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Page "lore" ¶ 74
from Brown Corpus
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Because and food
Because they prepare their own meals they also keep in their pockets a good portion of that $10.50 food bill along with most of the tip money.
Because agricultural activities are seasonal and the areas of production and harvest of many foods are widely scattered geographically, and because of the high cost of transporting bulk food items any substantial distance to a central processing location, the use of large central processing stations, where low-cost radiation facilities approaching the megawatt range might be utilized, is inherently impracticable.
Because of their biological significance, amino acids are important in nutrition and are commonly used in nutritional supplements, fertilizers, and food technology.
Because of the increasing costs of food imports to avoid mass-starvation in Germany, and with the danger of losing the entire nation to communism, the U. S. government abandoned the Morgenthau plan in September 1946 with Secretary of State James F. Byrnes ' speech Restatement of Policy on Germany.
Because the islands cannot produce enough goods to support the population, about 90 % of their food and consumer goods must be imported.
Because of the Islamic population, the food is predominantly halal.
Because food dyes are classed as food additives, they are manufactured to a higher standard than some industrial dyes.
Because food writing is topic centered, it is not a genre in itself, but writing that utilizes a wide range of traditional genres, including recipes, journalism, memoir, and travelogues.
Because of the " Single Market " of the EC, any food – even if irradiated – must be allowed to be marketed in any other Member State even if a general ban of food irradiation prevails, under the condition that the food has been irradiated legally in the state of origin.
Because it is easier to travel and because of the many beaches and food facilities throughout this region, the south receives the bulk of the tourist traffic.
Because of food rationing during the Second World War, people in the northeastern United States were encouraged to stretch their sugar rations by sweetening foods with maple syrup and maple sugar, and recipe books were printed to help housewives employ this alternative source.
Because the body uses gastric acid to release B < sub > 12 </ sub > from food particles, decreased vitamin B < sub > 12 </ sub > absorption may occur with long-term use of proton-pump inhibitors and may lead to Vitamin B12 deficiency.
Because of their limited number of breeding opportunities ( due to seasonal breeding cycles, limited litter sizes, and the amount of food available to bring up the offspring ) females have much more reason to be " picky ".
Because they tend to have strong flavors and are used in small quantities, spices tend to add few calories to food, even though many spices, especially those made from seeds, contain high portions of fat, protein, and carbohydrate by weight.
Because the plants and animals of the sea floor are the basis of the food chain, damage to the shoreline has consequences for the whole shallow-water ecosystem, including the multi-million-dollar Saudi fisheries industry.
Because it was illegal in many states for enslaved Africans to learn to read or write, soul food recipes and cooking techniques tended to be passed along orally, until after Emancipation.
Because of its efficiency as a working breed, most huskies are bred to be able to withstand long work days on little amounts of food.
Because they are tasked to defend their hives and food stores, bees synthesize and employ an acidic venom ( apitoxin ) to cause pain in those that they sting, whereas wasps use a chemically different venom designed to paralyze prey, so it can be stored alive in the food chambers of their young.
Because the burning sensations of wasabi are not oil-based, they are short-lived compared to the effects of chili peppers, and are washed away with more food or liquid.

Because and is
Because God is what He is, the laws of the universe, material and spiritual, are what they are.
Because of these involvements in the matter at stake, Boniface lacked the impartiality that is supposed to be an essential qualification for the position of arbiter, and in retrospect that would seem to be sufficient reason why the English embassies to the Curia proved so fruitless.
Because of the means of publication -- science-fiction magazines and cheap paperbacks -- and because dystopian science fiction is still appearing in quantity the full range and extent of this phenomenon can hardly be known, though one fact is evident: the science-fiction imagination has been immensely fertile in its extrapolations.
Because administration of the forest highway system is a responsibility of the Secretary of Commerce with maintenance provided by the States and counties, this Development Program for the National Forests does not include estimates of the funds needed to maintain the forest highway system nor to construct the additions to it that are needed.
Because the bobbin-to-cone winding process is a relatively high-cost operation for the mill, the almost complete automation provided by the Uniconer can mean important economies in textile production, at the same time upgrading quality.
Because of its importance, and because the lack of price competition is well recognized, the industry is under considerable public pressure not to raise its price any more than could be justified by cost increases.
Because community not severalty of property is the law of nature no man can assert an absolutely unalterable right to what is his.
Because of undesirable flavors, odors, colors, and generally low palatability associated with radiation treatment of this magnitude, the inactivation of enzymes is best accomplished prior to irradiation by the conventional heat-processing methods of blanching.
Because the rake angle Af at the tip of the knife is very much smaller ( or even negative ) when compared to the value of **yc for the major portion of the knife, a very rapid increase in cutting force with thickness will result.
-- Held out of Texas Tech's sweat-suits drill Monday at Lubbock was tackle Richard Stafford, who is undergoing treatment for a leg injury suffered in the Raiders' 38-7 loss to Texas A & M Because of its important game with Arkansas coming up Saturday, Baylor worked out in the rain Monday -- mud or no mud.
Because it is so large a state, with marked contrasts in population density, the organization of the New York co-operative offers a cross-section of how the plan works.
Because of this Dr. Bonnor holds that the universe is becoming more thinly populated by stars and whatever else is there.
Because all living beings possess a soul, great care and awareness is essential in one's actions.
Because anthropology developed from so many different enterprises ( see History of Anthropology ), including but not limited to fossil-hunting, exploring, documentary film-making, paleontology, primatology, antiquity dealings and curatorship, philology, etymology, genetics, regional analysis, ethnology, history, philosophy, and religious studies, it is difficult to characterize the entire field in a brief article, although attempts to write histories of the entire field have been made.
Because most embryonic development is outside the parental body, it is subject to many adaptations due to specific ecological circumstances.
Because experimentation is iterative, the
Because the range of possible values for K < sub > a </ sub > spans many orders of magnitude, a more manageable constant, pK < sub > a </ sub > is more frequently used, where pK < sub > a </ sub >

