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Before and days
Before he could pass the river with safety, however, it was necessary to subdue certain fortresses, one of which was for several days vigorously defended by the governor, Yussuf el-Harezmi, a Khwarezmian.
Before the Second World War, air shows were associated with long distance air races, often lasting many days and covering thousands of miles.
Before the days of blinking electrically lighted road barriers, highway construction zones were marked at night by kerosene fired, pot-bellied torches.
Before leaving Prestige, however, Davis had to fulfill his obligations during two days of recording sessions in 1956.
Before the days of cultured pearls, black pearls were rare and highly valued for the simple reason that white pearl oysters rarely produced naturally black pearls, and black pearl oysters rarely produced any natural pearls at all.
Before he crossed the Euphrates, Saladin besieged Aleppo for three days, signaling that the truce was over.
Before filming began, several of the film's stars, including Edward Burns, Barry Pepper, Vin Diesel, Adam Goldberg, Giovanni Ribisi, and Tom Hanks, endured ten days of " boot camp " training and work on the film set to prepare for their roles.
Before the forty days of Great Lent commence, there is a three-week Pre-Lenten season, to prepare the faithful for the spiritual work they are to accomplish during the Great Fast.
Before modern factory butter making, cream was usually collected from several milkings and was therefore several days old and somewhat fermented by the time it was made into butter.
Tết in the three Vietnamese regions can be divided into three periods, known as Tất Niên ( Before New Year's Eve ), Giao Thừa ( New Year's Eve ), and Tân Niên ( the New Year ), representing the preparation before Tết, the eve of Tết, and the days of and following Tết, respectively.
In the 1960 edition, the article on the ark stated that " Before the days of ' higher criticism ' and the rise of the modern scientific views as to the origin of the species, there was much discussion among the learned, and many ingenious and curious theories were advanced, as to the number of animals on the ark ".
Before the ceremony, they are required to herd cattle for seven days in order to prove they are worthy of being called a warrior.
Before those days Sun Records had mainly been noted for recording African-American artists, as Phillips loved Rhythm and Blues and wanted to get black music recorded for a white audience.
Before the days of the railroad, a tavern was located where the former station would later be built.
Before tanning, the skins are unhaired, degreased, desalted and soaked in water over a period of 6 hours to 2 days.
Before learning of the Dream Couch being the cause, this was known on Earth as the " 130-day fever ", a period of planet-wide temporary insanity occurring roughly every one hundred and thirty days.
Before marching to Tadcaster and then to Marston Moor, the Parliamentarians spent two days in Wetherby while joining forces with the Scots.
Before he was to be executed, Wolfe Tone attempted suicide and subsequently died from his wounds eight days after the attempt, thus avoiding being hanged as a convicted traitor to the Irish Crown for his involvement in the 1798 Irish Rebellion.
Before 1926, the four rounds were played in two days.
Before making a Remedial Order, the Government must lay a proposal before Parliament for 60 days, during which time it will be considered and reported upon by the Joint Committee of both Houses on Human Rights.
Before the days of solid-state ( electronics ), inexperienced young men were sequentially directed through a series of supply compartments to request a Fallopian tube for a malfunctioning radio, RADAR, or SONAR set.
Before his days as a saloon proprietor, Mickey Finn was known as a pickpocket and thief who often preyed on drunken bar patrons.
Before the days of motorized vehicles, the word referred to the front or after compartment of a Continental stagecoach.
" (" Before eight days have passed, you'll make more of them than you would like to "), where " them " ( vers ) can be understood as either " verses " or " worms ".
Financial settlement periods used to be much longer: Before the early 1990s at the London Stock Exchange, for example, stock could be paid for up to 10 working days after it was bought, allowing traders to buy ( or sell ) shares at the beginning of a settlement period only to sell ( or buy ) them before the end of the period hoping for a rise in price.

