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Because and railroad
Because of their origin as mounting systems for railroad signaling relays, they are still sometimes called relay racks, but the 19-inch rack format has remained a constant while the technology that is mounted within it has changed to completely different fields.
Because of the nature of the way money was given to the companies building the railroad, they were sometimes known to sabotage each others railroads to claim that land as their own.
Because of these measures, Hill not only stayed in business, but also increased the net worth of his railroad by nearly $ 10 million.
Because no route over the Floyds Knobs was suitable for a railroad line, civil engineers decided to tunnel through them.
Because Malvern was the closest railroad station to Hot Springs, it became an important junction point for passengers transferring from rail to stagecoach to complete their journey to the spas in Hot Springs.
Because the post office was known as the Gonzales Post Office, a few years later the Railroad Commission ordered the local railroad to change the name of the community from Edenborn to Gonzales to match the post office name.
Because of the railroad tracks being so much higher than the Lost Valley land, Manville's Lost Valley will always be a number one target for flooding.
Because of the “ high bluffs ” that came right to the edge of Cape Fear river from the west, and a land mass between Navassa and Wilmington that would allow the construction of railroad tracks across Eagle ’ s Island, the railroad company decided to build a bridge across the Cape Fear at Navassa two years after the Civil War ended in 1867.
Because of its proximity to the railroad, the site was used for shearing wool, holding sheep for shipping, and storing supplies for the operations in warehouses.
Because of the railroad tracks, Kirby has been dubbed " The hobo capital of Texas " because of its large population of homeless people living under the 410 overpass.
Because the section of the railroad was called Osborne, that was the name of the small community for a brief time.
Because of this, almost all of the land in Eastland County was either ' school land ' or ' railroad land.
Because of Murray's central location and access to the railroad, the first smelter was built there in 1870 and Murray became home to some of the largest smelters in the region over the next 30 years.
Because of the importance of the railroad, the town changed hands 14 times.
Because there was no railroad linking the coal mines of eastern Turkey with Constantinople, the Russian fleet's attacks on the Turkish coal ships caused the Ottoman government much hardship.
Because of the 140-year presence of the railroad, and its earlier status as a way station on Montauk Highway, originally the only through highway on Long Island's south shore, most of the core of Babylon dates to the era from before the American Civil War to World War I.
Because the IRT subway cars used on this line are narrower than standard railroad cars, platforms on the IRT Dyre Avenue Line had to be modified to use the smaller subway cars.
Because the Virginia segments are using freight railroad tracks, these trains also are more likely to suffer unexpected delays due to congested tracks.
Because they do not contain springs, they are better suited for areas with harsh conditions and are often used at outdoor locations like railroad and public utility installations.
Because railroad infrastructure is privately owned in the US, railroads are unwilling to make the necessary investments for electrification.
Because of the proximity of Jarrell to the railroad, the residents of nearby Corn Hill moved to the town.
Because of safety and ventilation issues, this tunnel is a limiting factor on how many trains the railroad can operate over this route from Seattle to Spokane.
Because the least expensive way to build into the suburbs was to rely upon existing railroad right-of-ways, the Orange Line took much of its present form, except that it also featured a further extension along the railroad to Bowie, Maryland and along the Dulles Access Road to the Dulles Airport.

Because and experienced
Because of all of these elements and the importance of each one to the success of the course, seeking out a qualified, experienced course designer will help to insure that all of these factors are kept at the forefront.
Because the linear movement of the piston must be converted to a rotational movement of the crank, mechanical loss is experienced as a consequence.
Because of this, the psychological effects on her childhood were profound, for "… in one stroke she experienced the loss of the two most nourishing and protective people around her — the loss of her father at death and her mother to grief ".
Because of the excessive heat and inadequately experienced drivers attempting to access the desert in the past, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has decided since 2008-2009 to close the Simpson Desert during the summer — to save unprepared " adventurers " from themselves.
Because substances are only experienced through their properties a substance itself is never directly experienced.
Because of social, political, and academic changes brought on by decolonization in the second half of the 20th century, creole languages have experienced revivals in the past few decades.
Because the Mona Lisas poplar support expands and contracts with changes in humidity, the picture has experienced some warping.
Because of Mentor's relationship with Telemachus, and the disguised Athena's encouragement and practical plans for dealing personal dilemmas, the personal name Mentor has been adopted in English as a term meaning someone who imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with a less experienced colleague.
Because of its proximity to Interstate 5 and the California Aqueduct some towns within this area, including Patterson and Newman, have experienced tremendous growth and are being transformed into bedroom communities for commuters from the nearby San Francisco Bay Area, while others ( including Westley and Crows Landing ) have been almost entirely overlooked by development and remain tiny farming communities.
Because of its close proximity to the Philadelphia area, Chester County has experienced large " waves " of development due to suburbanization.
Because of Spokane's location between the Cascade Mountains to the west and Rocky Mountains to the east and north, the city is protected from weather patterns experienced in other parts of the Pacific Northwest.
Because of this behavior, the color force experienced by the quarks in the direction to hold them together, remains constant, regardless of their distance from each other, at around 10, 000 Newtons.
Because of this there is something uniquely personal contained in the photograph of Barthes ’ s mother that cannot be removed from his subjective state: the recurrent feeling of loss experienced whenever he looks at it.
Because of the dangers and frustrations that attendants experienced in their work, Pinel put great emphasis on the selection and supervision of attendants in order to establish a custodial setting dedicated to norms of constraint and liberty that would facilitate psychological work.
Because of their lower social standing, “ soldier-Decembrists ” experienced the Emperor ’ s vengeance in full.
Because of shared financial support between farmers and consumers, loss and gain is not only experienced by the farmer.
Because of the dramatic inflation experienced during this period, a popular economic theory has been that these price increases were to blame, as being suppressive of economic activity.
Because of the smoothness inherent in the Wankel rotary engine, little vibration or harshness was experienced at high rpm, so a buzzer was fitted to the tachometer to warn the driver when the 7000 rpm redline was approaching.
Because of Bentsen's status as something of an elder statesman who was more experienced in electoral politics, many believed Dukakis's selection of Bentsen as his running mate was a mistake in that Bentsen, number two on the ticket, appeared more presidential than did Dukakis.
Because of the line of sight propagation of UHF signals, experienced users consider such ratings to be wildly exaggerated, and some manufacturers have begun printing range ratings on the package based on terrain as opposed to simple power output.
Because of his firm stand for the oneness of the Body of Christ against the denominations, he experienced much suffering.
Because of his credibility and a very resourceful owner, Gibbs was able to assemble one the largest and most experienced coaching staffs in the NFL.
Because of the chronic inflation experienced in Turkey from the 1970s through to the 1990s, the old lira experienced severe depreciation in value.

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