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Before and establishment
Before the establishment of ICANN, the Government of the United States controlled the domain name system of the Internet.
Before its establishment, Rulers were immune from any proceedings brought against them in their personal capacity.
Before the establishment of the present European Commission, there was the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community.
Before its establishment as a Republic, Rome was ruled by kings ( Latin reges, singular rex ).
Before the establishment of the League of Corinth, even though the Macedonians apparently spoke a dialect of the Greek language and claimed proudly that they were Greeks, they were not considered to fully share the classical Greek culture by many of the inhabitants of the southern city states, because they did not share the polis based style of government.
Before the establishment of University College Falmouth Cornwall was one of the few counties without a university.
Before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, the Vatican opposed Zionist policies and objectives in Palestine.
Before the establishment of the State of Israel, Switzerland maintained a consulate in Jerusalem and a consular agency in Tel Aviv.
Before the establishment of the Kamakura shogunate, civil power in Japan was primarily held by the ruling emperors and their regents, typically appointed from the ranks of the imperial court and the aristocratic clans that vied there.
Before the establishment of the Chickamauga Post in 1902 by United States Army, an unincorporated city existed, where Fort Oglethorpe was later established, called Hargrave, Georgia after the name of the land owner and ex-Confederate soldier, William Hamilton Hargrave.
Before the establishment Wahkon, the site was an Ojibwe village named Sagawamick ( from the Ojibwe language Zaagawaamik, meaning " Sandbar ").
Before the establishment of centralized post offices, local offices were established in general stores, railroad depots and other public venues in densely populated areas.
Before the establishment of the leidang, the defence of the realm was probably based on voluntary contribution to a defence-fleet.
Before his Privy Council appointment, Chalmers applied himself to investigating the history and establishment of the English colonies in North America.
Before the construction of the first monastic establishment in the 8th century, the island was called " monte tombe ".
Before the establishment of the Executive Yuan in 1928, the premier of the Republic of China was created as " Premier of Cabinet " in 1912.
Before the formation of UTJ and the establishment of Degel HaTorah, the two factions were united under one united Agudat Yisrael party, but the late mentor and supreme guide of the non-Hasidic group, Rabbi Elazar Shach ( 1898-2001 ) broke away from the Hasidic wing when it was clear that the party was not living up to its mandate to represent all Torah Jewry.
Before its establishment, monetary functions were performed by government departments and agencies.
Before the establishment of the Margraviate of Brandenburg it was the place of a Slavic stockade.
Before the establishment of the High Court, appeals from the state Supreme Courts could be made only to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, which involved the great expense of physically travelling to London.
Before the end of the Chinese Civil War and the establishment of the People's Republic of China, the airport provided flight routes between Shanghai and Taipei, occasionally via Fuzhou.
Before the establishment of Israel, the Arab village of Yibna was located there.
Before 1967 I had not found it difficult to publish reports in these journals, and by then I had about 150 articles and several books in the establishment press.
Before the establishment of patriarchs ( beginning in AD 325 ), metropolitan was the highest episcopal rank in the Eastern rites of the Church.
Before the establishment of modern nation states in the region during the mid-20th century, Maghreb most-commonly referred to a smaller area between the Atlas Mountains in the south and the Mediterranean Sea, often also including eastern Libya, but not modern Mauritania.

Before and Residence
Before 2000, the Graduate Student Residence was a building at 321 Bloor known the St. George Apartments.

Before and Bishops
Before this time however there had been two Suffragan Bishops of Derby whilst the bishopric was still within the Diocese of Southwell.
Before the hour appointed on that Saturday, the Memorial of the Bishops had been published in numerous copies and broadcast all over London.
Before the motu proprio Pontificalis Domus of 28 March 1968, Honorary Prelates were called Domestic Prelates ( in Latin, Antistites Urbani ), a title that then also went with certain offices such as that of Archbishop or Bishop Assistant at the Throne or membership of the Roman Prelature, and that was also maintained by Archbishops, Bishops and Apostolic Protonotaries who had been awarded it before their appointment to those positions.
Before his Consecration, a bishop-elect will be led onto a very large eagle rug, used specifically for this purpose, as the Consecrating Bishops examine him regarding his faith.
Before the Second Vatican Council, when the pope was announcing the names of new cardinals at a Secret Consistory ( that is when, emperors, kings, princes or electors of the Holy Roman Empire were not present ), the names of the newly appointed cardinals would be read out then those of Bishops and Archbishops were also announced.

