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Because and left
Because the original designer had left the company another employee completely redesigned most of the system, ( adding a display snow remover circuit, true 80 / 64 column text mode support, ( with different size letters for TRS-80 and CP / M mode, so that in TRS-80 mode the full screen was also used, not just a 64x16 portion of the 80x25 screen ) with an improved font set ( adding " gray scale " version of the TRS-80 mozaik graphics and many special PETSCII like characters ), and a more flexible and reliable floppy disk controller and keyboard interface plus many other small improvements ), also an enclosure was developed for the main computer system, ( in the form of a 19-inch rack for the Eurocards ) and for two floppy disk drives and the power supply.
Because of company resistance to his goals, and his cost overruns on the film ( it cost US $ 30, 000 dollars to produce ), Griffith left Biograph.
Because of patent lawsuits in 1893, Blair left his American company and established another in Britain.
Because of the ballpark's age and constrained location in the dense Fenway – Kenmore neighborhood, the park has had many renovations and additions over the years not initially envisioned, resulting in unique, quirky features, including " The Triangle ," " Pesky's Pole ", and most notably the famous Green Monster in left field.
Because National League president Chub Feeney could not be contacted, it was left to the umpire, Bruce Froemming to make the decision.
Because of this, a civil libertarian outlook is compatible with many other political philosophies, and civil libertarianism is found on both the right and left in modern politics.
) Because the yarn holding rows together is all on the front, and the yarn holding side-by-side stitches together is all on the back, stockinette fabric has a strong tendency to curl toward the front on the top and bottom, and toward the back on the left and right side.
Because of the cost vs. revenue contracts within the PKA, many of the promoters also left the organization and formed the International Sport Karate Association ( ISKA ) in 1985, and in the late eighties a struggle for control of the PKA developed between the Quines and equal partner Joe Corley, leading to the decline of the organization as a business entity.
Because the LALR parser performs a right derivation instead of the more intuitive left derivation, understanding how it works is quite difficult.
Because of the great variation in coat patterns ( no two zebras are alike ), taxonomists were left with a great number of described " species ", and no easy way to tell which of these were true species, which were subspecies, and which were simply natural variants.
Because of his parents ' desire to see him attend college, he enrolled in Southeast Missouri State University but left the school after two semesters and one summer.
Because there are few jobs, a large proportion of the work force has left to seek employment overseas.
* 1977 – Because of US budget cuts and dwindling power reserves, the Apollo program's ALSEP experiment packages left on the Moon are shut down.
Because life is constrained to begin with a simple starting point, any diversity resulting from this left wall will be perceived to move in the direction of higher complexity.
Because Saddam Hussein rarely left Iraq, Tariq Aziz, one of Saddam's aides, traveled abroad extensively and represented Iraq at many diplomatic meetings.
Because the object arrives before the light, the observer sees nothing until the sphere starts to pass the observer, after which the image-as-seen-by-the-observer splits into two — one of the arriving sphere ( to the right ) and one of the departing sphere ( to the left ).
Because of its " graphic " nature, this tale has at times been translated incompletely, as in John Payne's translation, where Alibech's sexual awakening is left untranslated and is accompanied with this footnote: " The translators regret that the disuse into which magic has fallen, makes it impossible to render the technicalities of that mysterious art into tolerable English ; they have therefore found it necessary to insert several passages in the original Italian.
Because the committee left no minutes, there is some uncertainty about how the drafting process proceeded — accounts written many years later by Jefferson and Adams, although frequently cited, are contradictory and not entirely reliable.
Because of this and EA's newly imposed demands, games being developed by Westwood Studios at the time were rushed and left unfinished upon their release, namely Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.
Because of the huge debt taken on by the U. S. Federal Government to finance the Revolutionary War, silver coins struck by the government left circulation, and in 1806 President Jefferson suspended the minting of silver coins.
Because the vertical external field B < sub > ext </ sub > is stronger on one side than the other, the leftward force on the left side of the ring is smaller than the rightward force on the right side of the ring, and the net force on the sail is to the right.
Because bamboos can be aggressive as early successional plants, the seedlings would be able to outstrip other plants and take over the space left by their parents.
Because the contract conditions should never be violated in program execution, they can be either left in as debugging code or removed from the production version of the code altogether for performance reasons.
Because of the broad variety of religious communities with their different histories, characteristics, customs, and missions, the Vatican Council did not give specific indications, and left to each individual community the authority to determine what needed to be changed in accord with the spirit of their founders, the needs of modern life, and the situations where they lived and worked.

