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Because and inherent
Because and can be very similar numbers, the precision of the result can be much less than the inherent precision of the floating-point arithmetic used to perform the computation.
Because deconstruction examines the internal logic of any given text or discourse it helped many authors to analyse the contradictions inherent in all schools of thought, and as such it has proved revolutionary in political analysis, particularly ideology critiques.
Liana Bortolon, writing in 1967, said: " Because of the multiplicity of interests that spurred him to pursue every field of knowledge ... Leonardo can be considered, quite rightly, to have been the universal genius par excellence, and with all the disquieting overtones inherent in that term.
Because of its inherent ties to the Days of Repentance and the inspiration that comes along with hearing its piercing blasts, the shofar is also blown after morning services for the entire month of Elul, the last month of the Jewish civil year and the sixth of the Jewish ecclesiastical year.
Because of the inherent nature of emergencies, no two are likely to be the same, so emergency action principles help to guide rescuers at incidents, by sticking to some basic tenets.
Because it lacks conventional stabilizing surfaces or the associated control surfaces, in its purest form the flying wing suffers from the inherent disadvantages of being unstable and difficult to control.
Because cognitive bias is inherent in the experiences, loyalties, and relationships of people in their daily lives, it cannot be eliminated by education or training, but awareness of biases can be enhanced, allowing for the adoption of compensating correction mechanisms.
Because of the smoothness inherent in the Wankel rotary engine, little vibration or harshness was experienced at high rpm, so a buzzer was fitted to the tachometer to warn the driver when the 7000 rpm redline was approaching.
Because of the inherent dangers in jibing ( uncontrolled, the boom can travel almost 180 ° with great speed and lethal force ), communication with the crew is important.
Because of the dangers inherent in armed confrontation, even police or soldiers who might strongly prefer to take an enemy alive may still kill to protect themselves or civilians, and potentially cross the line into extrajudicial murder.
Because of the passband ripple inherent in Chebyshev filters, the ones that have a smoother response in the passband but a more irregular response in the stopband are preferred for some applications.
Because of their inherent maneuverability, acceleration, and high speed abilities, it requires skill and physical strength to operate a snowmobile.
' The Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence says " Because of the risk of prejudice to the defendant inherent in the admission of photographs of the ' mug shot ' variety, judges and prosecutors are required to ' use reasonable means to avoid calling the jury's attention to the source of such photographs used to identify the defendant.
Because any user's private key can be generated through the use of the third party's secret, this system has inherent key escrow.
Because of the inherent expense and difficulty in obtaining extrinsic evidence for many genes, it is also necessary to resort to Ab initio gene finding, in which genomic DNA sequence alone is systematically searched for certain tell-tale signs of protein-coding genes.
Because of successes in racing, the RMR platform has been popular for road-going sports cars despite the inherent challenges of design, maintenance and lack of cargo space.
Because of the structural weaknesses inherent in the construction of convertibles, few convertibles are known to survive.
Because the framework of museums lie in material objects as primary sources, historians recognize inherent issues, problematic to the ‘ truth ’ which they seek to unfold and have been forced to adapt their tactics when drawing information out ; this has led to tremendous efforts to borrow from other disciplines.
Peripheral Vision Distortion: Because of the compromise in vertical range of undistorted vision, there is an inherent impact on peripheral vision with progressive lenses which is more obvious than that which is found in single vision lenses.
Because of early spread and inherent resistance to anticancer drugs, patients have poor prognosis.
Because of video encoding and stylus positioning constraints inherent in this technology, still frames ( where action would be suspended pending player input ) had to be encoded as a repeat of 2 or 3 seconds of video.
Because of this, and the inherent security benefits of separating the control lines from the payload, telephone systems introduced since the 1960s rely more on common-channel signaling ( CCS ).
Because of their inherent mechanical skill, they are employed in the tea factories, automobile workshops and defence engineering.
Because of its inherent limitations, internal control over financial reporting may not prevent or detect misstatements.

Because and lack
Because of its importance, and because the lack of price competition is well recognized, the industry is under considerable public pressure not to raise its price any more than could be justified by cost increases.
Because of lack of financing, the development of oil fields near Doba, originally due to finish in 2000, was delayed until 2003.
Because of the lack of worldwide knowledge about the order in general, very little is known about the order diversity.
Because they lack this key defence, only 0. 5 % of cane toads are estimated to reach adulthood.
Because of their physical similarity to humans a replicant must be detected by its lack of emotional responses and empathy to questions posed in a Voight-Kampff test.
Because of his lack of commercial success, Bowie was forced to try to earn a living in different ways.
Because of their lack of hydrogen-bond-donating ability, esters do not self-associate.
Because of this, they lack referential transparency, i. e. the same language expression can result in different values at different times depending on the state of the executing program.
Because of the lack of subsidies and a need to reduce expenditures, many social programs in Hungary had to be cut in an attempt to lower spending.
Because of severe shortages in weapons and equipment and lack of training, members of the Volkssturm were poorly prepared for combat, and about 175, 000 of them lost their lives in the final months of the war.
Because of the difficulty of manipulating metal and the lack of machine tools, the use of metal was kept to a minimum.
Because it relies on volunteers and uses " rough consensus and running code " as its touchstone, results can be slow whenever the number of volunteers is either too small to make progress, or so large as to make consensus difficult, or when volunteers lack the necessary expertise.
Because of a lack of anti-tank weapons, German battleships used their guns to support the defenders of Kolberg until nearly all of the soldiers and civilians had been evacuated.
Because of its mountainous topography and lack of development, Laos has few reliable transportation routes.
Because the scripts used to write some Semitic languages lack vowel letters, unambiguous reading of a text might be difficult.
Because of the wide slew-range and lack of positive feedback, the response of all the open-loop level detectors described above will be relatively slow.
Because of the lack of topographic barriers within Paraguay, these opposite prevailing winds bring about abrupt and irregular changes in the usually moderate weather.
Because of the lack of scientific support, along with religious and prejudicial reasons phrenology never found a wide audience in Ireland.
Because of the lack of central authority in P2P networks, forces such as the recording industry, RIAA, MPAA, and the government are unable to delete or stop the sharing of content on P2P systems.
Because the key distinguishing characteristic Marsh noted for Pteranodon was its lack of teeth, any toothless pterosaur jaw fragment, wherever it was found in the world, tended to be attributed to Pteranodon during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Because of their physical similarity to humans, a replicant must be detected by its lack of emotional responses and empathy to questions posed in a Voight-Kampff test.
Because of a lack of cement, mud was used as the mortar for many buildings, most of which had deteriorated into a state of ruin.
Because of the commercial failure of the machine and lack of support, particularly in Finland, Torvalds became very used to having to write his own software rather than relying on programs written by others.
Because of Skuld's lack of magic power, Noble Scarlet lacked the full unequivocal obedience an angel must have for her goddess.
Because Adorno believed that sociology needs to be self-reflective and self-critical, he believed that the language the sociologist uses, like the language of the ordinary person, is a political construct in large measure that uses, often unreflectingly, concepts installed by dominant classes and social structures ( such as our notion of " deviance " which includes both genuinely deviant individual and " hustlers " operating below social norms because they lack the capital to operate above: for an analysis of this phenomenon, cf.

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