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Before and march
Before reaching Italy, Titus learnt that Galba had been murdered and replaced by Otho, governor of Lusitania, and that Vitellius and his armies in Germania were preparing to march on the capital, intent on overthrowing Otho.
Before he can get away, Schumacher catches him and begins to march him off the property when Robert demands to know what is going on.
Before they could disembark, weather conditions deteriorated and they were forced to march around the coast to reach brigade headquarters at Zoutelande.
In march 2002 Celesty recorded and released their second demo Times Before the Ice at Fantom Studios.
Before Charles could regroup, orders arrived from the Aulic Council, the imperial body in Vienna charged with conduct of war, to countermand his plan ; Charles ' troops were to leave Zurich in the supposedly capable hands of Korsokov, re-cross the Rhine and march north to Mainz.
Before it became the Legion's official march, Le Madelon and Tercios Heroicos ( Heroic Tercios ) by Francisco Calles and Antonio Soler were its official march past tunes.
Before the planned crusade commenced, Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror () decided to march against Hungary and Albania.
Before Errol Flynn ( who grew up in Australia and New Guinea ) became an actor in 1933, he hiked this trail and commented that it was a rigorous march through leech-infested jungle, in constant fear of ambush, and lying awake at night wondering " whether that crawly sound you heard a few feet away might be a snake, a cassowary or maybe only a wild board razorback ...
Before playing the funeral march, Marsalis spoke to the congregation.
Before the march ended, many of the soldiers were sick and wounded, while others were forced to dismount from their horses and to walk through the mud in order for the horses to be eaten.

Before and sent
Before making the news public Sherman sent an officer with the note to Thomas.
Before the Trojan War, Poseidon sent a sea monster to attack Troy.
Before she sent Jacob to his father, she dressed him in Esau's garments and laid goatskins on his arms and neck to simulate hairy skin.
Before the war Nazi German state sent undercover operatives to spy on Polish organisations and created lists of people that were to be executed and sent to concentration camps.
Before 1700, London brewers sent out their beer very young and any aging was either performed by the publican or a dealer.
Before Garissa is destroyed by illegal antimatter bombs called planet busters, sent from Omuta, several Garissan ships are sent to attack Omuta with a superweapon called the Alchemist.
Before the introduction of postage stamps, mail in the UK was paid for by the recipient, a system that was associated with an irresolvable problem: the costs of delivering mail were not recoverable by the postal service when recipients were unable or unwilling to pay for delivered items, and senders had no incentive to restrict the number, size, or weight of items sent, whether or not they would ultimately be paid for.
Before 1839 the number of letters sent was 76 million.
* Before the Chiefs ' first touchdown, he sent in the play " 65 toss power trap.
Before blogging became popular, digital communities took many forms, including Usenet, commercial online services such as GEnie, BiX and the early CompuServe, e-mail listsThe term " e-log " has been used to describe journal entries sent out via e-mail since as early as March 1996.
Before settlers arrived, the federal government also sent teams of negotiators to meet with the Native peoples of the region.
Before Persephone was released to Hermes, who had been sent to retrieve her, Hades tricked her into eating pomegranate seeds, ( six or four according to the telling ) which forced her to return to the underworld for some months each year.
Before they were sent to reservations, they migrated often chasing herds, so they had to design their tipis so that they could be transported easily.
Before the group began the operation, Israeli agent Avri Elad ( Avraham Zeidenberg ) was sent to oversee the operations.
Before his death, Leo IX had sent a legatine mission under Cardinal Humbert of Silva Candida to Constantinople to negotiate with Patriarch Michael I Cerularius in response to his actions concerning the church in Southern Italy.
Before Richard is sent to his death, he " un-kings " himself by giving away his crown, sceptre, and the balm that is used to anoint a king to the throne.
Before then, the area traditionally voted Democratic and sent Democrats to the House of Representatives and the state legislature until 1994 when the incumbent Earl Hutto declined to run for reelection.
Before the trade deadline, the Spurs decided to part ways with Richard Jefferson and sent him to the Golden State Warriors for Stephen Jackson, who had been a member of the 2003 championship team.
Before he was killed, though, Phrixus and Helle were rescued by a golden ram sent by Nephele, their natural mother.
Before they were killed, though, Phrixus and Helle were rescued by a flying, or swimming, ram with golden wool sent by Nephele, their natural mother ; their starting point is variously recorded as Halos in Thessaly and Orchomenus in Boeotia.
Before he was killed, though, Phrixus and Helle were rescued by a flying golden ram sent by Nephele, their natural mother.
Before he was killed though, Phrixus and Helle were rescued by a flying golden ram sent by Nephele, their natural mother.
Before he was killed though, Phrixus and Helle were rescued by a flying golden ram sent by Nephele, their natural mother.

Before and Umar
Before he was assassinated, Umar decided that his successor would come from a group of six.
Before the Caliphate of Umar bin Abdul Aziz, the record of Hadiths was confined to the memory of the people.
Before Umar could issue orders of reappointment, Khalid, residing in Emesa, died.

Before and Caliph
Before Shaggy can escape, the Caliph decides to start the ceremony right away.

Before and Abu
Before arriving at Al-Farouq, the four reportedly pledged themselves to jihad in Spring 2000, in a ceremony presided over by Wail, who had dubbed himself Abu Mossaeb al-Janubi after one of Muhammad's companions.
Before returning to Syria, where he is now buried next to Ibn Arabi at Jabal Qasioun Shami initiated, trained and deputized the son of the local emir, Abu Ahmad Abdal.
Before June 2000 Abu Dhabi's original logo was launched in 1969.
Before the ensuing battle is over, though, Abu ( the leader of the terrorist agency ) manages to stab him in the abdomen.
Before his death, Abu Sa ' id impregnated Delsad.
" Before anybody could speak, Abu Lahab said: " Woe be on you the rest of the day!
Before the apostates could do anything, Abu Bakr launched his army against their outposts and drove them back to Dhu Hussa.
Before the various corps left Zhu Qissa, however, envoys were sent by Abu Bakr to all apostate tribes in a final attempt to induce them to submit.
Before launching Khalid against Tulayha, Abu Bakr sought ways and means of reducing the latter's strength, so that the battle could be fought with the maximum prospects of victory.
Before it would have been completely destroyed, Abu Ubaidah, having received new intelligence, sent Khalid to rescue the Muslim army.
Before marching towards Antioch, Khalid and Abu Ubaidah decided to isolate the city from Anatolia.

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