Before and singer-songwriter
Before her involvement in The Matrix, Lauren Christy had moderate success as a singer-songwriter, releasing two albums under Mercury Records in the mid-1990s, entitled Lauren Christy and Breed.
Before the original three came together as Girlyman, Nate was an award-winning singer-songwriter, and Doris and Ty ( best friends since second grade in Princeton Junction, NJ ) were the award-winning duo The Garden Verge.
Later albums, such as Madam Butterfly and Supercharged, strayed from the disco format and were less successful on the Pop chart ( although they continued to have Top 10 R & B hits such as " Never Had a Love Like This Before " and the popular socio-political " Bad Times " written by British singer-songwriter Gerard McMahon ).
Before working full-time as a singer-songwriter, she worked in the library of the Goethe-Institut ( the German cultural centre ) in Hong Kong.
During this period, the group got notice by the mainstream after opening for blue-eyed soul singer-songwriter Laura Nyro and British rock group The Who during their tours, leading up to the 1973 release of Pressure Cookin ', which featured more songwriting from Hendryx and a more unified group effort in which Dash sung co-lead on including the group's memorable ballad, " Can I Speak to You Before You Go to Hollywood?

Before and had
Before Harmony had a chance to reply, Rod cracked his long whip over his thin oxen's backs.
Before the Draft Act was passed Baker had confidentially briefed governors, sheriffs, and prospective draft board members on the administration of the measure -- and the confidence was kept so well that only one newspaper learned what was going on.
Before his departure, a group of his friends, the Reverend Stidger among them, had given him a luncheon, and Stidger had seen advance sheets of Elmer Gantry.
Before the fight was over, the Harlem boy had a concussion and Trig was cut up badly.
Before Payne loomed the Old Clubhouse, Seward's home, where Key had once been killed.
Before he went into battle Andrei had told Alex, `` I only want to be a Pole.
Before the Juniors entered the ring the Steward announced that after all Juniors had moved their dogs around the ring and set them up, they could relax with their dogs.
Before daylight Sunday morning, a posse of twenty-three men under the leadership of Deputy Sheriff Frank MacPherson of Catskill followed the trail to the house of Francisco Chaves, where 100 to 150 Mexicans had gathered.
Before coming on a visit to Spelman in 1885, Miss Mary had been a successful teacher in Worcester, and her position there was held open for her for a considerable period.
Before he was forty Griffith had created the art of the film.
Before he testified for 20 minutes, Stein, who lives at 3300 Lake Shore Dr., admitted to reporters that he had a wide acquaintance with crime syndicate hoodlums.
`` Before then, my sales during much of the year had lagged behind 1960 by 20% '', he says.
Before he could return to Burma, Field Marshal Slim had to rally the defeated remnants of a discouraged army and unite them with fresh recruits.
Before 1800 astronomers had isolated observational errors resulting
Before his departure from the city of Split, he had made over to the Templars the Castle of Klis, a strategic point in the hinterland of Split which controlled the approaches to the town.
Before leaving, he had stacked all his cultures of staphylococci on a bench in a corner of his laboratory.
Before that, several scientists had published or pointed out that mould or penicillium sp.
Before his death on August 11, 1919, Carnegie had donated $ 350, 695, 654 for various causes.
Before his departure for Rome, his friends had applied to the Venetian senate for a pension, to enable him to pursue his studies without embarrassment.
Before Caesar's time they had attached themselves to the Romans, and were honoured with the title of brothers and kinsmen of the Roman people.
Before his death in Herat, on June 9, 1863, Dost Mohammad Khan had nominated as his successor Sher Ali Khan, his third son, passing over the two elder brothers, Afzal Khan and Azam Khan.
Before this, cities and counties of sufficiently large populations such as most of Metro Atlanta already had Sunday alcohol sales at bars and restaurants, with local ordinances to abide by, such as having a certain amount of food sales in order to be opened and serve alcohol.
Before this action, though, he had for the most part opted to continue the Whig policy of limited expansion, preferring to maintain the then-current borders as opposed to promoting expansion.
Before the 1704 campaign ended, the Allies had taken Landau, and the towns of Trier and Trarbach on the Moselle in preparation for the following year's campaign into France itself.

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