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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1308
from Brown Corpus
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Because and means
Because the physics of a disc require " snap " or " flick ", which means putting spin on the disc, new players generally find that throwing a distance driver accurately can be somewhat difficult and will require experience with disc golf disc response.
Because IFR flights often take place without visual reference to the ground, a means of navigation other than looking outside the window is required.
Because it's not practical to discuss moves, physical contact is the most effective means.
Because of suggestions ( later proven false ) of Plaisted's use of air transport, some sources classify Herbert's expedition as the first confirmed to reach the North Pole over the ice surface by any means.
Because the Ohio River flowed westwardly, it became a convenient means of westward movement by pioneers traveling from western Pennsylvania.
Because of this, when encountering the word " toxin " outside of microbiological contexts, it is important to confirm what the researcher means by the use of the term.
Because a person's thirty-fifth year of life begins on his or her thirty-fourth birthday, this means there is a one year's difference between the minimum ages as stated in the two texts.
Because fifteen days can separate the first and second rounds of a presidential election, this means that the President of the Senate can only act as President of the Republic for a maximum period of fifty days.
Because this revolution takes place in underdeveloped, largely pre-capitalist countries such as Russia, Leninism establishes a single-party, authoritarian state, justifying single-party control over the state and economy as a means to safeguard the revolution against counter-revolutionary insurrection and foreign invasion.
Because some regions have had difficulty picking up over-the-air signals ( particularly in mountainous areas ), alternative means of distribution such as direct-to-home satellite and cable television have been introduced.
Because payment of tax is compulsory and enforced by the legal system, some political philosophies view taxation as theft ( or as slavery, or as a violation of property rights ), or tyranny, accusing the government of levying taxes via force and coercive means.
Because Whitefield came from a poor background, he did not have the means to pay for his tuition.
Because business users can obtain and configure cloud services themselves, this means IT staff can be more productive and gives them more time to manage cloud infrastructures.
Because of this belief in the stability of free-market economies they asserted that active demand management ( e. g. by the means of increasing government spending ) is unnecessary and indeed likely to be harmful.
Because río means " river " in Spanish, the phrase Rio Grande River is redundant.
Because of the desire to prevent undue influence on a jury, jury tampering ( like witness tampering ) is a serious crime, whether attempted through bribery, threat of violence, or other means.
Heartless Bitches International is a club with the slogan " Because we know BITCH means: Being In Total Control, Honey!
Because of the sociohistoric similarities amongst many ( but by no means all ) of the creoles, the Atlantic slave trade and the plantation system of the European colonies have been emphasized as factors by linguists such as.
Because the storage is in RAM, it is volatile memory, which means it will be lost in the event of power loss, whether intentional ( computer reboot or shutdown ) or accidental ( power failure ).
Because of Isis ' anti-technology and self-denying puritanical beliefs, she has to use a Sitting Board ( a hard board she can put over the comfortable seats in cars and other means of transportation in order to deprive herself of cushioning ).
Because of this, the Ahwahneechee Native Americans called this waterfall Pohono, which means Spirit of the Puffing Wind.
Because the MX preference ordering specifies that some servers should be tried first, it is, if anything, a means of establishing load imbalance.
The recycling code for plastics was introduced in 1988 by plastics industry through the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. Because municipal recycling programs traditionally have targeted packaging – primarily bottles and containers – the resin coding system offered a means of identifying the resin content of bottles and containers commonly found in the residential waste stream.
Because of the broad authority that the act granted, it was used both for the maintenance of civil order and for political means.

Because and publication
Because there was no distinct line between personal documents and those meant for publication, we frequently find in his letters both confidential messages and treatises meant for others besides the one to whom he was writing.
Because of his poor performance on the pitch, one Italian publication renamed their award given to the worst performance of the week, L ' asino della settimana ( Donkey of the Week ) to Bergkamp della settimana.
Because Chen was invited by Chen Jiongming ( 陳炯明 ) to be the Education officer in Guangzhou in mid-December 1920, he decided to assign the publication to Mao Dun ( 茅盾 ), who belonged to the Shanghai Communist Party.
Because PNAS is self-sustaining and receives no direct funding from the government or the National Academy of Sciences, the journal charges authors publication fees and subscription fees to offset the cost of the editorial and publication process.
Because of this, Warraq began to write for Free Inquiry Magazine, the American secular humanist publication, on topics such as " Why I am not Muslim.
Because the implicated commissioners refused to resign and because the President of the European Commission did not have the power to dismiss individual commissioners, Santer and his entire commission resigned on 15 March 1999, the very day of the report's publication ( see Santer Commission: Resignation ).
Because of a secrecy agreement Becker had signed with Copperfield, and an independent finding that Becker's description of Copperfield's methods was inaccurate, the publisher removed the section on Copperfield from the book before publication.
Because vanity presses are not selective, publication by a vanity press is typically not seen as conferring the same recognition or prestige as commercial publication.
Because it does not accept advertisements ( being free of sponsors ), being entirely privately owned ( the same ,) and because its publishing costs are met by its sales, Le Canard Enchaîné is considered one of ( if not the ) most objective French publication — hence its continued existence.
Because the book contained Holocaust denial, French courts banned any further publication and on 27 February 1998 fined him 240, 000 French francs.
* Issue # 1: Because of its unusual publication history ( see below ) there have been at least three different issues of the comic book that were numbered as the " first " issue.
Because of the wide variety of publication options, CLU students who participate in original undergraduate research are highly encouraged to attend graduate school in their chosen field.
Because Seeger was among those listed in the entertainment industry blacklist publication, Red Channels, all of the Weavers were placed under FBI surveillance and not allowed to perform on television or radio during the McCarthy era.
Because of this, Thompson and Saville were ordered to cease publication of their dissident journal, an order they chose to defy.
Because of the year of its publication, the book did not cover most of the history concerning the breaking of the German Enigma machine ( which became public knowledge only in the 1970s ); hence, not much is said of Alan Turing.
Because the language of the ASV was limited to Elizabethan English, as well as because of what some perceived to be its excessive literalism, it never achieved wide popularity, and the King James Version would remain the primary translation for most American Protestant Christians until the publication of the Revised Standard Version in 1952.
Because this secret government history of the Vietnam War was Classified information, publication of the papers could have led to charges of treason, lawsuits, or even jail time for paper staff.
Because of the graphic homosexual scenes and the novel's ambivalence towards the political situation of the day, Paradiso encountered controversy and publication problems.
Because of his political activism, officials prohibited publication of any of his writing, including his dissertation ; but it eventually found its way to the artworld of nineteenth-century Russia.
The Iranian press is highly regulated, especially under the Press Law, which according to the UNHCR, “ forbids the publication of ideas that are contrary to Islamic principles or detrimental to public rights .” This includes imprisonment for “ propaganda ,” which remains undefined, and for offenses that are “ an insult to religion .” Because as many as 100 publications were shut down in the early 2000s, many sought alternative outlets for reporting and freedom of expression.
Because of his experience with the Specimens translations, Ripley was chosen to be the managing editor of the Transcendental publication The Dial at its inception, working alongside its first editor Margaret Fuller.
Because of Erasmus ' exclusive privilege, publication of the Polyglot was delayed until Pope Leo X could sanction it in 1520.

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