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Because and copper
Because of this problem, fixing nails made of stainless steel or copper are recommended, and even these must be protected from the weather.
Because iron is not readily dissolved by molten solder, the plated tip is more durable than a bare copper one, though it will eventually wear out and need replacing.
Because of this, phone companies endeavor to remove load coils on copper loops that can operate without them, and conditioning lines to avoid them through the use of fiber to the neighborhood or node ( FTTN ).
Because the raised letters were made in a complex artisanal process using wet paper pressed against copper wire, the children could not hope to " write " by themselves.
Because of these and other factors, the future of copper production and supply is the subject of much debate, including the concept of Peak copper, analogous to Peak Oil.
Because beryllium copper is non-sparking but physically tough and nonmagnetic, it is used to make tools that can safely be used in environments where there are explosive vapors and gases, such as on oil rigs.
Because of soil resistance, counterpoise systems are often used, consisting of radial networks of copper cables supported several feet above the ground under the antenna, extending out radially from the mast or vertical element.
Because of the low value of copper, large plate money ( plåtmynt ) was issued.
Because of its ease of connection by soldering or clamping, copper is still the most common choice for most light-gauge wires.
Because of soaring metal prices in early 2006, by May of that year the pre-1992 ( 97 % copper ) coins contained 3p worth of copper each.
Because of the lack of volatile copper compounds, copper could not be patterned by the previous techniques of photoresist masking and plasma etching that had been used with great success with aluminium.
Because the last ice age removed the top sediment layer of the soil, the Kola Peninsula is on the surface extremely rich in various ores and minerals, including apatites and nephelines ; copper, nickel, and iron ores ; mica ; kyanites ; ceramic materials, as well as rare earth elements and non-ferrous ores.
Because of the competent host rock, this pit has much steeper sides than other open pit copper mines in the southwest area.
Because the suit's copper circuitry is mounted outside the suit, it is easily disabled by splashing it with water, causing a short circuit.
Because of the extreme gear ratio between starter gear and flywheel ( about 15 or 20: 1 ) it would spin the starter armature at dangerously high speeds, causing an explosion when the centripetal force acting on the copper coils wound in the armature can no longer resist the outward force acting on them.
Because the supply voltage is doubled, a balanced load can tolerate double the voltage drop, allowing quarter-sized conductors to be used ; this uses 3 / 8 the copper of an equivalent single-phase system.
Because of the copper present in hemocyanin, their blood is blue.
Because of a wartime shortage of copper, the massive electromagnetic coils were made with 14, 700 tons of coinage silver from U. S. government vaults at West Point.
Because the sous remained the chief small-change coins, when a new copper coinage was issued for Jersey in 1841, it was based on a penny worth of a shilling, the equivalent of 2 sous.
Because of the copper mining history of the park, it is a cooperating unit of Keweenaw National Historical Park.
Because of the lower cost, the bronze and copper metal clays are used by artists more often than the gold and silver metal clays in the American market place.

Because and ions
Because gallium ( III ) and ferric salts behave similarly in biological systems, gallium ions often mimic iron ions in medical applications.
Because the ions have masses comparable to those of the target atoms, they knock the target atoms out of place more than electron beams do.
It is also called as Perimitochondrial space. Because the outer membrane is freely permeable to small molecules, the concentrations of small molecules such as ions and sugars in the intermembrane space is the same as the cytosol.
Because their motion is perpendicular to the magnetic field, the ions are accelerated out into space.
Because of the very small fusion reaction probability ( the fusion cross section is ~ 0. 3 – 0. 6 pb = ( 3 – 6 )× 10 < sup >− 41 </ sup > m < sup > 2 </ sup >) the experiment took 4 months and involved a beam dose of 4 × 10 < sup > 19 </ sup > calcium ions that had to be shot at the californium target to produce the first recorded event believed to be the synthesis of ununoctium.
Because the 2, 2 '- bipy can chelate the metal, the shape of the peak for the 2, 2 '- bipy will be distorted ( tailed ) when metal ions are present on the surface of the silica ...
Because the chemical equilibrium between a solid surface and an electrolyte solution typically leads to the interface acquiring a net fixed electrical charge, a layer of mobile ions, known as an electrical double layer or Debye layer, forms in the region near the interface.
Because it is made of lipid molecules, the plasma membrane intrinsically has a high electrical resistivity, in other words a low intrinsic permeability to ions.
Because the damaged kidneys cannot perform their intended function of removing impurities, ions introduced into the bloodstream via water can build up to hazardous levels, causing numerous symptoms or death.
Because of the large voltage difference, negative ions tend to drift toward the wafer platter, where they collide with the samples to be etched.
Because the membrane permeability for potassium is much higher than that for other ions ( disregarding voltage-gated channels at this stage ), and because of the strong chemical gradient for potassium, potassium ions flow from the cytosol into the extracellular space carrying out positive charge, until their movement is balanced by build-up of negative charge on the inner surface of the membrane.
Because there is a higher concentration of K ions inside the cells, their random molecular motion is more likely to encounter the permeability pore ( ion channel ) than is the case for the K ions that are outside and at a lower concentration.
Because the ions can move through a wider " bottleneck " near the current layer and because the electrons are moving much faster in Hall MHD than in standard MHD, reconnection may proceed more quickly.
Because the lighter ions respond slightly more to the magnetic field than the heavier, their trajectories bend in a tighter arc.
Because of its connectivity the behaviour of the polyelectrolyte chain bears almost no resemblance to the case of confined unconnected ions.
Because A < sub > T </ sub > is calculated from the ions in the ocean, a change in the chemical composition would alter alkalinity.
Because of the ion-exchange nature of the glass membrane, it is possible for some other ions to concurrently interact with ion-exchange centers of the glass and to distort the linear dependence of the measured electrode potential on pH or other electrode function.
Examples of successful precipitation titrations are sulfate by titration with barium ions, phosphate by titration with magnesium in ammoniacal solution, chloride by titration with silver nitrate, nickel by titration with dimethylglyoxime and fluoride by titration with aluminium ( as K < sub > 2 </ sub > NaAlF < sub > 6 </ sub >) Because the temperature probe does not need to be electrically connected to the solution ( as in potentiometric titrations ), non-aqueous titrations can be carried out as easily as aqueous titrations.
Because each mole of acid can only release an integer number of moles of hydrogen ions, the molar mass of the unknown acid must be an integer multiple of 52. 0 ± 0. 1 g.
Because the anions and cations in an ionic solid are attracting each other by virtue of their opposing charges, separating the ions requires a certain amount of energy.
Because of the quadrupolar electrical field used to trap the ions in the axial direction this relationship is only approximate.

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