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Because and was
Because the summer was unusually dry and hot, the spring produced a smaller stream than in ordinary years.
Because he couldn't hear them, he was more convinced they were there.
Because of the political upheaval in Germany in the 1930's, Steinberg was forced to restrict his activities to the Jewish community.
Because of the falling characteristic of the rectifier, no ballast resistor was required for stability of operation.
Because negative pressure dialysis gave better recovery of proteins, permitted detection of proteins concentrated from very dilute solutions and was a gentler procedure, it was used in all but the earliest experiments.
Because of increasing anemia, triamcinolone, 8 mg. daily, was started on Feb. 23, 1958, and was continued until July, 1958.
Because of this he was known as Gimpy ( but, as with Capone and his nickname of Scarface, never in his presence ).
Because of this diversionary attack the main group that had been pinned down on the hill was able to surge forward again.
Because Don was leaving the next day, I spent the evening with him at Asia Center.
Because, if for no other reason, Willings would never for a moment suppose he was not bigger, tougher, than anything else that went on two legs.
Because his mind had been otherwise occupied for the past couple of hours, he did not think to look and see if Jerry Burton's car was still there.
-- Held out of Texas Tech's sweat-suits drill Monday at Lubbock was tackle Richard Stafford, who is undergoing treatment for a leg injury suffered in the Raiders' 38-7 loss to Texas A & M Because of its important game with Arkansas coming up Saturday, Baylor worked out in the rain Monday -- mud or no mud.
Because he copiously shed his own tears, and yielded himself up as a living sacrifice to the impersonalized conscience of New England, he was not disturbed by the havoc he worked in other people's consciences.
Because your soul was made to be filled with God Himself, not religious functions `` about '' Him.
Because constitutional claims are of great magnitude, appellate courts might be more lenient to review the claim even if it was not preserved.
Because the series was at stake, the match was to be " timeless ", i. e., played to a finish.
Because of her beauty, other gods feared that jealousy would interrupt the peace among them and lead to war, and so Zeus married her to Hephaestus, who was not viewed as a threat.
Because virtually all extant written material on Arianism was written by its opponents, the nature of Arian teachings is difficult to define precisely today.
Because of this, Octavius was raised by his grandmother ( and Julius Caesar's sister ), Julia Caesaris.
Because in early Anglo-Latin writing, paterfamilias (" head of a family, householder ") usually referred to a ceorl, Donald A. Bullough suggests that Alcuin's family was of cierlisc status: i. e., free but subordinate to a noble lord, and that Alcuin and other members of his family rose to prominence through beneficial connections with the aristocracy.
Because of his bellicose nature Albert received the cognomen Alcibiades after his death ; during his lifetime Albert was known as Bellator ( the Warlike ).
Because Albert was a member of the Brandenburg-Ansbach branch of the House of Hohenzollern, it had been hoped that his election as Grand Master would reverse the decline of the Teutonic Knights since 1410 ; Duke Frederick of Saxony of the House of Wettin had been elected for the same reason.

Because and unsure
Because the party portrayed itself as a national ( and not class based ) party, its members were unsure whether to make specific appeals to the working classes.
Because of this lack of identity contemporaries were unsure what to call the kingdom and so it became regnum quondam Lotharii or Lotharii regnum (" kingdom Lothair's ") and its inhabitants Lotharii ( from Lotharius ), Lotharienses ( from Lothariensis ), or Lotharingi ( which gives the modern German Lothringen, which is the name of the province ).
“ Then his jaw was wired shut for two or three months .” Because Brock was unsure if he would be able to sing, the album is largely instrumental and experimental.
Because the church was unsure of how long the temple's sacredness would remain intact, however, the bulk of the temple's materials were of " average " or " mediocre " quality, and steps were not taken to ease future expansion.
Because of the battle and then the long march through stifling summer heat, and unsure of the strength of the Federal position in front of him, Early decided to not send his army against the fortifications around Washington until the next day.
Because railways had begun to replace canal transport, Barker was unsure of what to do with his life.

