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Beaty and Wertham
Beaty notes " Wertham repeated his call ... national legislation based on the public health ideal that would prohibit the circulation and display of comic books to children under the age of fifteen.
* Comics Reporter: " Let's You and Him Fight " Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5-Bart Beaty and Craig Fischer discuss Beaty's " Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture "
Bart Beaty in his book Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture describes a concerted campaign by Dell against publication of Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent to the extent of recruiting several of the companies that it licensed characters from ( including Warner Brother Cartoons, the Lone Ranger Inc. and Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc .) to send letters of protest to Wertham's publisher Stanley Rinehart.

Beaty and on
* In the 1960 Cold War novel Village of Stars by David Beaty ( writing as Paul Stanton ), an RAF V-bomber of the fictional Venger type is sent to drop a nuclear bomb on a rebel force in the Middle East.
In addition, he wrote his own articles, starting a regular monthly column in Melody Maker, and contributing to Rolling Stone with an article on his guru Meher Baba and a review of The Who's album Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy.
DNA testing on a Baty of Cumbrian descent has found close matches with others bearing the following surnames: Beatty ; Beattie ; Beaty ; Baity ; Beattey ; Batey and Bates.
Jackson remarried about a year later, on November 23, 1920, to Lydia Beaty Pierce.

Beaty and television
Miss Carroll has also appeared in many films and television programs, including the Academy Award nominated film version of James Joyce's The Dead, directed by John Huston and starring Anjelica Huston and Donal McCann, The Friends of Eddie Coyle starring Robert Mitchum, The Jerk starring Steve Martin, Mambo Kings, Rocky starring Sylvester Stalone, The Love Affair starring Warren Beaty and numerous television shows and soaps such as General Hospital, Edge of Night and Loving Couples.

Beaty and .
* Beaty, Jerome, Middlemarch from Notebook to Novel: A Study of George Eliot's Creative Method, Champaign, Illinois, University of Illinois, 1960.
" Professor Michael Beaty, director of the Institute for Faith and Learning, said that Dembski's remarks violated the spirit of cooperation that the committee had advocated and stated that " Dr. Dembski's actions after the release of the report compromised his ability to serve as director.
A few of the older families that lived in Jennings were, of course, The Jennings family, Bradshaw family, the Beaty family ( BAY-TEE ), Nunns, Cunninghams, Connells, Blair's, Johns, Hewitts, Stephen's, Hodges, Lewises, Avrietts, Leigh's, Bates, McCalls, Scaffs and others.
The Beaty Bridge.
Early pioneer families included the Hookers, Weeks ( after whom Lake Weeks was named ), Simmons, Mitchells, ( their son became Governor of Florida in the early 1900s ) Pembertons, Hendersons, Wheelers, Tomberlins, Morris, Harvey, Littles, O ' Briens, Beaty, Baucom, Gray and Spencer.
David Beaty discovered oil in Warren in 1875 while drilling for natural gas in his wife's flower garden.
Fraser held onto the plantation briefly before selling to Robert Ernest Beaty in 1905.
" Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy ", a blow-by-blow account of The Who compilation album of the same name, followed in December 1971.
* Beaty, Bart.
* Bart Beaty.
According to historian Nancy Lee Beaty ( 1970, The Craft of Dying: A Study in the Literary Tradition of the Ars Moriendi in England ), Holy Dying was the " artistic climax " of a consolatory death literature tradition that had begun with Ars moriendi in the 15th century.
Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bloggy: An Online Poll Covets the Territory Once Owned by Pazz & Jop, November 30, 2006 edition of The New York Times.
* Beaty, Jonathan & Gwynne, S. C. ( 1993 ).
In October 1969 the Stars signed Zelmo Beaty away from the NBA's Atlanta Hawks, but Beaty had to sit out the season due to a one year option held by the Hawks, which the Stars would not buy out for $ 75, 000.
Zelmo Beaty suited up for the team and the Stars finished second in the Western Division with their best record yet, 57 wins and 27 losses.
* William J. Beaty, " Humans and sparks ; The Cause, Stopping the Pain, and ' Electric People ".
Canale & Beaty: Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics, 11th ed.

