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Before and they
Before they could guess his intention Rankin stepped forward and swung the guard's own gun against the uncovered head, hard.
Before him, mutilated, bleeding to death, they lay.
Before the Juniors entered the ring the Steward announced that after all Juniors had moved their dogs around the ring and set them up, they could relax with their dogs.
Before the passage of the lex annalis, individuals could run for the Aedileship by the time they turned twenty-seven.
Before Caesar's time they had attached themselves to the Romans, and were honoured with the title of brothers and kinsmen of the Roman people.
: Before this time, and a long time thereafter, they believed in groves and barrows, sanctuaries, and sacred enclosures and in the pagan gods.
Before he can answer, the Kents tell her that they raised Superman alongside Clark like a brother.
Before the work of Lyell, phenomena such as earthquakes were understood by the destruction that they brought.
Before a diver competes they must decide on a " list " this is a number of optional dives and compulsory dives.
Before long, bills weren't being paid, authors ' advances and royalties were delayed, budgets were cut back, and most of Donald's time was spent trying to soothe authors and agents who were indignant, and had every right to be, at the way they were treated.
Before Sapir it was generally considered impossible to apply the methods of historical linguistics to languages of indigenous peoples because they were believed to be more primitive than the Indo-European languages.
Before the Christian has faith, they must understand in whom and in what they have faith.
Before General Motors invited Bel Geddes to submit a proposal for the exhibit, they had planned to put in another production line as was featured at their exhibit in the Century of Progress Exposition of 1933 in Chicago.
Before the assembled cardinals and delegations could engage in theological discussion, they had to decide how to sit during the proceedings.
Before the IBM representatives would explain the purpose of their visit, they insisted that Dorothy sign a non-disclosure agreement.
Before World War II, mechanical and electrical analog computers were considered the " state of the art ", and many thought they were the future of computing.
Before the multitudinous components of present biochemistry could come to lean together they had to lean on something else.
Before Irenaeus, Christians differed as to which gospel they preferred.
Before they attacked him, he threw a rock into the crowd.
Before they left, Rachel stole the teraphim, considered to be household idols, from Laban's house.
Before the widespread availability of incendiary ammunition made commerce raiding too risky, they would also land or hover close to a merchant ship suspected of carrying contraband, order all ship's hands to leave in boats, then inspect the ship, and either destroy it or take it back to Germany as prize.
Some Louisiana urban environments have a multicultural, multilingual heritage, being so strongly influenced by an admixture of 18th century French, Spanish, Native American ( Indian ) and African cultures that they are considered to be somewhat exceptional in the U. S. Before the American influx and statehood at the beginning of the 19th century, the territory of current Louisiana State had been a Spanish and French colony.
Before the twenty slave girls were distributed among the Spanish captains to serve them in " grinding corn ", Cortés insisted that they be baptized.
Before a battle the sarissa were carried in two pieces and then slid together when they were being used.

Before and parted
) Before Pleasure Victim was completed, Van Patten and Ruiz-Velasco parted ways with Nunn, Crawford, and Diamond.
Before they parted, he ordered that Sun Wukong promise never to tell anyone how he acquired his powers.
Before recording this album, Weller had parted company with his existing band, resulting in the replacement of everyone except guitarist Steve Cradock.
Before that could happen, band and label parted as did Peters and myself.
Before working on their new album, the band parted ways with bass player Mike Celi and hired Darren Simoes as a permanent replacement.
Before she parted with Freedom Force, she swore that she would return and defeat them.
Before the release of " Mind Over Mind ", the band parted ways with drummer Dave Rankin and replaced him with Jason Stewart.
Before performing this decisive action, Vector Prime passed on to the young human Bud his planet map, and parted from Safeguard to spare him his fate.

Before and Portal
Before he jumps in the Portal again, she wakes up and gives Blinx a hug.

Before and remarked
Before the fight, Jeffries remarked " It is my intention to go right after my opponent and knock him out as soon as possible.
Surveying the wreckage of the Pacific Fleet, he remarked, " Before we're through with them, the Japanese language will be spoken only in hell.
Before the show began Michaels had remarked that he knew what the " ingredients SNL would be, but not the proportions ", and that the show would have to " find itself " on-air.
Before the events of the series, King Aerys II Targaryen ordered his tongue cut out because he remarked that Tywin Lannister, Hand of the King at the time, was the true ruler.

Before and So
Before the end of October 1969, several records were released on the subject — including " The Ballad of Paul " by the Mystery Tour, " Brother Paul " by Billy Shears and the All Americans, and " So Long Paul " by Werbley Finster, a pseudonym for José Feliciano.
Chuck Mangione's compositions include " Feels So Good ", " Children of Sanchez ", " The Cannonball Run ", " Hide and Seek ", " Hill Where the Lord Hides ", " Fun and Games ", " Give It All You Got ", " Land of Make Believe ", " Bellavia ", " Main Squeeze ", " Love Notes ", " Steppin ' Out ", " I Never Missed Someone Before ", " Maui-Waui ", " Last Dance ", " El Gato Triste ", and " Chase the Clouds Away ".
Fats appeared on two tracks Jerkins produced for Michael Jackson's Invincible album and So Plush released the single " Things I've Heard Before ".
Subsequently, So Plush's singles, " Damn " and " Things I've Heard Before ", were pressed and made available as promos, and Rhona's album was even released in Japan.
Before his famous role as Jeff Miller in the first Lassie television series, Rettig also appeared in about 18 feature films including So Big, The 5, 000 Fingers of Dr. T ( written by Dr. Seuss ) and River of No Return with Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum.
Before its release as a proper album, the disc was originally packaged in a 2 CD limited edition reissue of So Tough ( HVNLP6CDX )
Before the release of the album, Amuro launched her largest tour at the time, Namie Amuro So Crazy Tour featuring Best Singles 2003-2004.

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