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Before and wine
Before the late 19th century, the word " Lesbian " referred to any derivative or aspect of Lesbos, including a type of wine.
Before Leeuwenhoek's discovery of microorganisms in 1675, it had been a mystery why grapes could be turned into wine, milk into cheese, or why food would spoil.
Before the advent of artificial refrigeration, Madeira wine was particularly prized in areas where it was impractical to construct wine cellars ( as in parts of the southern United States ) because, unlike many other fine wines, it could survive being stored over hot summers without significant damage.
Before the reform of Pope Pius XII, only the priest received Communion in the framework of what was called the " Mass of the Presanctified ", which included the usual Offertory prayers, with the placing of wine in the chalice, but which omitted the Canon of the Mass.
Before the meal, a host might serve a selection of appetizers or hors d ' œuvres with appropriate wine or cocktails, and after the meal, a host might serve snacks, sweets such as chocolate, coffee, and after-dinner drinks ( cognac, brandy, liqueur, or similar ).
( Before the reform of Pope Pius XII, only the priest received Communion in the framework of what was called the " Mass of the Presanctified ", which included the usual Offertory prayers, with the placing of wine in the chalice, but which omitted the Canon of the Mass.
Before the advent of inexpensive stainless steel tanks, it was not customary to blend all the wine together and bottle it at once, a process called assemblage.
Before the sea retreated the river was part of a large estuary along which ships brought wine casks to the town of New Winchelsea.
Before the days of antibiotics, sulphur was used in medicines as an antibacterial agent, in the making of match heads, and for sterilising wine corks.
Before 1837 he was a leader of the splitting off of the Maine Temperance Union over the issue of whether wine should still be allowed — the Union was for total abstinence.
Before the sacrifice, the sacrificial victim was led three times around a grain field where a chorus of farmers and farm-servants danced and sang praises for Ceres and offered her libations of milk, honey and wine.
Before Tintin and Haddock leave, Father Alexandre gives them a bottle of red wine which Paparanic gave him while visiting him last Christmas and told him to drink after his death.
Before being sent to the Nara monks, Shigehira is treated well at Izu ( a bath is prepared for him, wine is served, a beautiful lady serving Yoritomo, Senju-no-mae, sings several songs ( with Buddhist meaning ) and plays the lute ; Shigehira also sings and plays the lute – after Shigehira ’ s execution, Senju-no-mae becomes a nun ).
Before retiring to Alderney, he auctioned his well stocked wine cellar containing many fine clarets, at Sotheby.
Before 1971, the term Cabinet or Kabinett often followed the name of the grape varietal, for example, a wine might be a " Trockenbeerenauslese Cabinet ".
Before 1971, the terms Naturwein ( natural wine ) or Natuerrein ( naturally pure ) were used in place of Kabinett.
Before March 2002, a flagon may have also been used to hold the wine during the consecration of the Eucharist and then be poured into many chalices.
Before this change winemakers could only sell wine from hotels.
Before Ancaeus had tasted the wine, an alarm was raised that a wild boar was ravaging the vineyard, and on hearing this, Ancaeus dropped the cup and went out to investigate – and was promptly killed by the boar.
Before the sleighing, Lewis served her friends a drink of spiced wine.
Before he can say anything further, the drugged wine takes its effect, and the Doctor falls over unconscious as does Sarah.
Before the surgery, he administered an oral anesthetic potion, probably dissolved in wine, in order to induce a state of unconsciousness and partial neuromuscular blockade.
Before the feast ensued, Hou brought some wine to pay respect to Lü Bu, but the latter was enraged as he had enforced a ban on liquor.

Before and critic
Tom Moon, former music critic at the Philadelphia Inquirer, included " Forever Changes " in his 2008 book " 1000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die.
Before going into film-making, Anderson was a prominent film critic writing for the influential Sequence magazine ( 1947 – 52 ), which he co-founded with Gavin Lambert and Karel Reisz ; later writing for the British Film Institute's journal Sight and Sound and the left-wing political weekly the New Statesman.
Before and during his career as a writer, he attempted to be a publisher, printer, businessman, critic, and politician ; he failed in all of these efforts.
Peter Bogdanovich was a 31-year-old stage actor, film essayist and critic with two small films — Targets ( 1968 ) ( also known as Before I Die ) and Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women ( 1968 ) — to his directorial credit.
Before entering the university, he had begun his literary career at Budapest as contributor and dramatic critic for Der Zwischenact.
Before she began the advice column, she was a journalist, covering social events at the White House and embassies ; she then became a theater and film critic.
In the opinion of film critic Philip French, a film of 1958, Home Before Dark, saw her give " perhaps her finest performance as a housewife driven into a breakdown in Mervyn LeRoy's psychodrama.
Before the rise of Racine, Sainte-Beuve found La Harpe to the best critic of the French school of tragedy.
Before becoming Deputy Leader, Bachand served as the Deputy House Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, as well as its critic for the Intergovernmental Affairs, Industry, Science Research and Development, and the Deputy Prime Minister portfolios.
In 2008, Rolling Stone critic Tom Moon listed Yankee Hotel Foxtrot among the 1, 000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die.
Before the return of Parliament in September 2010, Ignatieff shuffled his Shadow Cabinet and appointed LeBlanc as the Liberal critic for national defence.
Indian film critic Khalid Mohamed commented, " As a film director, he discussed the status of women ( Uski Roti, Duvidha ), crafted visually seductive documentaries ( Arrival, Before My Eyes, A Desert of a Thousand Lines ) and went through a spell of interpreting Fyodor Dostoevsky ’ s masterworks.
Before this time, however, he had begun his career as a polemical man of letters, although it was not until 1872 that he was made famous by the first series of his Literary Fantasies, a title under which he gradually gathered in successive volumes all that was most durable in his work as a critic.
Before that I was a critic.
Before she was elected she was a cheese maker and farmer and was the Bloc's critic of the Agriculture and Agri-Food.
Before the Quebec Liberal Party took power in the 2003 election, Fournier at various moments served as the chief whip of the official opposition, critic for Canadian intergovernmental affairs, as well as critic for health.
Before moving to the Guardian she was literary journalist at the Financial Times and theatre critic on the Evening Standard.
Before a Congressional hearing, Gunn answered a demand by leading Amtrak critic Arizona Senator John McCain to eliminate all operating subsidies by asking the Senator if he would also demand the same of the commuter airlines, upon whom the citizens of Arizona are much more dependent.
Before becoming a film director he was a journalist, novelist and film critic.
Before that, he was deputy film critic to David Robinson at The Times for some years.
Before becoming a literary critic she worked in the Compendium Bookstore in Camden Town and was noted for her Goth appearance.

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