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Before and departure
Before his departure, a group of his friends, the Reverend Stidger among them, had given him a luncheon, and Stidger had seen advance sheets of Elmer Gantry.
Before his departure from the city of Split, he had made over to the Templars the Castle of Klis, a strategic point in the hinterland of Split which controlled the approaches to the town.
Before his departure for Rome, his friends had applied to the Venetian senate for a pension, to enable him to pursue his studies without embarrassment.
Before their departure, the ship of the commander Belisarius was anchored in front of the Imperial palace, and the Patriarch offered prayers for the success of the enterprise.
Before the departure of British colonial rule and the subsequent independence of Pakistan, the population of the city included Hindus and Sikhs, but the community is still present numbering around 250, 000 residents.
Before his departure, various honours were conferred on him, including the freedom of the city of Geneva.
Agnes Mongan has written of the portrait drawings: Before his departure in the fall of 1806 from Paris for Rome, the familiar characteristics of his drawing style were well established, the delicate yet firm contour, the definite yet discreet distortions of form, the almost uncanny capacity to seize a likeness in the precise yet lively delineation of features. The preferred materials were also already established: the sharply pointed graphite pencil on a smooth white paper.
Before his departure, Kilmer had contracted with publishers to write a book about the war, deciding upon the title Here and There with the Fighting Sixty-Ninth.
Before his departure for Rome in December 1857, Bizet's prize cantata was performed at the Académie to an enthusiastic reception.
Before the Governor's departure, he and the colonists had agreed that a message would be carved into a tree if they had moved and would include an image of a Maltese Cross if the decision was made by force.
Before their departure, Evelyn meets Rafe and reveals that she is pregnant with Danny's child, although she doesn't want Danny to know so he can focus on the upcoming mission.
Before his departure, he asked the widowed Queen Olga to become regent until Constantine's return.
Before departure the engineer informed the pilot of the problem and confirmed that the tanks would have to be verified with a floatstick.
Before signalling the departure, a whistle is blown by the Guard at least couple minutes before, as a warning to the passengers to quickly board the train.
Before his departure for Thonburi, the King conferred honours and distinction on those who had contributed to success of his campaign.
Before his departure, Park gave to Isaaco, a Mandingo guide who had been with him thus far, letters to take back to Gambia for transmission to Britain.
Before their departure from the rendezvous in the forest, many had seen rows of bodies already hanging from the branches of nearby trees.
Before his departure, Guan Yu made a military pledge that he would not spare Cao Cao's life on account of his past relationship with the warlord.
Before her departure, Isidoro gave her a small statue to protect her.
Before Andros ' departure for England, the dominion was effectively dissolved, with colonial governments replaced by that of the dominion returning to power.
Before her departure she was affiliated with The Hurricane and Rosey and nicknamed " Super Stacy.
" Before he had settled into his new printing office on Gay Street, Brownlow had become embroiled in a war of words with Knoxville Register editor John Miller McKee that lasted until McKee's departure in 1855.
" Before departure Pierre is described as going back and forth in deciding whether he is going on the fishing trip or not.
Before departure, two mechanical keys of ten bits each were inserted into the shown reader.
Before her departure, she had already begun to show signs of dark side tendencies that rose from the loss of Anakin.

Before and sage
Before this, Huang ( 皇 ) and Di ( 帝 ) were given as titles of a number of rulers from the era known as the " sage kings " period, supposedly predating written history, but probably coinciding with or following the invention and early stages of evolution for the Chinese writing system.

Before and Rabbi
The spokesperson for Agudath Israel of America, Rabbi Avi Shafran, attacked the film with an article " Dissembling Before G-d ", maintaining that gay people can be cured through therapy, and that the movie is meant to promote homosexuality:
Before the formation of UTJ and the establishment of Degel HaTorah, the two factions were united under one united Agudat Yisrael party, but the late mentor and supreme guide of the non-Hasidic group, Rabbi Elazar Shach ( 1898-2001 ) broke away from the Hasidic wing when it was clear that the party was not living up to its mandate to represent all Torah Jewry.
Before the ceremony can be completed by Rabbi Tuckman ( Mel Brooks ), they are interrupted by King Richard ( Patrick Stewart ), who has returned from the Crusades.
Before his appointment as co-Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Amar had served as the head of the Petah Tikva Rabbinical Court.
Before the emergence of Neopaganism similar pseudonyms appear to have been used by writers of grimoires such as The Book of Abramelin, attributed to the Rabbi Yaakov Moelin.
* Before the Dawn: the Mysterious Conversion of Rome's Chief Rabbi

