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Because and way
Because of their location, on the edge of the feed lot, fence-line bunks are not in the way of mechanical manure removal.
Because ending the game is optional, and a player may not realize that he can end it, it is unethical to say " good game ", or in any other way indicate that the game could be ended, until after a player actually has ended the game.
Because of the wide variety of evidence, which can include artefacts as well as sites, there is no one way to practice archaeoastronomy.
Because a black hole eventually achieves a stable state with only three parameters, there is no way to avoid losing information about the initial conditions: the gravitational and electric fields of a black hole give very little information about what went in.
Because the Factbook is in the public domain, people are free to redistribute and modify it in any way that they like, without permission of the CIA.
Because the cytochromes ( as well as other complexes ) are held within membranes in an organized way, the redox reactions are carried out in the proper sequence for maximum efficiency.
Because derivation is a slower and less productive word formation process than the more overtly syntactical morphological methods, there are fewer collectives formed this way.
Because of the nomadic way of life the main wealth of the people are their cattle that are bred for sale, milked or shorn for their wool.
Because the methods are independent, when one of several methods is in error, it is very unlikely to be in error in the same way as any of the other methods, and a difference between the measurements will be observed.
Because the existence of individuals is grounded in the divine, they are depicted as reflections, images or even shadows of the divine, but never in any way identical with the divine.
Because most congregations call themselves " Christian Churches ," the chalice has become a simple way to identify Disciples of Christ Churches through signage, letterhead, and other forms of publicity.
Because it demonstrates the fundamental limitation of the observer to predict experimental results, Richard Feynman called it " a phenomenon which is impossible ... to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics.
Because this geometrical interpretation of multiplication was limited to three dimensions, there was no direct way of interpreting the product of four or more numbers, and Euclid avoided such products, although they are implied, e. g., in the proof of book IX, proposition 20.
Because of the incompleteness of the fossil record, there is usually no way to know exactly how close a transitional fossil is to the point of divergence.
Because they see it as a way of elevating themselves from girlhood to womanhood, and thereby a way of differentiating between each other, Thomas argues that to remove FGM is to remove that opportunity to gain authority.
Because dyes get their color from the interaction of electrons in their molecules, the way the electrons can move is determined by the charge and extent of electron delocalization in other ink ingredients.
Because of the communion and other controversies, Schwenckfeld broke with Luther and followed what has been described as a " middle way ".
Because of the way they work, a file uploaded once will be spread and can then be downloaded by an unlimited number of users.
Because these basic ontological meanings both generate and are regenerated in everyday interactions, the locus of our way of being in a historical epoch is the communicative event of language in use.
Because of the limitations of the Intel 80286 processor, OS / 2 1. x could run only one DOS program at a time, and did this in a way that allowed the DOS program to have total control over the computer.
Because their units cancel, ratios of like-dimensioned physical constants do not depend on unit systems in this way, so they are pure dimensionless numbers whose values a future theory of physics could conceivably hope to predict.
Because so many paraphilias exist, one needs to classify them in an orderly and meaningful way.
Because of the great variation in coat patterns ( no two zebras are alike ), taxonomists were left with a great number of described " species ", and no easy way to tell which of these were true species, which were subspecies, and which were simply natural variants.
Because it can be difficult to prove " exclusive control ", this element has largely given way in modern cases to a less rigid formulation: that the evidence eliminates, to a sufficient degree, other responsible causes ( including the conduct of the plaintiff and third parties ).

Because and segment
The firm then attempts to maximize profits in each segment by equating MR and MC ,< ref > Because MC is the same in each market segment the profit maximizing condition becomes produce where MR < sub > 1 </ sub >
Because Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer's disease, his wife Nancy appeared on the segment in place of him.
Because copyright licensing was not available, however, the segment does not appear on the DVD release.
Because there is no protection or privilege limitation in real mode, even if a segment could be defined to be smaller than 64 KiB, it would still be entirely up to the programs to coordinate and keep within the bounds of their segments, as any program can always access any memory ( since it can arbitrarily set segment selectors to change segment addresses with absolutely no supervision ).
Because of time constraints, a segment of the film called " Neverwhere Land " was cut out ; in the film, it would have connected Captain Sternn to B-17.
Because the embedded system marketplace prefers low-power, low-cost CPU designs, VIA began targeting this segment more aggressively because the C3 fit those traits rather well.
Because of the switch to the RS-68, the Ares V was widened from to accommodate the extra propellants, while the Ares I was reconfigured to incorporate a fifth solid-rocket segment as the J-2X, as the rocket engine is known, has less thrust than the SSME.
Because the Astra-based Opel Zafira compact MPV debuted at the same time, it is sometimes said that the Zafira replaced the Sintra, but in fact Opel never had a large MPV after the Sintra, and GM eventually abandoned this segment of the worldwide market altogether.
Because stream gradient is customarily given in feet per 1000 feet, one should then measure the amount a stream segment rises and the length of the stream segment in feet, then multiply feet per foot gradient by 1000.
Because of the large, vibrating pharyngo-esophageal segment, the pitch of esophageal speech is very low -- between 50 and 100 Hz.
Because the larger Chevrolet Astro and the GMC Safari " mini-vans " were based on a body-on-frame, rear wheel drive truck platform, they appealed to a different segment of the market and did not put a significant dent in Chrysler's almost complete dominance of the minivan market in the late eighties.
Because this roadway was formerly an unsigned Interstate designation, it was commonly thought to be the only segment of freeway in Hawaii to not have an Interstate designation.
Because the location of the display was not widely publicized, it was decided that the segment would be more prominent at its new location in the Canadian War Museum.
Because all Russian and European spacecraft dock automatically there is no need to manipulate spacecraft on the Russian segment so the European arm is smaller and less powerful than Canadarm2.
Because the segment from Interstate 294 to Illinois 53 was built last, that portion of the highway is referred to as the Eisenhower Extension.
Because of its size and the fact that phone calls could only be made using a headset, it was not really in the same marketing segment as current smartphones.
Because of the health risks of prescription medication, these products are undesirable for a large segment of the population and are most frequently prescribed by professionals for male habitual sex offenders.
Because the Little Rascals segment was co-produced by King World Productions, the rights to that segment are under different ownership than the others-CBS Television Distribution owns the rights.

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