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Because and confusion
Because of this potential for confusion, a number of Conservative Rabbis have proposed renaming the movement, and outside of the United States and Canada, in many countries including Israel and the UK, it is today known as Masorti Judaism ( Hebrew for " Traditional ").
Because of the confusion between different zebra species, particularly among the general public, the quagga had become extinct before it was realized that it may have been a separate species.
Because no constellation has a Latin-letter Bayer designation greater than Q, the letter R was chosen as a starting point so as to avoid confusion with letter spectral types or the ( now rarely used ) Latin-letter Bayer designations.
Because of the potential confusion, British Standard BS 1339 ( revised 2002 ) suggests avoiding the term " absolute humidity ".
Because of some confusion between the Archie Comics artists and the Filmation animation studio, Hot Dog switched owners frequently when he started appearing more.
Because the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad ( MKT Railroad ) would be coming to serve the community, and to avoid additional confusion, Little St. Louis was renamed Louisburg in 1870.
Because of confusion with another Huron River south of Detroit, on July 17, 1824, the Michigan Territorial Legislature renamed both the township and the river after DeWitt Clinton, the popular governor of New York from 1817 to 1823 who was largely responsible for building the Erie Canal which enabled many settlers to come to Michigan.
Because this caused confusion with the nearby resort town of Lake Toxaway ( 10 miles to the west ), in 1903 the name was changed to Eastatoe.
Because the names mountain cranberry and lowbush cranberry perpetuate the longstanding confusion between the cranberry and the lingonberry, some botanists have suggested that these names should be avoided.
It should be noted that the tradition of Boaz descending from a Canaanite prostitute stems from confusion regarding the identity of the mother of Boaz, who is not mentioned in the Tanakh but is in the Genealogical record of Matthew ; Because they have the same name some people believe she is the same person mentioned in Joshua, but that is not supported by linguistic and textual evidence.
Because of confusion between XML Schema as a specific W3C specification, and the use of the same term to describe schema languages in general, some parts of the user community referred to this language as WXS, an initialism for W3C XML Schema, while others referred to it as XSD, an initialism for XML Schema Document — a document written in the XML Schema language, typically containing the " xsd " XML namespace prefix and stored with the ". xsd " filename extension.
Because the horizontal bars of a Gantt chart have a fixed height, they can misrepresent the time-phased workload ( resource requirements ) of a project, which may cause confusion especially in large projects.
Because " Lambic " describes a spontaneously fermented beer generally produced in Brussels or the nearby Pajottenland region ,, and the Samuel Adams product is not spontaneously fermented, consumers and brewers charged that " Cranberry Lambic " is mislabeled and could cause consumer confusion.
Because of this ambiguity, Nintendo of America was left with some confusion when the game was ported to the West.
Because of the confusion between coil splits and coil taps-and the rareness of coil taps in general-it is difficult to find tappable single coil pickups for sale.
Because synthetic molecular assemblers have never been constructed and because of the confusion regarding the meaning of the term, there has been much controversy as to whether " molecular assemblers " are possible or simply science fiction.
Because not all list-makers count him as having been pope ( as Stephen II ), there has been some confusion in regard to later popes who chose the name Stephen.
Because most current Ontario freeways are designed with right-hand exits ( while through traffic stays on the left ), left-hand exits to the 407 have caused a great deal of confusion with cases of drivers unintentionally driving onto 407 from eastbound 403.
* Because of incidental events, contact with other languages, or simple confusion, common names in a given region change with time.
Because there have been multiple different versions released in different configurations in different countries over the years, there has been some public confusion as to which version is which.
Because of the confusion with the term perfect, nasik is now the preferred term for any magic hypercube where all possible lines sum to S. Nasik was defined in this manner by C. Planck in 1905.
Because this shadows the terminology used to describe members of Congress, constituents and news media, using the Associated Press guidelines for journalist, often refer to legislators as state senators or state representatives to avoid confusion with their federal counterparts.
Because of their association with the ballet La Sylphide, where sylphs are identified with fairies and the medieval legends of fairyland, as well as a confusion with other " airy spirits " ( e. g., in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream ), a slender girl may be referred to as a sylph.
Because the Satellaview was only released in Japan, there has been some confusion among English-speaking enthusiasts as to what the " BS " prefix means.