Before and ben
Before Maimonides concluded this, Sunni Muslims officially prohibited mutah ( i. e. temporary marriage ) relationships ; some commentators ' suggest that Maimonides changed his view in response to this development, similar to Gershom ben Judah's ban on polygamy being made after Christians had prohibited it.
Before the expulsion of the Jews Corbeil had a flourishing Jewish community, which numbered thirteenth-century scholars Isaac ben Joseph of Corbeil and Perez ben Elijah.
Before Maimonides concluded this, Sunni Muslims officially prohibited mutah ( i. e. temporary marriage ) relationships ; some commentators ' suggest that Maimonides changed his view in response to this development, similar to Gershom ben Judah's ban on polygamy being made after Christians had prohibited it.

Before and obtained
Before beginning the construction, the vertex figure ABCD is obtained by cutting each connected edge at ( in this case ) its midpoint.
Before the nineteenth century, chemists generally believed that compounds obtained from living organisms were too complex to be synthesized.
Before women obtained the right to vote in 1920, Lillian Daley was an active Suffragette, participating in marches.
Before the building obtained a pub licence in 1868, it was a private residence.
Before the Stockton Volunteer Fire Company obtained an ambulance in the early 1990s, Cassadaga would cover all EMS calls.
Before and after the advent of the pioneers, this land was used by the Ute Indians as a camping ground, as water and grass could be obtained on either side of it and enemies could not approach without being seen long before coming to the high ground.
Before 1772, when he obtained a travelling studentship given by the Royal Academy and proceeded to Rome, he had already exhibited several fine works.
Before his execution, in a spirit of reconciliation, the older Childers obtained a promise from his son to seek out and shake the hand of every man who had signed the death warrant.
Before the current situation, that is, before the implementation of Bologna Process in 2010, a degree in Civil Engineering in Spain could be obtained after three to six years of study and was divided into two main degrees.
Before his death, genetic samples are secretly obtained by Ixian ambassador-in-exile Cammar Pilru that both prove Tyros ' parentage and allow for the possibility of an heir for Tyros ' other half-brother, Rhombur Vernius of Ix.
Before the fire, they had successfully obtained goaltender Hap Holmes from Seattle of the PCHA and it seemed that they might turn around their misfortunes.
Before accepting the dignity of Patriarch, Tarasios had demanded and obtained the promise that the veneration of icons would be restored in the church.
Before she became an MEP, Jackson was a Research Fellow at St. Hugh's College Oxford, where she obtained a doctorate in 19th century political history.
Before that, she had also obtained the titles of Woman Grandmaster and International Master.
Before starting any climb an accurate weather forecast should be obtained and climbers should have the appropriate level of skill, warm clothing and equipment.
Before signing a recording contract, Ward obtained a degree in psychology from Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi, and had become a schoolteacher.
Before the permit can be approved and an Anzeigebestätigung issued, the authorities must see an agreement or contract ( signed by the employer and the au pair ) and proof that health and accident insurance cover has been obtained by the au pair.
" Before Weldon's public confirmation, an unnamed federal law enforcement official mentioned in press accounts said that Weldon had not yet been told about the inquiry because it was only over the last few months that the FBI had obtained evidence suggesting the congressman may have broken the law.
Before the book's publication, the Reagan administration claimed that unclassified source documents were released to Bamford in error, and threatened him with prosecution if he did not return 250 pages of documents he had obtained through Freedom of Information Act ( FOIA ) requests.
Before a case can be decided by the Supreme Court, leave to appeal must be obtained, and with few exceptions, leave to appeal can be granted only when the case is of interest as a precedent.
Before the case proceeded very far, Sneddon changed his strategy and obtained an indictment before a county grand jury.
Before starting a professional career as a journalist for the leading newspaper in Luxembourg, the Luxemburger Wort, she obtained a doctorate in human sciences at the Sorbonne.
Before Centre obtained the property, the structure functioned as a funeral home and as a shoe store.
Before entering politics, Fairbrother was a lawyer for twenty-three years, having obtained an LLB from Victoria University of Wellington.

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