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from Brown Corpus
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Because and summer
Because of the hot, dry conditions that exist in the California summer and fall, chaparral is one of the most fire-prone plant communities in North America.
Because the margin of victory was so close a third election in the summer of 1840 was held.
Parton's first solo single for RCA, " Just Because I'm a Woman ", was released in the summer of 1968 and was a moderate chart hit, reaching number seventeen.
Because the construction efforts on Veliki Brijun Island were jeopardized by malaria outbreaks which occurred during summer months, and even Austrian steel industrialist Paul Kupelweiser himself fell ill with the disease, at the turn of the century Kupelweiser invited in Koch, who at the time was studying different forms of malaria and quinine-based treatments.
Because the Albinus ' journey to Alexandria had to have concluded no later than the summer of 62 AD, the date of James ' death can be assigned with some certainty to around that year.
Because Nova Scotia juts out into the Atlantic, it is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes in the summer and autumn.
Because of his parents ' desire to see him attend college, he enrolled in Southeast Missouri State University but left the school after two semesters and one summer.
Because of the excessive heat and inadequately experienced drivers attempting to access the desert in the past, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has decided since 2008-2009 to close the Simpson Desert during the summer — to save unprepared " adventurers " from themselves.
Because the temperature lag is shorter in the oceanic temperate southern hemisphere most countries in this region, especially Australia and New Zealand, use the meteorological definition with summer starting on December 1 and ending on the last day of February.
Because he was unsure of his future direction, he included some chemical engineering courses in his curriculum and spent a summer touring chemical plants in Massachusetts and Maine.
Because of the need for maximum cooling of the water vapor to produce these clouds, their distribution tends to be restricted to polar regions of the Earth during the respective summer seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres.
Because of its location on shores of Azov and Black seas, Kerch became a popular summer resort among people of former USSR.
Because of this combination of high mountains and Mediterreanean air, it is not unusual that the region frequently has some of the lowest winter temperatures and some of the hottest summer temperatures in France.
Because Hamilton County is entirely within the Adirondack Park, it has a low population of year-round residents, but this population increases at least fivefold during summer months.
Because dew is related to the temperature of surfaces, in late summer it is formed most easily on surfaces which are not warmed by conducted heat from deep ground, such as grass, leaves, railings, car roofs, and bridges.
Because much of the geology is unstable, there are frequent slips and landslides, which are aggravated by both summer monsoon and winter snowstorm and frost heave conditions.
Because of the high elevation the climate is cold in winter and mild in summer, and the population is limited.
Because of the mild winter weather, and despite the extreme heat in the summer, the agricultural economy continues to boom in the area.
Because of its location along U. S. 34, at one of the principal access routes to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, Loveland receives a significant amount of pass-through tourist traffic, especially in the summer months.
Because of cramped conditions inside the courthouse and the summer heat, the delegates often sought refuge outside under a giant elm tree next to Big Indian Creek.
Because of its colorful history and location beside the Mississippi River, the city has become a popular summer tourist destination, and it is known for its many antique stores.
Because of these controversies a watchdog group was formed in the summer of 2011, calling themselves Nixa Watch.
Because of its beautifully landscaped streets and parks, and its man-made lake, Ridley Park became popular in the late 19th century and early part of the 20th century as a summer resort for wealthy Philadelphians who built most of the Victorian style homes still lived in today.
Because polio hit during the summer and primarily targeted children, many know this time in Wytheville as thesummer without children .” From the beginning of June until the end of August, parents forced children inside and large gatherings were cancelled to diminish the chance of infection from the polio epidemic raging through town.

Because and was
Because he couldn't hear them, he was more convinced they were there.
Because of the political upheaval in Germany in the 1930's, Steinberg was forced to restrict his activities to the Jewish community.
Because of the falling characteristic of the rectifier, no ballast resistor was required for stability of operation.
Because negative pressure dialysis gave better recovery of proteins, permitted detection of proteins concentrated from very dilute solutions and was a gentler procedure, it was used in all but the earliest experiments.
Because of increasing anemia, triamcinolone, 8 mg. daily, was started on Feb. 23, 1958, and was continued until July, 1958.
Because of this he was known as Gimpy ( but, as with Capone and his nickname of Scarface, never in his presence ).
Because of this diversionary attack the main group that had been pinned down on the hill was able to surge forward again.
Because Don was leaving the next day, I spent the evening with him at Asia Center.
Because, if for no other reason, Willings would never for a moment suppose he was not bigger, tougher, than anything else that went on two legs.
Because his mind had been otherwise occupied for the past couple of hours, he did not think to look and see if Jerry Burton's car was still there.
-- Held out of Texas Tech's sweat-suits drill Monday at Lubbock was tackle Richard Stafford, who is undergoing treatment for a leg injury suffered in the Raiders' 38-7 loss to Texas A & M Because of its important game with Arkansas coming up Saturday, Baylor worked out in the rain Monday -- mud or no mud.
Because he copiously shed his own tears, and yielded himself up as a living sacrifice to the impersonalized conscience of New England, he was not disturbed by the havoc he worked in other people's consciences.
Because your soul was made to be filled with God Himself, not religious functions `` about '' Him.
Because constitutional claims are of great magnitude, appellate courts might be more lenient to review the claim even if it was not preserved.
Because the series was at stake, the match was to be " timeless ", i. e., played to a finish.
Because of her beauty, other gods feared that jealousy would interrupt the peace among them and lead to war, and so Zeus married her to Hephaestus, who was not viewed as a threat.
Because virtually all extant written material on Arianism was written by its opponents, the nature of Arian teachings is difficult to define precisely today.
Because of this, Octavius was raised by his grandmother ( and Julius Caesar's sister ), Julia Caesaris.
Because in early Anglo-Latin writing, paterfamilias (" head of a family, householder ") usually referred to a ceorl, Donald A. Bullough suggests that Alcuin's family was of cierlisc status: i. e., free but subordinate to a noble lord, and that Alcuin and other members of his family rose to prominence through beneficial connections with the aristocracy.
Because of his bellicose nature Albert received the cognomen Alcibiades after his death ; during his lifetime Albert was known as Bellator ( the Warlike ).
Because Albert was a member of the Brandenburg-Ansbach branch of the House of Hohenzollern, it had been hoped that his election as Grand Master would reverse the decline of the Teutonic Knights since 1410 ; Duke Frederick of Saxony of the House of Wettin had been elected for the same reason.

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