Because you is both singular and plural, people speaking various English dialects have attempted to revive the distinction between a singular and plural you by using slang to avoid confusion between the two uses.

Because and legal
" The Chicago Daily Tribune called it “ One of the most spectacular crimes of the 20th century, and what is believed to be the first airplane kidnap murder on record .” Because it occurred somewhere over three Missouri counties, and involved interstate transport of a stolen airplane, it raised questions in legal circles about where, by whom, and even whether he could be prosecuted.
Because of legal issues related to holding a military rank while in a civilian office, Eisenhower had resigned his permanent commission as General of the Army before entering the office of President of the United States.
Because such a defense or claim wastes the court's and the other parties ' time, resources and legal fees, sanctions may be imposed by a court upon the party or the lawyer who presents the frivolous defense or claim.
Because silver was worth less than its legal equivalent in gold, taxpayers paid their government bills in silver, while international creditors demanded payment in gold, resulting in a depletion of the nation's gold supply.
Because interrogatories are so heavily used in American discovery, there are two major compilations of generic interrogatories covering almost every conceivable type of legal case: Bender's Forms of Discovery: Interrogatories ( published by LexisNexis ) and Pattern Discovery ( published by West ).
Because the IETF does not have members ( nor is it an organisation per se ), the Internet Society provides the financial and legal framework for the activities of the IETF and its sister bodies ( IAB, IRTF ,...).
Because of the judicial system's basis, court decisions are made in accordance with legal statutes.
Because of his poor grades, his father forced him to transfer to the far more serious and academically oriented University of Berlin, where his legal studies became less significant to him than excursions into philosophy and history.
Because of the involved legal complexity, they may prefer to under-enforce copyrights.
Because of the lengthy court process and appeals, the legal status of Parker Brothers ' trademarks on the game was not settled until the late 1970s.
Because the game models ( and exposes conceptual questions about ) a legal system and the problems of legal interpretation, it is named after (), Greek for " law ".
Because the ultimate source of law now comes from the sovereign, and the sovereign's decisions need not be grounded in morality, legal positivism is born.
* Because of their age, they have established similar institutions and facilities such as printing houses ( Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press ), botanical gardens ( University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Cambridge University Botanic Garden ), museums ( the Ashmolean and the Fitzwilliam ), legal deposit libraries ( the Bodleian and the Cambridge University Library ), and debating societies ( the Oxford Union and the Cambridge Union ).
Because of their position between the two main systems of law, these types of legal systems are sometimes referred to as " mixed " systems of law.
" Because of legal reasons Barceló was unable to use the name " Union Party " and in 1932, founded the " Liberal Party of Puerto Rico ".
Because the list of types of claims eligible for consideration was capped early during the development of the English legal system, claims that might have been acceptable to the courts ' evolving sense of justice often did not match up perfectly with any of the established forms of action.
Because the judge was not a jurist or a legal technician, he often consulted a jurist about the technical aspects of the case, but he was not bound by the jurist's reply.
Because technology can meet the legal provisions and be legally compliant ( e. g., no such product exists at time of purchase ) but may not meet the technical compliance ( doesn't meet the Access Board's technical accessibility standards ) users are often confused between these two issues.
Because payment of tax is compulsory and enforced by the legal system, some political philosophies view taxation as theft ( or as slavery, or as a violation of property rights ), or tyranny, accusing the government of levying taxes via force and coercive means.
Because lawyers could be disbarred for participating in the abuse, vexatious litigants are often unable to retain legal counsel, and such litigants therefore represent themselves in court.
Because of the German victory in the Franco-Prussian War and because Japan was used as the model for political and legal reform, the law codes which were adopted were modeled closely after that of Germany.
Because many legal terms are derived from a Latin root word, the Dictionary gives a pronunciation guide for such terms.
Because its early forms originated in England in the Middle Ages, this is particularly true in Anglo-American legal traditions and in former colonies of the British Empire, while also playing a role in some countries that have mixed systems with significant admixtures of civil law.
Because the Office of Secretary of Defense is vested with legal powers which exceeds those of any commissioned officer, and is second only to the Office of President in the military hierarchy, it has sometimes unofficially been referred to as a de facto " deputy commander-in-chief ".

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