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Because and purpose
In fact, Fitzmyer believes that the preface of Luke should only be “ the starting point in the discussion of the aim of Luke-Acts .” Because the author ’ s intended purpose for the Book of Acts is not that straightforward, scholars have put forth four main claims to address this.
Because badminton players have to cover a short distance as quickly as possible, the purpose of many advanced strokes is to deceive the opponent, so that either he is tricked into believing that a different stroke is being played, or he is forced to delay his movement until he actually sees the shuttle's direction.
Because of these problems, various standardized tests, often called " benchmarks " for this purpose — such as SPECint – have been developed to attempt to measure the real effective performance in commonly used applications.
Because its main purpose was the presentation of live music, the hall needed a design focused not only on public access and exterior aesthetics, but also acoustics.
Because of the scarcity, high radioactivity and high toxicity, there are currently no uses for protactinium outside of scientific research, and for this purpose, protactinium is mostly extracted from spent nuclear fuel.
Because the application of RS-232 has extended far beyond the original purpose of interconnecting a terminal with a modem, successor standards have been developed to address the limitations.
Because the purpose of a roof is to protect people and their possessions from climatic elements, the insulating properties of a roof are a consideration in its structure and the choice of roofing material.
Because of security issues with Telnet, its use for this purpose has waned in favor of SSH.
Because President Lyndon B. Johnson had announced he would not seek reelection, the purpose of the convention was to select a new presidential nominee to run as the Democratic Party ’ s candidate for the office.
Because it was unconvinced by the state's proffered secular purpose, the Court went on to find that the legislature had a " preeminent religious purpose in enacting this statute.
Because the user was required to hold his arm in front of the screen for long periods of time or to use a desk that tilts the monitor, the light pen fell out of use as a general purpose input device.
Because virtually all of the artwork at the missions served either a devotional or didactic purpose, there was no underlying reason for the mission residents to record their surroundings graphically ; visitors, however, found them to be objects of curiosity.
:: Example: Because the TIA's language and purpose are comprehensive, arguments based on congressional silence on the question whether the TIA applies to actions that increase moneys a state tax system collects are of no moment.
Because of this, West Virginia alleged, its continued performance under the contract had become unreasonably burdensome and that its original purpose in entering into the contract had been eliminated.
Because of speed and supposed convenience, enemas used for this purpose are commonly the more costly, sodium phosphate variety – often called a disposable enema.
Because these computers are general purpose IBM PC compatible machines, they can run many different operating systems.
Because she is superficial, she doesn't serve a purpose ', and I said: ' How wonderfully anarchic, I still want it '", Willcox remembered.
Because of the purpose of radio XER and what it promoted the station was closed in 1939 by the Mexican government.
Because of the great reduction in ongoing costs that a drainage adit can provide, they have sometimes been driven for great distances just for this purpose, one such being the Milwr tunnel in North Wales, which is about ten miles ( 16 km ) long.
Because the term Asia transcended several geographic locations, continents and cultures, it served Fard's purpose of connecting blacks in America with non-Europeans around the world.
Because of this, Sheridan set out to address what he thought John Locke had left out in his treatment of language: "( t ) he nobler branch of language, which consists of the signs of internal emotions, was untouched by him as foreign to his purpose.
Because of the defensive impracticalities of an enclosure with an external bank and an internal ditch, henges are not considered to have served a defensive purpose ( cf.
Because Super Metroid gave players awards based on how long it took them to complete the game, it has become a popular choice for speedruns, a style of play in which the player intends to complete the game as quickly as possible for the purpose of competition.

Because and these
Because of these involvements in the matter at stake, Boniface lacked the impartiality that is supposed to be an essential qualification for the position of arbiter, and in retrospect that would seem to be sufficient reason why the English embassies to the Curia proved so fruitless.
Because of these chewing troubles, a child may avoid certain foods he needs for adequate nutrition.
Because oxygen concentration in the water increases at both low temperatures and high flow rates, aquatic amphibians in these situations can rely primarily on cutaneous respiration, as in the Titicaca water frog and the hellbender salamander.
Because of these natural conditions, the Black Sea coast historically has been isolated from Anatolia.
Because they often exhibit a combination of high strength and low weight, these alloys became widely used in many forms of industry, including the construction of modern aircraft.
Because these users have different needs, the presentation of financial accounts is very structured and subject to many more rules than management accounting.
Because of these accidents, the various aviation authorities around the world have created set rules and guidance for those running and participating in air displays.
Because these methods are diverse and use data from such different sources, the problem of integrating them into a coherent argument has been a long-term issue for archaeoastronomers.
Because the P-array is 576 bits long, and the key bytes are XORed through all these 576 bits during the initialization, many implementations support key sizes up to 576 bits.
Because there are a lot of such electron pairs in a superconductor, these pairs overlap very strongly and form a highly collective condensate.
Because they are excited, these fans hit the balloon at different times and in different directions with the motions being completely random.
Because of this, is usually a more effective choice under these operating systems ; sensitivity for these two combinations can be enhanced by the CONFIG. SYS statement.
Because these two definitions can be transformed simply by into the other, some formulae have this alternatingly (- 1 )< sup > n </ sup >- term and others not depending on the context, but it is not possible to decide in favor of one of these definitions to be the correct or appropriate or natural one ( for the abstract Bernoulli numbers ).
Because far less motion was involved than in a conventional dot matrix printer, these printers were very fast compared to dot matrix printers and were competitive in speed with formed-character line printers while also being able to print dot matrix graphics.
Because the Alpine mountain chains did not yet exist in the Cretaceous, these deposits formed on the southern edge of the European continental shelf, at the margin of the Tethys Ocean.
Because the remit of the Convention covers millions of species of plants and animals, and tens of thousands of these taxa are potentially of economic value, in practice this negative list approach effectively forces CITES signatories to expend limited resources on just a select few, leaving many species to be traded with neither constraint nor review.
Because these wildlife trading fees often represent a significant source of these CITES offices ' operational budgets, the structure of CITES creates a direct conflict of interest between these offices and the resources they manage.
Because many outstanding problems in number theory, such as Goldbach's conjecture are equivalent to solving the halting problem for special programs ( which would basically search for counter-examples and halt if one is found ), knowing enough bits of Chaitin's constant would also imply knowing the answer to these problems.
Because of these issues, William Hulbert, the president of the Chicago club, spearheaded the development of the National League, whose inaugural season was 1876.
Because of these differences, corporate lawyers are often consulted in an effort to determine the most appropriate or advantageous state in which to incorporate, and a majority of public companies in the U. S. are Delaware corporations.

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