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Before and 1987
Before his death in 1987, Kaye demonstrated his ability to conduct an orchestra during a comical, but technically sound, series of concerts organized for UNICEF fundraising.
Before Seinfeld, he starred in a short-lived CBS sitcom called Everything's Relative in 1987 which lasted six episodes.
Before his methods were commercialised in 1987 his laboratory was the only centre carrying out DNA fingerprinting in the world, and during this period of about two or three years it was very busy, receiving inquiries from all over the globe.
Before 1987, a limited edition Henry Moore sculpture accompanied the monetary prize.
Before 1987, the show's theme song was the Hank Snow hit " Hello Love ".
Before it burned down in 1987, the Worumbo Mill was the main mill in Lisbon Falls.
Before the album was released, Jane's Addiction supported British band Love and Rockets on a two-month tour in late 1987 .. Also in late 1987, the band opened for former Bauhaus vocalist Peter Murphy at the now demolished Fender's Ballroom in Long Beach.
Before then, the last Secretary of State for a major department drawn from the Lords was Lord Young of Graffham, serving between 1985 and 1989 as Secretary of State for Employment until 1987 and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry until 1989.
Before founding the MRC in 1987, Bozell ran the National Conservative Foundation project at the Conservative Political Action Conference, in which he moderated debates between Sam Donaldson and Bob Novak over media bias.
At this time Dre was working on side projects for local entrepreneur Eric ‘ Eazy-E ’ Wright with his homies from CIA in the Kru-Cut studio and Ice Cube was enlisted to ghostwrite for the World Class single ‘ House Calls / Cabbage Patch ’ single in 1987 and shortly after, featuring Michel ’ le, ( Dre ’ s girlfriend ) came out the slow jam hit ‘ Before You Turn off the Lights ’ that was a huge hit across the country on the pop charts in early 1988.
Before the release of the Pixies ' debut mini-album Come On Pilgrim in October 1987, Ivo Watts-Russell, head of 4AD, suggested they return to the studio to record a full length album.
Before leaving the series to work on his new television series, Crime Story, Michael Mann handed the role of executive producer to Dick Wolf prior to the third season ( 1986 1987 ).
* Elizabeth Kwan Living in South Australia: A Social History Volume 1: From Before 1836 to 1914 ( 1987 )
* Death Before Dishonor, a 1987 American action movie
Before 1987, one-dimensional photonic crystals in the form of periodic multi-layers dielectric stacks ( such as the Bragg mirror ) were studied extensively.
Before the section between the M11 and A13 opened in 1987, the A406 designation extended as far as east as Gants Hill.
Before they reached 1957, 1971, the semi-finals, as well as 1958, 1974, 1981, 1982, 1987 the quarterfinals of the European Cup.
Before entering, in 1987, ERC, he was an active member of the Socialist National Liberation Party ( PSAN ) between 1970 and 1977 and of the Left Nationalists ( NE ) between 1980 and 1986.
Before Obasanjo's administration Nigeria's GDP growth had been painfully slow since 1987, and only managed 3 % between 1999 / 2000.
Before 1987, Woods contends, the party had a strong, unambiguous national identity.
A first-season episode of 1987 of that series was named " Where No One Has Gone Before ", the plot of which bears no connection to that of " Where No Man Has Gone Before ".
Before he took upon this unpaid position that will be filled by a new appointment in 2011, he was a Conservative Party politician in the United Kingdom and was Member of Parliament for Fylde between 1987 and 2010, serving at various junior ministerial posts during the John Major administration.

Before and
Shiloh in Hell Before Midnight.
* Before the people and the Sanhedrin ( 22 23 )
* Before Felix Festus Agrippa II ( 24 26 )
* Before his death Joshua delivered a farewell address to the Israelites ( 23 24 ), just as Moses had delivered his farewell address ( Deut.
Before then it was the capital of Elbląg Voivodeship ( 1975 1998 ) and a county seat in Gdańsk Voivodeship ( 1945 1975 ).
Before the apparition of the first gospel, the gospel of Mark which was probably written around the years 65 70, Paul the Apostle used the term gospel when he reminded the people of the church at Corinth " of the gospel I preached to you " ( 1 Corinthians 15. 1 ).
* Short-lived nature of gene therapy Before gene therapy can become a permanent cure for any condition, the therapeutic DNA introduced into target cells must remain functional and the cells containing the therapeutic DNA must be long-lived and stable.
Before 1850 Germany lagged far behind the leaders in industrial development Britain, France, and Belgium.
* Khaled El-Rouayheb, Before Homosexuality in the Arab Islamic World, 1500 1800 Chicago, 2009.
* 1997 Before fleeing his northern stronghold, Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot orders the killing of his defense chief Son Sen and 11 of Sen's family members.
Before his production, it had a short run ( 11 23 April ) at the University Theatre, Manchester.
Before the Lebanese Civil War ( 1975 1990 ), the country experienced a period of relative calm and prosperity, driven by tourism, agriculture, and banking.
Its landscape was shaped by the glaciers of the last Ice Age, which retreated about 25, 000 22, 000 years BP ( Before Present ).
Before going into film-making, Anderson was a prominent film critic writing for the influential Sequence magazine ( 1947 52 ), which he co-founded with Gavin Lambert and Karel Reisz ; later writing for the British Film Institute's journal Sight and Sound and the left-wing political weekly the New Statesman.
Before Macbeth ’ s opponents arrive, he receives news that Lady Macbeth has killed herself, causing him to sink into a deep and pessimistic despair and deliver his " Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow " soliloquy ( 5. 5. 17 28 ).
Before he could reach his destination though, David drowned at sea sometime between 1169 1170.
Before his presidency, he was the eighth Vice President ( 1833 1837 ) and the tenth Secretary of State, under Andrew Jackson ( 1829 1831 ).
Before, Anguilla ( 1631 1650 ), the present-day British Virgin Islands ( 1612 1672 ), St. Croix and Tobago had also been Dutch.

Before and 88
Before being knocked out of the game, Unitas completed 3 out of 9 passes for 88 yards and a touchdown, with 2 interceptions.
Before the merger with Alkemade, the municipality covered an area of 41. 37 km² ( 25. 71 mile² ) of which 4. 88 km² ( 3. 03 mile² ) is water, mainly the lakes Braassemermeer and Wijde Aa.
Before I 88 New York State Route 10 was a north-south highway into the village of Richmondville.
Before becoming Chief Constable of Northumbria, he served as Assistant Chief Constable of the Hampshire Constabulary ( 1986 88 ) and Deputy Chief Constable of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary ( 1988 91 ).
Before joining the Cabinet, he served as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Armed Forces ( 1986 88 ), Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health ( 1988 90 ), and Minister for Public Transport ( 1990 1995 ) ranking as Minister of State.
Before the date of the SCORE launch, 53 of the 88 people had been told the project had been canceled and they were not to mention to anyone that it had ever existed.
*' Les Patterson presents his broad-based package ', from Tears Before Bedtime ( Australian tour, 1985 86 ) and Back with a Vengeance ( UK tour, 1987 88 )
Before insemination, female would deposit unfertilized eggs that are narrower and longer than normal fertilized eggs, ranging from 88 µm to 94 µm in length, and 44 µm diameter.
Before the end of the century Pontypool won the Championship another five times in 1972 / 73, 1974 / 75, 1983 / 84, 1984 / 85 and in 1987 / 88 with a win percentage of 97. 2 %.

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