Because and selected
Because of a change in balance, actions such as sitting, squatting, lunging or walking are often selected by the teacher.
Because of Roosevelt ’ s confidence in the Navy, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard was specifically selected as the site of the negotiations and charged with the delicate responsibility for providing the diplomatic protocols for peace.
Because the picker selected the word and knows the definition, the picker does not vote.
Because of its relatively straightforward story, the play Othello was selected as a likely target.
Because of Agilbert ’ s inability to express the complicated arguments in Old English, which was for him a foreign language, Wilfrid was selected as the prime advocate for the Roman party.
Because of this personal connection Lomianki was selected as our Sister City.
Because of a well-known system of aquifers and sand mines, this area was selected for " project dribble " to be the site of nuclear tests by the US government during 1961 to 1968 to measure seismic activity.
Because the county court was unwilling to pay for land in Boonsborough, a site was selected one-mile ( 1. 6 km ) west and this would become the new county seat.
Because Malmstrom ’ s location placed most strategic targets in the Soviet Union within range of Minuteman, the base was selected to become a command and control center for ICBMs located in central Montana.
Because most people traveled either on two or four feet due to the lack of trains and automobiles, meeting places were selected mainly on the convenience of their location
Because Muhammad declined to select a method, by law, the method of lethal injection was selected for him.
Because of his known sentiments, he was selected to command in America.
Because of the historical significance of " Crazy Blues ", it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1994, and, in 2005, was selected for permanent preservation in the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress.
Because of the effectiveness of his own campaigns, Packwood was selected to organize a political action committee that recruited attractive Republican candidates for the Oregon House throughout the state, and trained them in “ Packwood-style ” campaigning methods.
Because he had no sons, Jinpyeong selected Seondeok as his heir.
Because of the great esteem in which the village holds him, Okonkwo is selected by the elders to be the guardian of Ikemefuna, a boy taken prisoner by the village as a peace settlement between two villages after Ikemefuna's father killed an Umuofian woman.
Because of its importance in Chinese culture, the Red-crowned Crane was selected by the National Forestry Bureau of the People's Republic of China as a candidate for the title of national animal of China.
Because the PSF sample includes only one culture randomly selected from each of 60 macro-culture areas around the world, correlations and other statistical results are likely to be trustworthy and functional, not due to duplications in the sample because of random diffusion or common ancestry.
Because neither candidate won 50 % of the vote, Douglas was officially selected by the legislature as required by the state constitution.
Because the data determines which rules are selected and used, this method is called data-driven, in contrast to goal-driven backward chaining inference.
Because the list of goals determines which rules are selected and used, this method is called goal-driven, in contrast to data-driven forward-chaining inference.
Because approximately two-thirds of mail / telephone nonrespondents are not selected for in-person follow-up interviews, the ACS only includes approximately 2 million final interviews per year.
Because of the Big Ten Network's exclusive contracts to cover live Ohio State sports, WBNS now only carries selected CBS Big Ten basketball broadcasts on weekends and latter portions of the conference tourney, although the programming outside of live sports remains produced by WBNS-TV.
Because of his good start to the season Tanner Pearson was selected to play in the CHL Top Prospects Game alongside fellow Colt Mark Scheifele.

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