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Beginning and circa
Beginning circa 1950, Ferrer concentrated on film work, but would return to the stage occasionally.
Beginning circa 1970, Marvel introduced vast numbers of reprints into the market, which played a key role in their becoming the overall market leader among comic publishers.

Beginning and Episode
Beginning with Episode # 4 ( titled " Not With My Pig, You Don't "), only the first two and the last two stanzas of the song were used.
Beginning with Episode 11 titled " Moon Cross " ( aired on February 5, 1995 ) of the science fiction series Earth 2, Williams appeared in a multiple episode story arc in the role of Mary, a human orphan raised on another planet by the indigenous alien species known as the Terrians.
" Beginning with Season 4, Episode 8, she became part of the main cast.
; Episode 2-The Beginning of a Long School Break
2001 The Beginning: Making ' Episode I ' ( video documentary )

Beginning and 40
Beginning around the second millennium BCE, he was sometimes referred to in writing by the numeric ideogram for " 40 ," occasionally referred to as his " sacred number.
Beginning in 1971, the U. S. government gave up on including any silver in the half dollars, as even the metal value of the 40 % silver coins began to exceed their face value.
The 1972 album Trilogy contained ELP's only Top 40 single in the USA, " From the Beginning ".
Beginning on August 13, 1984 the Wonderful Radio London Top 40 Show was heard nightly via taped programs which were recorded in England and flown to Texas.
Beginning around the village of Barqueiros ( located about 40 miles ( about 70 km ) upstream from Porto ), the valley extends eastward nearly to the Spanish border.
Beginning in 2012, the competition was expanded from its previous 40 teams to 64, with the qualifying process radically changed.
Beginning around the second millennium BCE, he was sometimes referred to in writing by the numeric ideogram for " 40 ," occasionally referred to as his " sacred number.
Beginning in Uttoxeter, it stretched over a mile with up to 40, 000 people in the grounds of Alton Towers at the end.
Beginning in 1962, the term of existing copyright was extended eleven times in the last 40 years.
Beginning in the 1950's and lasting until 1981, KJR was a pioneer Top 40 radio station owned by entertainer Danny Kaye and Lester Smith, " Kaye / Smith Enterprises ".
Beginning with the February 19, 2011, program, ACC reduced the length of the countdown from 40 songs to 30.
Beginning in January 2010, CKIS-FM would offer " Commercial Free Mondays ," a campaign patterned after many Top 40 / CHR stations across America, and offer hourly prize giveaways.
Beginning his career with TCS as a junior engineer in 1969, he rose through the ranks and eventually was charged with setting up TCS ' operations in the United States in 1979 in New York City, which has since grown to over 40 offices throughout the country.
Beginning in the 1950s, the share of revenue from sales outside of Sweden increased ; in 1950, it was 4 %, and in 1970, it was 40 %.
# " The Beginning " ( Seal, Guy Sigsworth ) – 5: 40
#" Beginning to See the Light " – 5: 40
:" Beginning on the Mississippi River at a point where the Sac and Fox northern boundary line, as established by the second article of the treaty of Prairie du Chien, July, 1830, strikes said river ; thence up said boundary line to a point 50 miles km from the Mississippi measured on said line ; thence in a right line to the nearest point on the Cedar River, of Iowa, 40 miles km from the Mississippi ; thence in a right line to a point in the northern boundary of the State of Missouri, 50 miles km measured on said boundary from the Mississippi River ; thence by the last mentioned boundary to the Mississippi River, and by the western shore of said river to the place of beginning.

