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Because and hedge
Because investments in hedge funds can add diversification to investment portfolios, investors may use them as a tool to reduce their overall portfolio risk exposures.
Because of these regulatory restrictions on ownership, hedge funds have been exempted from mandatory registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) under the Investment Company Act of 1940, which is generally intended to regulate investment funds sold to retail investors.
Because Sections 3 ( c ) 1 and 3 ( c ) 7 of the Investment Company Act of 1940 prohibit hedge funds from making public offerings, funds must sell their securities in accordance with the private offering rules under the Securities Act of 1933.
Because hedge funds do not have publicly traded securities, they are not subject to all of the reporting requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
Because of its abundance of sharp thorns, the plant is often used as a security hedge.
Because of its dense growth and prickly nature, goat-apple is used as a hedge and living barrier for containing livestock.

Because and funds
Because administration of the forest highway system is a responsibility of the Secretary of Commerce with maintenance provided by the States and counties, this Development Program for the National Forests does not include estimates of the funds needed to maintain the forest highway system nor to construct the additions to it that are needed.
Because of the large amounts of funds that move through the Reserve Banks every day, the System has policies and procedures to limit the risk to the Reserve Banks from a depository institution's failure to make or settle its payments.
Because of severe budget constraints, most of the funds for NEAP operations come from international sources, including official institutions such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank and numerous international nongovernmental organizations.
Because the party caucus leaders in California's legislature also control the party's legislative campaign funds, the leaders wield tremendous power over their caucus members.
Because Binet did not have any formalized graduate study in psychology, he did not hold a professorship with a prestigious institution where students and funds would be sure to perpetuate his work ( Siegler, 1992 ).
Because index funds are passive investments, the turnovers are lower than actively managed funds.
Because funds were extremely limited every effort was made to use already available equipment.
Because all of the employees covered by that mandate were " in a substantial if informal sense, ' working for the city ,' " Boston was considered to be simply favoring its own residents through the expenditures of municipal funds.
Because private equity firms are continuously in the process of raising, investing and distributing their private equity funds, capital raised can often be the easiest to measure.
Because one certain family may find very few opportunities for sufficient housing or find themselves without adequate funds for a house of their own, they may be forced to live in crowded conditions.
Because all funds must compute an expense ratio using the same methodology, it allows investors to compare costs across funds.
Because he could not fully trust all of his troops, and some of the better troops had recently been reassigned to others, cavalry were placed in towns along the route, citing as a pretext the expected delivery of treasury funds going to Paris.
Because a fund may run out of capital prior to the end of its life, larger venture capital firms usually have several overlapping funds at the same time ; doing so lets the larger firm keep specialists in all stages of the development of firms almost constantly engaged.
The source the money appeared to be South America .” Donlon went on to say “ Because of its size, we thought it appropriate to ask if the funds belonged to the Holy See .” When contacted for an answer, Dr Alibrandi “ quickly answered ‘ no ’ and that they belonged to ‘ family ’.

