapid playing of repeated notes, and this musical device was pioneered by Liszt.
The liner notes state that songs should be repeated three times in a row to form a " pop song ".
" Boredom " announced punk's rebellion against the status quo while templating a strident musical minimalism ( the guitar solo consisting of two repeated notes ).
# Accidentals are not repeated on tied notes unless the tie goes from line to line or page to page.
# Accidentals are not repeated for repeated notes unless one or more different pitches rests intervene.
In addition, pedal tones ( repeated or sustained single notes ), ostinatos, and bass riffs are also used as bass lines.
In the first section, the left hand accompanies with a bass line written out in repeated quarter notes, in bars 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7.
Edwin C. M. van den Brink, who notes that similar carved basins have been found at Beit Shemesh and near Modi ' in-Maccabim-Re ' ut speculates that they may have been created by repeated grinding and crushing activity, such as the grinding of grain or the crushing of olives.
This story is repeated uncritically in some later histories, and subsequently " Malgo the Briton " is mentioned in Thomas Stephens ' notes on an 1888 publication of Y Gododdin, with the stated suggestion that Maelgwn was an ally of " Aeddan " against the Pictish king Bridei.
Pollack also notes that the repeated cell is seven bars long, which means that a different chord begins each four-bar phrase.
As detailed in some editions of the score, it is customary for one musician (" traditionally ... a beautiful girl ," Riley notes in the score ) to play the note C in repeated eighth notes, typically on a piano or pitched-percussion instrument ( e. g. marimba ).
" Riley notes the repeated chord progression of the coda ( I-flat VII-IV-I ) " answers all the musical questions raised at the beginnings and ends of bridges ," for " The flat seventh that pose dominant turns into bridges now has an entire chord built on it.
Beethoven's approach to the theme is to take some of its smallest elements – the opening turn, the descending fourth and fifth, the repeated notesand build upon them pieces of great imagination, power and subtlety.
** Color, sequence of repeated notes in the cantus firmus tenor of a composition, in isorhythm
Drone doom ( also known as drone metal ) is a style of doom metal that is largely defined by drones ; notes or chords that are sustained and repeated throughout a piece of music.
The male's song, given from trees, rooftops or other elevated perches, is a loud clear run of musical phrases, repeated two to four times, filip filip filip codidio codidio quitquiquit tittit tittit tereret tereret tereret, and interspersed with grating notes and mimicry.
The ostinato ( repeated rhythmic figure ) of a quarter note, two eighth notes and two quarter notes is heard repeatedly.
Further, an important difference between the music of the Border pipes and of the Great Highland Bagpipe is that many melodic figures in older Border pipe music typically move stepwise or in thirds rather than by wide intervals, and lack the multiple repeated notes found in many Highland pipe tunes.
These are characterised by simple gracings, used sparingly, mostly either for rhythmic emphasis or to separate repeated notes.
The music is melodically modal, and moves in a stepwise motion with repeated notes.
One consists of an initial note, followed by three or so repeated notes at an interval of about a major third above.

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