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Because and state
Because it is so large a state, with marked contrasts in population density, the organization of the New York co-operative offers a cross-section of how the plan works.
Because he interprets the primitive state of man as one of mere potentiality or capacity and believes that Adam and Eve were created as children, Irenaeus often seems inclined to extenuate their disobedience as being `` due, no doubt, to carelessness, but still wicked ''.
Because some have a prevision of the glory to come and others foretaste their suffering, the state of waiting is called " Particular Judgment ".
Because of this growth, regional and state organizations began to assume a more prominent role in the governance of the sport.
Because of the state of the field O ' Day thereby called the game.
Because a black hole eventually achieves a stable state with only three parameters, there is no way to avoid losing information about the initial conditions: the gravitational and electric fields of a black hole give very little information about what went in.
Because his vision of personal and social perfections was framed as a revival of the ordered society of earlier times, Confucius is often considered a great proponent of conservatism, but a closer look at what he proposes often shows that he used ( and perhaps twisted ) past institutions and rites to push a new political agenda of his own: a revival of a unified royal state, whose rulers would succeed to power on the basis of their moral merits instead of lineage. These would be rulers devoted to their people, striving for personal and social perfection, and such a ruler would spread his own virtues to the people instead of imposing proper behavior with laws and rules.
Because of these differences, corporate lawyers are often consulted in an effort to determine the most appropriate or advantageous state in which to incorporate, and a majority of public companies in the U. S. are Delaware corporations.
Because of this, they lack referential transparency, i. e. the same language expression can result in different values at different times depending on the state of the executing program.
Because the states were preexisting political entities, the U. S. Constitution did not need to define or explain federalism in any one section but it often mentions the rights and responsibilities of state governments and state officials in relation to the federal government.
Because the Gabonese economy is dependent upon oil ( crude oil accounts for over 80 % of the country ’ s exports, 43 % of GDP, and 65 % of state revenue ), it is subject to worldwide price fluctuations.
Because Greater Poland was the settlement area of the Polans and the core of the early Polish state, the region was at times simply called " Poland " ( Latin Polonia ).
Because of Hungary's $ 21. 2 billion foreign debt, the government decided to sell state property instead of distributing it to the people for free.
Because of this new period of instability, the state was struck for several weeks in July and August 1789 by the Great Fear, a period of violent class conflict.
Because of the weak, induced dipole-dipole interaction between helium atoms, their macroscopic physical properties are mainly determined by their zero point energy (" ground state kinetic energy ").
Because each integral runs over all possible values of x, each multi-particle state appears N!
Because the and states are energetically equivalent, neither state is favored, so this process has the effect of randomizing the states.
Because such constitutions are not exclusive of a competent understanding of the true state of the circumstances in which the deed is done, nor of the subsistence of some steady and evil passion, grounded in those circumstances, and directed to a certain object.
Because of the " Single Market " of the EC, any food – even if irradiated – must be allowed to be marketed in any other Member State even if a general ban of food irradiation prevails, under the condition that the food has been irradiated legally in the state of origin.
Because of her outstanding intellect, she often discussed the classics and the affairs of state with ambassadors.
Because of its wide range of latitude and seasonal winds, Japan has a variety of climates, with a latitude range often compared to that of the east coast of North America, from Nova Scotia to the U. S. state of Georgia.
Because the threatened secession of Maryland would leave the Federal capital of Washington, D. C., an indefensible enclave within the Confederacy, Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus and imposed martial law in Baltimore and portions of the state, ordering the imprisonment of pro-secession Maryland political leaders at Ft. McHenry and the stationing of Federal troops in Baltimore.
Because of this constant inebriated state, Nur Jahan, the favourite wife of Jahangir, became the actual power behind the throne.
Because the operations of the military have been traditionally cloaked by the ubiquitous blanket ofstate security ”, the corruption has been less in public view, and thus less subject to public scrutiny and notoriety.

Because and can
Because of the means of publication -- science-fiction magazines and cheap paperbacks -- and because dystopian science fiction is still appearing in quantity the full range and extent of this phenomenon can hardly be known, though one fact is evident: the science-fiction imagination has been immensely fertile in its extrapolations.
Because the bobbin-to-cone winding process is a relatively high-cost operation for the mill, the almost complete automation provided by the Uniconer can mean important economies in textile production, at the same time upgrading quality.
Because of the unique design by the architect Egils Hermanovski, you can build most of it in your own home workshop in your spare time.
Because community not severalty of property is the law of nature no man can assert an absolutely unalterable right to what is his.
Because if you can't then nobody else can either, nobody else can have him.
Because oxygen concentration in the water increases at both low temperatures and high flow rates, aquatic amphibians in these situations can rely primarily on cutaneous respiration, as in the Titicaca water frog and the hellbender salamander.
Because and can be very similar numbers, the precision of the result can be much less than the inherent precision of the floating-point arithmetic used to perform the computation.
Because the percentage of each constituent can be varied, with any mixture the entire range of possible variations is called a system.
Because of the quantum mechanical nature of the electrons around a nucleus, atomic orbitals can be uniquely defined by a set of integers known as quantum numbers.
Because an alpha particle is the same as a helium-4 nucleus, which has mass number 4 and atomic number 2, this can also be written as:
: Because of associativity, the grouping parentheses can be omitted without ambiguity.
Because ending the game is optional, and a player may not realize that he can end it, it is unethical to say " good game ", or in any other way indicate that the game could be ended, until after a player actually has ended the game.
Because it is innervated by preganglionic nerve fibers, the adrenal medulla can be considered as a specialized sympathetic ganglion.
Because of the wide variety of evidence, which can include artefacts as well as sites, there is no one way to practice archaeoastronomy.
Because individuals with albinism have skin that entirely lacks the dark pigment melanin, which helps protect the skin from the sun's ultraviolet radiation, their skin can burn more easily from overexposure.
Because of the medical problems that can be caused by withdrawal, alcohol detoxification is carefully controlled and may involve medications such as benzodiazepines such as diazepam ( Valium ).
Using Zorn's lemma, it can be shown that every field has an algebraic closure, and that the algebraic closure of a field K is unique up to an isomorphism that fixes every member of K. Because of this essential uniqueness, we often speak of the algebraic closure of K, rather than an algebraic closure of K.
Because the differences between the prices are likely to be small ( and not to last very long ), this can be done profitably only with computers examining a large number of prices and automatically exercising a trade when the prices are far enough out of balance.
Because brass is not ferromagnetic, it can be separated from ferrous scrap by passing the scrap near a powerful magnet.
Because of his widespread correspondence with others throughout the British Isles, and due to the fact that many of the letters imply that Bede had met his correspondents, it is likely that Bede travelled to some other places, although nothing further about timing or locations can be guessed.
Because breasts are mostly fatty tissue, their shape can within limits be molded by clothing, such as foundation garments.
Because bipolar disorder can have a high rate of both under-diagnosis and misdiagnosis, it is often difficult for individuals with the condition to receive timely and competent treatment.
Because of this, is usually a more effective choice under these operating systems ; sensitivity for these two combinations can be enhanced by the CONFIG. SYS statement.

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