Because and autobiographical
Eustache was quoted as saying, “ The films I made are as autobiographical as fiction can be .” Because of his reluctance to discuss his personal life, it is assumed that his body of work was largely autobiographical.
Because many of the exploits of the protagonist are similar or identical to Peter Farrelly's own life, it is believed that this novel is partly ( or mostly ) autobiographical.
Because his original story was partly autobiographical, Hauptmann's contract with Nordisk Film required two roles be acted by the actual people who were their inspiration.
Because Angelou uses thematic development and other techniques common to fiction, reviewers often categorize Caged Bird as autobiographical fiction, but the prevailing critical view characterizes it as an autobiography, a genre she attempts to critique, change, and expand.
Because Manfred was written immediately after this and because Manfred regards a main character tortured by his own sense of guilt for an unmentionable offense, some critics consider Manfred to be autobiographical, or even confessional.

Because and writings
Because of this fiction, his writings were taken to have almost apostolic authority.
Because the writings of Sabellius were destroyed it is hard to know if he did actually believe in Patripassianism but one early version of the Apostles ' Creed, recorded by Rufinus, explicitly states that the Father is ' impassible.
Because of the large number of merchant-scholars who came from throughout the Jewish world to attend the great fairs in Troyes, Rashi was able to compare different manuscripts and readings in Tosefta, Jerusalem Talmud, Midrash, Targum, and the writings of the Geonim, and determine which readings should be preferred.
Sheets-Johnstone compares Rank's thought to that of three major Western philosophers — René Descartes, Martin Heidegger and Jacques Derrida: " Because immortality ideologies were originally recognized and in fact so named by Rank, a close examination of his writings on the subject is not only apposite but is itself philosophically rewarding ... Rank was a Freudian dissident who, in introducing the concept of immortality ideologies, traced out historical and psychological roots of ' soul-belief ' ( Seelenglaube )... chapter points up the extraordinary cogency of Rank's distinction between the rational and the irrational to the question of the human need for immortality ideologies " ( Sheets-Johnstone, 2008, p. 64 ).
Because the Nazis deliberately took ' ownership ' of Wagner for their own propaganda purposes, it does not follow logically that one should interpret the composer's writings only in the context of Nazi policies.
Because of the spiritual quality and enthusiasm toward nature expressed in his writings, he was able to inspire readers, including presidents and congressmen, to take action to help preserve large nature areas.
Because of the recent contretemps over van Dieren, Heseltine submitted these pieces as " Peter Warlock "; they were published under this pseudonym as was all Heseletine's subsequent musical output, his own name being reserved for critical and analytical writings.
Because baptism is identified with a " death to sin " in Romans 6 and other New Testament writings, congregational recognition of the convert's repentance and death to sin is desired prior to baptism.
Because many of Gulkowitsch ’ s writings after 1933 were published in German in Estonia, they were actually not very well distributed and did not become part of the scholarly discourse of Jewish Studies, although they are of an extremely high quality and put Gulkowitsch clearly at the forefront of his area.
Because of his political writings, perceived anti-totalitarian stance, and early death of tuberculosis, some English-speaking commentators have called him " the Russian George Orwell ".
Because much of The Cartoon History covers evolutionary science, physics, astronomy, and ancient history, Gonick has referenced original writings on these subjects, rather than relying on secondary sources or anthologies.
Because of his writings and Catholic orientation he was imprisoned as an enemy of Communists after their coup in 1948.
Because of Pope's caricature of Gildon, but also because of the sheer volume and rapidity of his writings, Gildon has come to stand as the epitome of the hired pen and the literary opportunist.
Because of his reputation for sanctity, his tomb at Mogadishu became a pilgrimage center for the Shebelle valley and his writings continued to be circulated by his followers as late as the early 1990s.
Because of this, he is ultimately free to prosper as “ love flowers best in openness in freedom .”( 31 ) Abbey ’ s overall entrancement with the desert, and also its indifference towards man, is prevalent throughout his writings.
Because of the differences Luther initially refused to acknowledge Zwingli and his followers as Christians, though following the colloquy the two Reformers showed relatively more mutual respect in their writings.
Because of the distance the Southern Renaissance authors had from the American Civil War and slavery, they were more objective in their writings about the South.
Because a myth is a traditional story, non-narrative scriptures ( e. g., proverbs, theological writings ) are not themselves " myths ".
Because Flusser's writings in different languages are dispersed in the form of articles or sections of books, his work as a media philosopher and cultural theorist is only now becoming more widely known.
Because of Martin's efforts, and rhetoric in keeping with these anti-evolution writings, Mississippi became one of only two states to pass and keep anti-evolution legislation on the books in the wake of the Scopes Trial.
Because of his beliefs, Hong is sometimes noted as the first modern Chinese nationalist, and he was mentioned in early writings by both the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China.
Because of these writers ' distance from the Civil War and slavery, they were able to bring more objectivity to writings about the South.
Because of this it is said he disguised his writings not only with somewhat cryptic language, but in four different languages ( Latin, French, Italian and Greek ).
Because of this, most of Ansai's Neo Confucian writings tended to be publications of Zhu Xi's works, with his own commentaries.

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