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Before and Act
Before the Draft Act was passed Baker had confidentially briefed governors, sheriffs, and prospective draft board members on the administration of the measure -- and the confidence was kept so well that only one newspaper learned what was going on.
Before the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act was passed in the wake of the September 11 attacks, the FBI director would directly brief the President of the United States on any issues that arise from within the FBI.
Before the Dodd-Frank Act made registration mandatory for hedge fund advisers with more than US $ 150 million in assets under management, hedge funds were primarily regulated through their managers or advisers, under the anti-fraud provisions of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.
Before Corea completed a draft of the Nicaragua proposal, Congress was considering the Spooner Act, to authorize the Panama Canal.
Before the Telecommunications Act of 1993, the parastatal, could dictate its own terms, but after 1993, Telia was told to negotiate with companies seeking interconnection.
Before the All-Channel Receiver Act of 1962 required US television receivers to be able to tune the entire VHF and UHF range ( which in North America was NTSC-M channels 2 through 83 on 54 to 890 MHz ), a set-top box known as a UHF converter would be installed at the receiver to shift a portion of the UHF-TV spectrum onto low-VHF channels for viewing.
Before the members of both houses returned home on 30 March, they were required to swear an oath accepting the Act of Succession, and all the King's subjects were now required to swear to the legitimacy of the marriage and, by implication, to acceptance of the King's new powers and the break from Rome.
Before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ( NRC ) was created, nuclear regulation was the responsibility of the AEC, which Congress first established in the Atomic Energy Act of 1946.
Before the 1871 Indian Appropriations Act
Before the Act was implemented he theorized that after a multitude of bankruptcies and mergers there would only be two or three major carriers and a very small number of medium and local service airlines.
Before the Communications Act of 1934 was enacted as law by the U. S. Congress, there was a debate over commercial versus non-commercial broadcasting: Senators Robert Wagner of New York and Henry Hatfield of West Virginia offered an amendment to the then proposed Communications Act.
Before the signing ceremony of the Sarbanes – Oxley Act, President George W. Bush met with Senator Paul Sarbanes, U. S. Secretary of Labor | Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao and other dignitaries in the Blue Room ( White House ) | Blue Room at the White House on July 30, 2002
Before the passing of the Homosexual Law Reform Act in 1986, the Salvation Army was active throughout the country gathering signatures for a petition seeking to prevent the bill's passing.
Before the unification of the Supreme Court under the Judicature Act 1873, solicitors practised in the Chancery Courts, attorneys practised in the Common law courts and proctors practised in the Ecclesiastical courts.
Before 1754, when Lord Hardwicke's Act came into force, it was possible for eloping couples to be married clandestinely by an ordained clergyman ( a favourite location was the Fleet Prison, a debtors ' prison in London, in which clergymen willing to celebrate irregular marriages might be found ).
Before he became leader of the Conservative Party, Disraeli had announced that, as a result of the Reform Act of 1867 which had enfranchised the male working class, the party needed to pursue social reforms if it was to have electoral success.
Before it was abolished in 1975 by the Local Government ( Scotland ) Act 1973, the county contained six burghs.
Before troops could be raised, the Militia Act of 1792 required a justice of the United States Supreme Court to certify that law enforcement was beyond the control of local authorities.
Before opening night, the third and fourth yeomen's couplets in the Act I finale – in which they remind " Leonard " of his brave deeds – were cut, though they remained in the vocal score until around the 1920s.
Before the Act, the scheme had been known as the Calder Navigation or Upper Calder Navigation, and this was the first use of the Calder and Hebble title.
Before the passing of an Enclosure Act 1817, the freemen of York, who were occupiers of houses within a division or ward of the city, called Monk Ward, were, together with certain other persons, entitled to common of pasture and right of stray or average, and had immemorially used and enjoyed the same, in and over a parcel of ground called Heworth Moor, of which G. A. Thweng, lord of the manor of Heworth, was then seised in fee ; another piece of land, called Heworth Grange, of which the king was then seised in fee ; and certain closes and other parcels of ground, called Hall Fields, of which E. Prest and others were then seised in fee.
Before the Evarts Act, the cases that could reach the Supreme Court were heard as a matter of right, meaning that the Court was required to issue a decision in each of those cases.

Before and was
Before the fight was over, the Harlem boy had a concussion and Trig was cut up badly.
Before he left the apartment he knocked on their door and asked if there was anything he could do for them.
Before he left town Pat saw to it that I was fixed up with a job.
Before the airplanes came, he said, travel in Laos was just about impossible.
Before coming on a visit to Spelman in 1885, Miss Mary had been a successful teacher in Worcester, and her position there was held open for her for a considerable period.
Before he was forty Griffith had created the art of the film.
Before appealing to the U.N. or to Russia, he first appealed to the U.S. for military help, and was rejected.
Before her chore was finished she was rescuing wind-blown sheets of music, trundling microphones about the stage, helping to move the piano and otherwise joining in the informal atmosphere.
Before ASCII was developed, the encodings in use included 26 alphabetic characters, 10 numerical digits, and from 11 to 25 special graphic symbols.
Before Europeans discovered other oceans, the term " ocean " itself was synonymous with the waters beyond the Strait of Gibraltar that we now know as the Atlantic.
Before he could pass the river with safety, however, it was necessary to subdue certain fortresses, one of which was for several days vigorously defended by the governor, Yussuf el-Harezmi, a Khwarezmian.
Before the 1989 series began, the win-loss ratio was almost even, with 87 wins for Australia to England's 86, 74 having been drawn.
Before the late modern era, the abbot was treated with the utmost reverence by the brethren of his house.
Before the creation of the world, God was all by Himself, in a Self-absorbed state.
Before the Tennessee electorate voted on secession, Johnson, at his peril, toured the state, speaking in opposition to the measure, contending it was unconstitutional.
Before his death, he was absolved from the excommunication ; moreover, the Pope also promised that the King of Hungary and his relatives would not be excommunicated without the special permission of the Pope.
Before the 2007 season began, Vick was suspended indefinitely by the NFL after pleading guilty to charges involving dog fighting in the state of Virginia.
Before the War, Paul was a creative, sensitive, and passionate person, writing poems and having a clear love for his family.
Before the war Tjaden was a locksmith.

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