Because and future
Because of some favoritism he showed towards his second wife, the last years of his life, he had to contend with the son of his first marriage, the future Peter IV.
* In the March 1971 issue of the magazine Shogaku 4-nensei: Because visitors from the future were causing too much trouble, the government in the 22nd Century passed a bill to ban time-travelling altogether, meaning Doraemon would have to return to his time era.
Because the unified Swiss Code of Criminal Procedure ( set to enter into force in 2011 ) does not provide for jury trials or lay judges, however, they are likely to be abolished in the near future.
Because their units cancel, ratios of like-dimensioned physical constants do not depend on unit systems in this way, so they are pure dimensionless numbers whose values a future theory of physics could conceivably hope to predict.
Because of extreme ease in collection at 8 – 10 years of age before calcification and minimal to no morbidity, these will probably constitute a major source of cells for personal banking, research and current or future therapies.
Because Concourses C and D are temporary concourses, the only way to get to those concourses is via moving walkway from the Concourse C station which is built in the location of the future gates and Concourse D by mobile lounge from the main terminal.
Because this document governs all future development, the stage cannot be completed until a Conceptual Design Review has determined that the System Specification properly addresses the motivating need.
Because he and his brother, the future Emperor Constantine VIII ( ruled 1025 – 1028 ), were too young to reign in their own right, Basil's mother Theophano married one of Romanos ' leading generals, who took the throne as the Emperor Nikephoros II Phokas several months later in 963.
Because states can never be certain of other states ' future intentions, there is a lack of trust between states which requires them to be on guard against relative losses of power which could enable other states to threaten their survival.
Because his uncle, from 1835 the Emperor Ferdinand, was weak-minded, and his father unambitious and retiring, the young Archduke " Franzl " was brought up by his mother as a future Emperor with emphasis on devotion, responsibility and diligence.
Because of the time travel aspect, many episodes include " brushes with greatness ", alluding to famous people or incidents indirectly, such as suggesting to a 12-year-old Donald Trump that New York real estate would be valuable in the future, or setting in place actions that led to the discovery of the break-in at the Watergate Hotel.
Because of the changes going on in the Arctic, future evolution of the Bering Sea climate / ecosystem is uncertain.
Because of this, autonomy has been and may continue to be the bottleneck for future UAV developments, and the overall value and rate of expansion of the future UAV market could be largely driven by advances to be made in the field of autonomy.
Because " Lisa's Wedding " ( season six, 1995 ) is set fifteen years in the future, Homer's design was altered to make him older in the episode.
Because of the crusading appeal made by Pope Eugene III and his representative Nicholas Brakespear ( the future Pope Hadrian IV ), the siege received the aid of crusaders from multiple nationalities ( Genovese, Anglo-Normans, Normans, Southern-French, Germans, Flemish and Dutch ), who were on their way to the Holy Land.
Because of this, zero coupon bonds subject to U. S. taxation should generally be held in tax-deferred retirement accounts, to avoid paying taxes on future income.
Because the ransom was not paid in time, the two boys ( eight and seven at the time ) had to spend nearly four years isolated in a bleak castle, facing an uncertain future.
Because of its mass and the stage of life, it is expected to explode in a supernova or even hypernova in the astronomically near future.
Because future stock prices can be strongly influenced by investor expectations, technicians claim it only follows that past prices influence future prices.
Because of these and other factors, the future of copper production and supply is the subject of much debate, including the concept of Peak copper, analogous to Peak Oil.
Because of the dangers involved in having only two points of ingress and egress into the city during an evacuation, officials have mentioned the possibility of additional bridges potentially being designed in the future over the Columbia or Wenatchee Rivers, as reported periodically by the Wenatchee World.
Because future inflation is unknown, there are three ways this might be achieved:

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