Beginning and music
Beginning in 1766 Gassmann introduced Salieri to the daily chamber music performances held during Emperor Joseph II's evening meal.
Beginning in the early 1990s, some trends in fashion and music were also labeled as cyberpunk.
Beginning in Florence, there was an attempt to revive the dramatic and musical forms of Ancient Greece, through the means of monody, a form of declaimed music over a simple accompaniment ; a more extreme contrast with the preceding polyphonic style would be hard to find ; this was also, at least at the outset, a secular trend.
Beginning in December 1914, London worked on The Acorn Planter, A California Forest Play, to be performed as one of the annual Grove Plays, but it was never selected — it was described as too difficult to set to music.
From 1956 to 1975, Beginning with its inception in 2001, the RFD-TV Network aired " The Big Joe Show ", a television program which included polka music and dancing that was filmed on location in various venues throughout the United States from 1973 through 2009.
Beginning in the urban south, they played a mixture of Memphis blues ( even before it was formally called the blues ), ragtime, and jazz music.
Beginning in 1991, MPR's programming split in two, forming separate news and classical music services ( although one station in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan still carries a combination of those two services ).
Beginning in the mid-1920s, big bands, then typically consisting of 10 – 25 pieces, came to dominate popular music.
Beginning with songs and string quartets written around the turn of the century, Schoenberg's concerns as a composer positioned him uniquely among his peers, in that his procedures exhibited characteristics of both Brahms and Wagner, who for most contemporary listeners, were considered polar opposites, representing mutually exclusive directions in the legacy of German music.
The Kinks ' early recordings of 1964 ranged from covers of R & B standards like " Long Tall Sally " and " Got Love If You Want It "; to the chiming, melodic beat music of Ray Davies ' earliest original compositions for the band, " You Still Want Me " and " Something Better Beginning "; to the more influential proto-metal, protopunk, power chord-based hard rock of the band's first two hit singles, " You Really Got Me " and " All Day and All of the Night ".
Beginning in 1970 interests in Asian classical music and a wish to be able to find the intervals he had been using in his work led Young to pursue studies with Pandit Pran Nath.
Beginning in the mid-1950s he composed the music for the Apu Trilogy by Satyajit Ray, which became internationally acclaimed.
Beginning in 1932 he became closely involved in music for films with Pathé-Nathan, composing music for La Règle du jeu, Le Mariage de Chiffon, and Le Voyageur de la Toussaint.
In 1990, Graeme Revell had adapted Herrmann's music from Psycho for its television sequel-prequel Psycho IV: The Beginning.
Beginning in the second half of the 18th century, although the trio configuration for two violins and cello was not wholly abandoned in classical chamber music ( even during the 19th century ), the scoring for violin, viola, and cello began to take precedence.
Beginning in 1964 and lasting until roughly 1966, a wave of British beat groups, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Dave Clark Five, Gerry & the Pacemakers, The Kinks, and Herman's Hermits amongst others, dominated the U. S. music charts.
Beginning with the formation of the Texas Western Railroad Company in Marshall, Texas, through the subsequent establishment in 1871 of the Texas and Pacific Railway company, which located its headquarters and shops there, Marshall was the only railroad hub in the Piney Woods of northeast Texas at the time the music developed.
Beginning with the birth of recorded music, American performers have continued to lead the field of popular music, which out of " all the contributions made by Americans to world culture ... has been taken to heart by the entire world ".
Algerian music: Beginning as early as 1964, gaining steam in the 70s and continuing through the 1980s, a mainstream raï revival occurred, and pop-raï stars like Khaled and Chaba Fadela gained worldwide audiences ; the same period saw similar trends occur among Kabylian musicians like Idir, Ferhat and Lounis Ait Menguellet, who popularized the native sounds of their people
Brazilian music: Beginning in the 1950s and continuing for several decades, a multitude of Brazilian styles ( most importantly samba ) and imported American jazz combined to create the wildly popular bossa nova scene.
Cameroonian music: Beginning with bikutsi in the 1950s and continuing with makossa into the end of the 20th century, Cameroon's popularized folk musics have become among the most prominent in Africa.
Australian music: Beginning in the 1980s, Australian Aborigines began turning to their native styles of folk music, which were updated, creating popular bands and styles like Aboriginal rock

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