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Page "learned" ¶ 991
from Brown Corpus
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Because and community
Because of the political upheaval in Germany in the 1930's, Steinberg was forced to restrict his activities to the Jewish community.
Because of this, Hasan Ali Shah decided to secure a pledge of loyalty from the members of the community to himself and to the Ismaili form of Islam.
Because every CERT member in a community receives the same core instruction, any team member has the training necessary to assume any of these roles.
Because it is the contact cross-section that is of interest to the SETI community, many additional factors and modifications of the Drake equation have been proposed.
Because of this, a conjure hand is also considered a hoodoo bag ; usually made by a respected community conjure doctor.
Because of the community contribution necessary to serve iftar dinners, mosques with smaller congregations may not be able to host the iftar dinners daily.
Because of the importance in the community, mosques are used for preaching peaceful coexistence with non-believers, even in times of adversity.
Because of its varied and current themes of racism, love, jealousy, and betrayal, Othello is still often performed in professional and community theatres alike and has been the basis for numerous operatic, film, and literary adaptations.
Because it allows for community standards and demands " serious " value, Justice Douglas worried in his dissent that this test would make it easier to suppress speech and expression.
Because of the long-standing usage of the term " unobtainium " within the space elevator research community to describe a material with the necessary characteristics, LiftPort Group President Michael Laine has advocated assigning the term as the generic name for cables woven of carbon nanotube fibers, which seem to satisfy the requirements for this application.
Because of the broad variety of religious communities with their different histories, characteristics, customs, and missions, the Vatican Council did not give specific indications, and left to each individual community the authority to determine what needed to be changed in accord with the spirit of their founders, the needs of modern life, and the situations where they lived and worked.
Because the municipality of Espoo, to which the area of Kauniainen belonged, did not show much interest in the new community, the company was responsible for developing it ; roads were built, a school founded, electricity arranged and the company lobbied for a railway station ( opened in 1908 ) and a police office.
Because the term bionic took on the implication of supernatural strength, the scientific community in English speaking countries largely abandoned it.
Because that is really their only point of contact, or awareness, with the Asian-American community.
Because of its many high-profile residents, movie stars, politicians, writers, and artists also band together with residents in fundraisers and benefits to raise awareness for the fragile ecosystem of the Vineyard and to support community organizations and services.
Because black boxers with the exception of Johnson had been barred from fighting for the heavyweight championship because of racism, Johnson ’ s refusal to fight African-Americans offended the African-American community, since the opportunity to fight top white boxers was rare.
Because the community is largely self-sufficient in terms of food production, supply, and infrastructure, work is very important and there are a number of details, or work rosters, for the garden, fishing, cooking, and carpentry.
Because plants grow to different heights, a diverse community of life is able to grow in a relatively small space, as each layer is stacked one on top of another.
Because of his strong fan base within the gay community, RuPaul has performed at gay pride events and numerous gay clubs.
Because of the availability of jobs in Petersburg, many free people of color in Virginia migrated to the growing urban community.
Because much of the former Surrey Docks had strong trade links to Scandinavia and the Baltic region the area is still home to a thriving Scandinavian community.
Because he was the firstborn, Adam got to stay in the Church community in Nebraska and marry, while Tender was among those sent to earn a living for the Church in the outside world.
Because it was discovered that another community in Indiana was also named Hartford, Blackford County's Hartford was eventually renamed Hartford City.
Because of its close proximity to Kingman, and its residents ' reliance on Kingman's grocery and retail stores for everyday necessities, Golden Valley can be considered part of the Kingman community.

Because and severalty
Because the Choctaw government owned land in “ severalty ”, or common, and individuals did not — and because most Choctaws were a sedentary people who did not engage in industry or commerce — no bridges had been built ; no road had been improved ; and no public works of any kind existed.

Because and property
Because the result of performing the operation on a pair of elements of S is again an element of S, the operation is called a closed binary operation on S ( or sometimes expressed as having the property of closure ).
Because of this property, the collapsed stars were called " frozen stars ," because an outside observer would see the surface of the star frozen in time at the instant where its collapse takes it inside the Schwarzschild radius.
Because of Hungary's $ 21. 2 billion foreign debt, the government decided to sell state property instead of distributing it to the people for free.
Because the climate was not well suited for growing grapes and nearby property was not available to expand their landholdings, the Harmonists submitted a petition to the U. S. government for assistance in purchasing land elsewhere.
Because of this they are not opposed in principle to collectively held property if individual owners of the property consent to collective ownership by contract or other voluntary mutual agreement.
Because the loss of property and life in the 1831 rebellion, the British Parliament held two inquiries.
Because wealth was imbedded in movable property, refuge was tolerated by neighbouring Shaikhs, and Britain intervened only when important interests were at stake, secession was an effective merchant tactic.
Because many of the Roma are believed to have sided with the Serbs during the conflict, taking part in the widespread looting and destruction of Albanian property, Minority Rights Group International report that Romani people encounter hostility by Albanians outside their local areas.
Because of a property of compression within the tube, the length must be a little shorter to correct flat pitch.
Because the statute in question had not apportioned income taxes on income from property by population, the statute was ruled unconstitutional.
Because payment of tax is compulsory and enforced by the legal system, some political philosophies view taxation as theft ( or as slavery, or as a violation of property rights ), or tyranny, accusing the government of levying taxes via force and coercive means.
Because of the debt she had accumulated ( including delayed payment for her property in Auburn ), Tubman fell prey in 1873 to a swindle involving gold transfer.
Because of the ability of some substances to supercool, the freezing point is not considered as a characteristic property of a substance.
Because there is an economic incentive to seize property and rework statues anyway, historians and archaeologists have had difficulty determining when official damnatio memoriae actually took place, although it seems to have been quite rare.
Because of the memoryless property of this distribution, it is well-suited to model the constant hazard rate portion of the bathtub curve used in reliability theory.
Because sunken treasure has generally been lost for hundreds of years, while the original owner ( or insurer, if the vessel was insured ) continues to have an interest in it, the salvor or finder will generally get the majority of the value of the property.
Because the Sumerians recorded real estate transactions it is possible to reconstruct much of the urban growth pattern, density, property value, and other metrics from cuneiform text sources.
Because of this, different terminology is used ; spaces with this property are said to be path connected.
Because all property in the village is private land, the Sea Ranch Lakes Police Department is legally allowed to deny access to residential areas of the village to non-residents through the use of the village's main gate on Gatehouse Rd at A1A.
Because of Bay Lake statistics, legislators have to be careful not to use the words " maximum " and " average " in the computations used for the State of Florida's 2007 property tax reform debate.
Because the site has been federally owned and tax-exempt, the town has been denied property tax revenue for decades.
Because the land owners were asking unreasonably high prices for the right of way over their property, the track line Utrecht-Amersfoort-Zwolle bypassed Elburg.
Because of the expense of buying property, some currently refer to Edgewater as the Gold Coast.

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