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Because and AVL
Because most AVL consists of two parts, GPS and GSM modem with additional embedded AVL software contained in a microcontroller, most AVL systems are fixed for its purposes unless they connect to an open bus system for expansion possibilities.

Because and trees
Because Malpighi was concerned with teratology ( the scientific study of the visible conditions caused by the interruption or alteration of normal development ) he expressed grave misgivings about the view of his contemporaries that the galls of trees and herbs gave birth to insects.
Because breadfruit trees usually produce large crops at certain times of the year, preservation of the harvested fruit is an issue.
Because many areas have plentiful rainfall and mild summers, the Pacific Northwest has some of North America's most lush and extensive forests, which are extensively populated with coast Douglas-fir trees, the second tallest growing evergreen conifer on earth.
Because of the abundance of trees, the city grew quickly and was incorporated in 1889.
Because of its sheltered location and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, some Palm trees can survive with minimal winter protection.
Because trees and plants remove carbon dioxide and emit oxygen into the atmosphere, the reduction of forests contribute to about 12 % of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions.
Because of the ban on the use of chemicals on street and park trees in the Netherlands, the University of Amsterdam developed a biological vaccine by the late 1980s.
Because of their familiarity with the genus Juglans, these early explorers referred to the nuts as nogales and nueces, the Spanish terms for " walnut trees " and " fruit of the walnut.
Because trees lose moisture through their leaves, the shedding of leaves allows trees such as teak and mountain ebony to conserve water during dry periods.
Because of cold temperatures, dry soils, high winds, and short growing seasons, the trees grow very slowly.
Because of this, many programs which use search trees extensively can only play on the smaller 9 × 9 board, rather than full 19 × 19 ones.
Because random binary search trees are known to have logarithmic height with high probability, the same is true for treaps.
Because trees remove carbon dioxide from the air as they grow, tree planting can be used as a geoengineering technique to remove
Because of its unique structure, a binomial tree of order k can be constructed from two trees of order k − 1 trivially by attaching one of them as the leftmost child of root of the other one.
Because no operation requires random access to the root nodes of the binomial trees, the roots of the binomial trees can be stored in a linked list, ordered by increasing order of the tree.
Because there was then a fashion for ruins covered in ivy, the vegetation was not removed despite its detrimental effect on the masonry, and the trees which had taken root in the courtyard were left.
Because of mineral content, ground temperature, and a general lack of soil, areas surrounding the bases of mountains are not suitable for sufficient tree growth, and most trees and shrubs do not reach full size.
Because of their greater number of species in these trees, some additional inferences can be made:
Because the park has been subjected to such dramatic changes, several landmark trees have been affected.
Because of the wood's beauty and high value, the trees yielding this wood have been heavily exploited: they are rare outside of national parks, reserves and plantations.
Because of the many gardens in the city centre and the high leafy trees alongside the sidewalks of its streets and boulevards, Kutaisi is painted in bright green in the spring and in yellow-red in the autumn.

Because and are
Because Bright's speeches were so much a part of him, there are long and numerous quotations, which, far from making the biography diffuse, help to give us the feel of the man.
Because God is what He is, the laws of the universe, material and spiritual, are what they are.
Because, honey, I thought silently, there are plenty of desert islands in every marriage -- long periods when you're hopelessly stranded, together.
Because administration of the forest highway system is a responsibility of the Secretary of Commerce with maintenance provided by the States and counties, this Development Program for the National Forests does not include estimates of the funds needed to maintain the forest highway system nor to construct the additions to it that are needed.
Because they are `` minority '' exercises and have but a limited appeal they soon find themselves in the limbo of the forgotten.
Because of this, it would appear inevitable that an increasing percentage of strategic missiles will seek self-protection in mobility -- at least until missile defenses are perfected which have an exceedingly high kill probability.
( Note: Because of light leakage from one ultraviolet source to another, the lights are switched by a commutator-like assembly rotated by a synchronous motor.
Because of their location, on the edge of the feed lot, fence-line bunks are not in the way of mechanical manure removal.
Because agricultural activities are seasonal and the areas of production and harvest of many foods are widely scattered geographically, and because of the high cost of transporting bulk food items any substantial distance to a central processing location, the use of large central processing stations, where low-cost radiation facilities approaching the megawatt range might be utilized, is inherently impracticable.
Because electrical forces ( the charge-excess ) are far more powerful than gravitation, the surface hydrogen atoms would shoot away from the sphere.
Because the levels themselves are random variables, some assumptions and the method of contrasting the treatments ( a multi-variable generalization of simple differences ) differ from the fixed-effects model.
Because constitutional claims are of great magnitude, appellate courts might be more lenient to review the claim even if it was not preserved.
Because of the ocean's great capacity to store and release heat, maritime climates are more moderate and have less extreme seasonal variations than inland climates.
Because of its simplicity, star hopping is a very common method for finding objects that are close to naked-eye stars.
Because CCD imagers are linear, image processing may be used to subtract away the effects of light pollution, which has increased the popularity of astrophotography in urban areas.
Because all clades are represented in the southern hemisphere but many not in the northern hemisphere, it is natural to conjecture that there is a common southern origin to them.
Because of their biological significance, amino acids are important in nutrition and are commonly used in nutritional supplements, fertilizers, and food technology.
Because of their relatively large mass, + 2 electric charge and relatively low velocity, alpha particles are very likely to interact with other atoms and lose their energy, so their forward motion is effectively stopped within a few centimeters of air.
Because of the tortuous terrain in places, villages and towns in the mountains — to which travel via motorized vehicles are of little use — are still located in the high Andes of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador.
Because Ambrosius and Vortigern are shown in the Historia Brittonum as being in conflict, some historians have suspected that this preserves a historical core of the existence of two parties in opposition to one another, one headed by Ambrosius and the other by Vortigern.
Because of its elevation and distance from the coast, the Australian Capital Territory experiences four distinct seasons, unlike many other Australian cities whose climates are moderated by the sea.

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