reveals and 1959
In the 1959 novel, Emperor Fu Manchu, he reveals he attended Heidelberg, the Sorbonne, and Edinburgh.
* Quatermass and the Pit ( 1958 – 1959 ) – A British television serial in which a crashed spacecraft is discovered in London, which reveals that humanity on Earth is the result of experiments by a Martian civilisation, now long dead.
However, by the last episode of the 3rd series, when the children are older and the babies have been conceived, born, and grown to toddlerhood, a close-up of a calendar reveals that we are still in 1959.
This was revised in the 1959 version such that Adelia reveals that she loaned Henry Robinson the money to pay off his debt.

reveals and tried
Rieux reveals that he is the narrator of the chronicle and that he tried to present an objective view of the events.
Roy suggests several means of extending his lifespan ( demonstrating that he possesses at least equal knowledge to that of his creator about his physical construction ), but Tyrell reveals that he already tried each of these suggestions, failing in every attempt.
Smith reveals that he is virulently anti-Japanese ; he tried to enlist the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor, but was rejected.
Guido tried to tell the team that the man had vanished on him but Wolfsbane smells his blood on Guido's hands and a psychic scan by Monet reveals the truth.
The series reveals that he personally caused the divorce of parents ; having hatred for his sister and mother as rivals for his father's affection, he sadistically murdered a cat his mom had bought for Barbara and then threatened to kill his sister if she did not leave the family and threatened to kill Barbara if she tried to contact them ever again.
The section concludes with Jing-Mei's story, where she reveals how Suyuan had high expectations that Jing-Mei would be talented like Waverly and tried to shape a disinterested Jing-Mei into a concert pianist, which ended after an embarrassing piano recital.
( This is evident when he reveals that he tried to dig to the Center of the Earth at the age of twelve.
Monica's weight is reported to have been the reason for their dog's knee surgery, after she tried to ride him and in a different episode, Ross reveals that she caused their parents ' porch swing to break.
She also reveals that when she discovered that Izon was actually putting people inside the tesseract, she tried to stop their operation, but was pursued so she " fled into the only place they wouldn't follow.
Later, Mrs Toller confirms Holmes ' theory about Rucastle's daughter and reveals that when Alice came of age she was to receive an annuity from her late mother's will ; Rucastle tried to force his daughter to sign control of the inheritance over to him which only resulted in Alice becoming ill with brain fever ; hence, the cut hair.
Eventually, Miyako reveals that she knew that Maron was Jeanne the whole time, and that she only tried to catch Jeanne so she could release her if she were caught.
In addition, this song also reveals that Eminem had tried to stop Ja Rule & 50 Cent's feud, but lost it when he heard Ja Rule making fun of his daughter on a track called " Loose Change "-(" The Ja Shit, I tried to squash it, It was too late to stop it, There's a certain line you just don't cross and he crossed it, I heard him say Hailie's name in his song and I just lost it ").
" Also in the episode, Captain James Deakins reveals that Logan's former superior officer, Lieutenant Anita Van Buren, had tried three times to get him transferred back to her command after his reassignment, all to no avail.
The Lord Protector reveals himself to be Konstantin Romanov, He joins Tsar Vladimir The Conqueror to get his revenge when Dante tried to kill him.
The Old Jewish Man reveals that he was once a studio executive who tried to add the happy ending to the film.
The final page reveals Chad as the one from the party who tried to kill Kim.
McDermott also reveals that O ' Keefe tried to pay him off and hints of his affair with Rochefort.
She further reveals that she was the murderer, having killed anybody who tried to harm her son.
Upon finding Arthenon he reveals that the gang had brought a mob that torched the house and tried to lynch him and ended up burning his wife alive in the house.
Vijay reveals to everyone that Ganga is behind all the strange incidents and she only tried to kill Ramesh and Vani.
Coop is killed by Gil, who tried to help Sean escape, but not before he reveals that the only time the two ever played together was in Little League.
Jonathan Edwards's manuscript Catalogue of reading reveals that he not only knew the Spectator before 1720 but was so enamored of Richard Steele that he tried to get his hands on everything: the Guardian, the Englishman, the Reader, and more.
After a lengthy fight between Arjun and Rajiv, Ganga reveals to her family and Kishorilal what Rajiv had tried to do to her.

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