Because and are
Because Bright's speeches were so much a part of him, there are long and numerous quotations, which, far from making the biography diffuse, help to give us the feel of the man.
Because God is what He is, the laws of the universe, material and spiritual, are what they are.
Because, honey, I thought silently, there are plenty of desert islands in every marriage -- long periods when you're hopelessly stranded, together.
Because they are `` minority '' exercises and have but a limited appeal they soon find themselves in the limbo of the forgotten.
Because of this, it would appear inevitable that an increasing percentage of strategic missiles will seek self-protection in mobility -- at least until missile defenses are perfected which have an exceedingly high kill probability.
( Note: Because of light leakage from one ultraviolet source to another, the lights are switched by a commutator-like assembly rotated by a synchronous motor.
Because of their location, on the edge of the feed lot, fence-line bunks are not in the way of mechanical manure removal.
Because agricultural activities are seasonal and the areas of production and harvest of many foods are widely scattered geographically, and because of the high cost of transporting bulk food items any substantial distance to a central processing location, the use of large central processing stations, where low-cost radiation facilities approaching the megawatt range might be utilized, is inherently impracticable.
Because electrical forces ( the charge-excess ) are far more powerful than gravitation, the surface hydrogen atoms would shoot away from the sphere.
Because the levels themselves are random variables, some assumptions and the method of contrasting the treatments ( a multi-variable generalization of simple differences ) differ from the fixed-effects model.
Because constitutional claims are of great magnitude, appellate courts might be more lenient to review the claim even if it was not preserved.
Because of the ocean's great capacity to store and release heat, maritime climates are more moderate and have less extreme seasonal variations than inland climates.
Because of its simplicity, star hopping is a very common method for finding objects that are close to naked-eye stars.
Because CCD imagers are linear, image processing may be used to subtract away the effects of light pollution, which has increased the popularity of astrophotography in urban areas.
Because all clades are represented in the southern hemisphere but many not in the northern hemisphere, it is natural to conjecture that there is a common southern origin to them.
Because of their biological significance, amino acids are important in nutrition and are commonly used in nutritional supplements, fertilizers, and food technology.
Because of their relatively large mass, + 2 electric charge and relatively low velocity, alpha particles are very likely to interact with other atoms and lose their energy, so their forward motion is effectively stopped within a few centimeters of air.
Because of the tortuous terrain in places, villages and towns in the mountains — to which travel via motorized vehicles are of little use — are still located in the high Andes of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador.
Because Ambrosius and Vortigern are shown in the Historia Brittonum as being in conflict, some historians have suspected that this preserves a historical core of the existence of two parties in opposition to one another, one headed by Ambrosius and the other by Vortigern.
Because of its elevation and distance from the coast, the Australian Capital Territory experiences four distinct seasons, unlike many other Australian cities whose climates are moderated by the sea.

Because and sold
Because of this, many higher level kits are sold with little or even no hardware, to allow the drummer to choose the stands and also the bass drum pedal they prefer.
Because of the greater size and relative efficiency of the Salvadoran and Guatemalan industrial sectors, however, Honduras bought far more manufactured products from its neighbors than it sold to them.
Because of its very low alcohol content, non-alcoholic beer may be legally sold to minors in many American states.
Because most of the engineering skill of British Rail had been sold off into the maintenance and renewal companies, Railtrack had no idea how many Hatfields were waiting to happen, nor did they have any way of assessing the consequence of the speed restrictions they were ordering-restrictions that brought the railway network to all but a standstill.
Because of this expense, pipes with bodies made of wood ( usually mahogany ) instead of gourd, but with the same classic shape, are sold as calabashes.
Because of this, Spam in Korea tastes different from the ones sold in other countries, and is a relatively expensive product compared to its competitors in Korea.
Because of the public domain status, the film is sold on home video by many distributors.
Because strong, healthy blacks in their prime working and reproductive years were seen and treated as highly valuable commodities, it was not unusual for free blacks — both freedmen ( former slaves ) and those who had never been slaves — to be kidnapped and sold into slavery.
Because of better financing, these films can afford more expensive actors, wide releases or limited releases, and are sold at popular retail stores.
Because of the complexity of bureaucratic institutions in the city, it was joked that ink was sold by the bucketful.
Because of this uncertainty, IBM machines were sold without Windows 95, while Compaq, HP, and other indulgent companies sold machines with Windows 95 from day one.
" Because of its unprofitability, the shop was sold after ten years.
Because of the Great Depression, Frye and his associates sold the airline to Western Air Express in March 1930.
Because many miniature vehicles were originally sold as playthings, there is no precise difference between a model car and a toy car, yet the kit building hobby became popular through the 1950s, while the collecting of miniature by adults started to pick up steam around 1970.
Because of this, replacement reed plates are sold.
Because of lack of local interest, the Tierra Verde Company worked with a network of international brokers and sold many lots to overseas investors.
Because the township does not have a local police force for " economic reasons ," according to township supervisor Ronald Cosklo, as must therefore solely rely on the Dunmore State Police force for protection, Fell Township has in recent years become a veritable hotbed for illegal drugs which are then sold to the neighboring City of Carbondale.
Because Black wrote all of his own music, this amounted to a fee of 20 to 30 cents per album sold.
Because very few of his paintings were sold, they are highly sought after.
Because of its complex processing requirements, the film was sold process-paid in the United States until 1954 when a legal ruling prohibited this.
Because of economic conditions, people sold themselves into slavery in great numbers and in turn they produced a large number of household slaves.
Because of their larger size, even mint copies are often sold folded or creased which is also less desirable to collectors.

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