Before and Chicago
Before General Motors invited Bel Geddes to submit a proposal for the exhibit, they had planned to put in another production line as was featured at their exhibit in the Century of Progress Exposition of 1933 in Chicago.
* Khaled El-Rouayheb, Before Homosexuality in the Arab – Islamic World, 1500 – 1800 Chicago, 2009.
Before the 1972 Dolphins, only the Chicago Bears, in 1934
* Gillespie, Michael Allen ( 1996 ), Nihilism Before Nietzsche, Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.
Before becoming a polka artist, and founding Chicago-based Bel-Aire Records in 1963, Eddie Blazonczyk recorded under the name Eddy Bell for Mercury Records and Lucky Four Records, both labels also based in Chicago.
Before World War II, Oklahoma City developed major stockyards, attracting jobs and revenue formerly in Chicago and Omaha.
Before that, the address for the Twins was 501 Chicago Avenue South.
Before World War II, Chicago Midway was the origin or destination of one in four U. S. airline flights, although a 1939 Official Aviation Guide shows more airline flights scheduled at Newark than at Chicago.
The short story The Last Pennant Before Armageddon was adapted for the stage by the Live Bait Theater in Chicago in 1990.
* Address of Samuel Gompers, Before the Arbitration Conference, Held at Chicago, Ill. Dec. 17, 1900, Under the Auspices of the National Civic Federation.
* Before ultimately choosing the nickname Rush, the team was going to be called the Chicago Paytons, to honor the late Bears ' great, Walter Payton, who, along with Ditka, was to be part owner of the team.
* Donald Crafton ; Before Mickey: The Animated Film, 1898-1928 ; University of Chicago Press ; ISBN 0-226-11667-0 ( 2nd edition, paperback, 1993 )
* Donald Crafton ; Before Mickey: The Animated Film, 1898 – 1928 ; University of Chicago Press ; ISBN 0-226-11667-0 ( 2nd edition, paperback, 1993 )
Before the 1997 Arena season, he requested and got a tryout with the Chicago Bears, but an injury to his throwing elbow caused by a spider bite sustained during his honeymoon prevented him from attending.
Before signing a two-year contract with the Chicago Blackhawks as an unrestricted free agent in the off-season, Lang embarked on another playoff run with the Red Wings in 2007, but they were halted by the eventual Stanley Cup champions Anaheim Ducks in the semi-finals.
* Donald Crafton ; Before Mickey: The Animated Film, 1898-1928 ; The University of Chicago Press ; ISBN 0-226-11667-0 ( 1982, 1993 )
Before the opening day, a television marketing campaign showed cheery Ames employees working while singing " My Kind of Town ," a song that strongly referred to Chicago.
* Donald Crafton ; Before Mickey: The Animated Film, 1898-1928 ; University of Chicago Press ; ISBN 0-226-11667-0 ( 2nd edition, paperback, 1993 )
* Donald Crafton ; Before Mickey: The Animated Film, 1898-1928 ; University of Chicago Press ; ISBN 0-226-11667-0 ( 2nd edition, paperback, 1993 )
Before the 1875 season ended, Barnes and four other Boston players signed contracts with the Chicago White Stockings.
Before the railroads reached Chicago from the east, most immigrants arrived in the Midwest and Great Plains by ships on the Great Lakes.
Before its closure due to a 1993 Base Realignment and Closure ( BRAC ) decision, the base was also used as a staging area and departure point for aircraft participating in the annual Chicago Air & Water Show.
Before the band met with success, DeYoung spent time as an elementary school teacher in the southern suburbs of Chicago, where he taught music at Kolmar School in Midlothian, Illinois.

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