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Because and location
Because of a missile's ballistic trajectory, the location of a fixed target must be known quite accurately.
Because of their location, on the edge of the feed lot, fence-line bunks are not in the way of mechanical manure removal.
Because agricultural activities are seasonal and the areas of production and harvest of many foods are widely scattered geographically, and because of the high cost of transporting bulk food items any substantial distance to a central processing location, the use of large central processing stations, where low-cost radiation facilities approaching the megawatt range might be utilized, is inherently impracticable.
Because of its ( relatively ) economically isolated location, Alberta relies heavily on transportation links with the rest of the world.
Because of the seemingly highly symbolic and even cryptic language of this one New Testament passage, some Christian scholars conclude that Mount Armageddon must be an idealized location.
Because times of sunset and sunrise, unlike the phenomenon described in preceding paragraphs, vary with an observer's geographic location ( longitude and latitude ), these dates likewise depend on location and do not exist for locations sufficiently close to the Equator.
Because of Finland's northern location, winter is the longest season.
Because of the ballpark's age and constrained location in the dense Fenway – Kenmore neighborhood, the park has had many renovations and additions over the years not initially envisioned, resulting in unique, quirky features, including " The Triangle ," " Pesky's Pole ", and most notably the famous Green Monster in left field.
Because of its strategic location it is in both the Russian and American spheres of influence.
Because of the relative price of gin, when compared with other drinks available at the same time and in the same geographic location, gin became popular with the poor.
Because of its natural beauty and historical significance, it has become a popular tourist location.
Because of its central location, it was made the district capital of Hulu Langat.
Because of its eccentric location in the Netherlands, and its geographical and cultural proximity to Belgium, integration of Maastricht and Limburg into the Netherlands did not come about easily.
Because of the many threats against Maria and Alexander III, the head of the security police, General Cherevin, shortly after the coronation urged the Tsar and his family to relocate to Gatchina Palace, a more secure location 50 kilometres outside St. Petersburg.
Because of the location of the shoreline — at the point where the Atlantic's cold water reach Africa — there is often extremely dense fog.
Because of its location, it became the site of military facilities used first by the British and then by the United States, following an access agreement signed in 1980 by the United States and Oman.
Because of their location, open clusters are occasionally referred to as galactic clusters, a term that was introduced in 1925 by the Swiss-American astronomer Robert Julius Trumpler.
Because fossils identifiable as P. sternbergi are found exclusively in the lower layers of the Niobrara Formation, and P. longiceps fossils exclusively in the upper layers, a fossil lacking the skull can be identified based on its position in the geologic column ( though for many early fossil finds, precise data about its location was not recorded, rendering many fossils unidentifiable ).
Because of its southern and seagirt location, Jeju Island has warmer and milder weather than other parts of South Korea.
Because events are spacetime points, an example of an event in classical relativistic physics is, the location of an elementary ( point-like ) particle at a particular time.
Because of its even mix of people, its location, and the attraction of dancing, the Stonewall Inn was known by many as " the gay bar in the city ".
) Because of their location, the sages of these Academies devoted considerable attention to analysis of the agricultural laws of the Land of Israel.
Because of the island's sub-tropical location, Taiwan has an abundant supply of various fruit, such as papayas, starfruit, melons, and citrus fruit.
Because the territorial boundary line between the U. S. and Canada ran through the middle of Lake Erie and then up the Detroit River, combined with the prevailing belief regarding the location of the southern tip of Lake Michigan, the framers of the 1802 Ohio Constitution believed it was the intent of Congress that Ohio's northern boundary should certainly be north of the mouth of the Maumee River, and possibly even of the Detroit River.

Because and at
Because motion which begins and ends at discrete places would ( e.g. for Aristotle ) be incomplete.
Because of these involvements in the matter at stake, Boniface lacked the impartiality that is supposed to be an essential qualification for the position of arbiter, and in retrospect that would seem to be sufficient reason why the English embassies to the Curia proved so fruitless.
Because of the difference between daytime and nighttime propagation conditions, it has been necessary to evolve different allocation structures for daytime and nighttime broadcasting in the AM band, with many more stations operating during the day than at night.
Because the bobbin-to-cone winding process is a relatively high-cost operation for the mill, the almost complete automation provided by the Uniconer can mean important economies in textile production, at the same time upgrading quality.
Because of this, it would appear inevitable that an increasing percentage of strategic missiles will seek self-protection in mobility -- at least until missile defenses are perfected which have an exceedingly high kill probability.
Because the rake angle Af at the tip of the knife is very much smaller ( or even negative ) when compared to the value of **yc for the major portion of the knife, a very rapid increase in cutting force with thickness will result.
Because Don was leaving the next day, I spent the evening with him at Asia Center.
-- Held out of Texas Tech's sweat-suits drill Monday at Lubbock was tackle Richard Stafford, who is undergoing treatment for a leg injury suffered in the Raiders' 38-7 loss to Texas A & M Because of its important game with Arkansas coming up Saturday, Baylor worked out in the rain Monday -- mud or no mud.
Because of the recent death of the bride's father, Frederick B. Hamm, the marriage of Miss Terry Hamm to John Bruce Parichy will be a small one at noon tomorrow in St. Bernadine's church, Forest Park.
Because neither of them really wanted their marriage to break up, Mr. and Mrs. Black agreed to a series of interviews at Family Service of Northern Virginia, the agency nearest them.
Because oxygen concentration in the water increases at both low temperatures and high flow rates, aquatic amphibians in these situations can rely primarily on cutaneous respiration, as in the Titicaca water frog and the hellbender salamander.
Because the series was at stake, the match was to be " timeless ", i. e., played to a finish.
Because Augustine cites part of the commentary on Romans as by " Sanctus Hilarius " it has been ascribed by various critics at different times to almost every known Hilary.
Because of the delay, Young and Duke began their descent to the surface at an altitude higher than that of any previous mission, at.
Because of heavy traffic on the roundabout of which the Arc is the centre, it is recommended that pedestrians use one of two underpasses located at the Champs Élysées and the Avenue de la Grande Armée.
Because of your forward motion relative to the falling rain, the rain now appears to be falling not straight down from directly above you, but at a slight angle from a point in the sky somewhat in front of you.
Because grocery stores are not permitted to carry wine or liquor, the older law essentially meant that only beer and alcoholic malt beverages could be purchased at all on Sundays.
Because of the subject matter and graphic violence of some of De Palma's films, such as Dressed to Kill, Scarface and Body Double, they are often at the center of controversy with the Motion Picture Association of America, film critics and the viewing public.
Because the pairing increases this energy barrier, kicks from oscillating atoms in the conductor ( which are small at sufficiently low temperatures ) are not enough to affect the condensate as a whole, or any individual " member pair " within the condensate.
Because they are excited, these fans hit the balloon at different times and in different directions with the motions being completely random.
Because of this property, the collapsed stars were called " frozen stars ," because an outside observer would see the surface of the star frozen in time at the instant where its collapse takes it inside the Schwarzschild radius.
Because water is incompressible and must remain within the confines of the bucket, this outward movement increases the depth of water at the larger radius, increasing the height of the surface at larger radius, and lowering it at smaller radius.

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