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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 318
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Being and somewhat
Being blistered for curbs has delayed his work somewhat.
Being around the gang has a somewhat bad influence on the child, and she begins to develop a cynical nature and a wide vocabulary of gambling terminology and slang.
Being a long and somewhat randomly placed township, Upper Nazareth tends to have a much lower level of identity from the boroughs that it surrounds, compared to other Townships in the Area.
Being 3D, FlightGear has somewhat high system requirements.
His theoretical works, such as the essays " Das Werden im Vergehen " (" Becoming in Dissolution ") and " Urteil und Sein " (" Judgement and Being ") are insightful and important if somewhat tortuous and difficult to parse.
Being interested in someone capable of intellectual disputes, he somewhat takes care of Van Weyden, whom he calls ' Hump ', while forcing him to become a cabin boy, do menial work, and learn to fight to protect himself from a brutal crew.
Plotkin appears as a character in Being Andrew Plotkin, an interactive fiction game by J. Robinson Wheeler somewhat based on the film Being John Malkovich.
Being somewhat story oriented, the player is not permitted to use their own choice of characters like previous iterations.
Being somewhat shorter than Ryde Pier, it could not be used at all states of the tide, so offered little competition to the main Ryde Pier to Portsmouth ferry services.
Being older, I find myself still more or less there, somewhat to my surprise.
Being somewhat insensitive and cold plus having been voted to be his school's ' Chairman of Conduct ', Haruki has been mis-nicknamed ' The Devil Chairman ' although in truth he's actually kinda thoughtful but lazy.
" Being new and somewhat on edge, what Atwell actually did say was: " Tis ting and the twits are birdering in the tree flops.
Being young, attractive and somewhat wild, Hank was a big attraction to the ladies.
Being the quiet personality, Miranda is sometimes somewhat of a mystery even to her best friends.
Being a tease and a provoker who often tried turning concepts upside down ( like George Bernard Shaw ) and whose conclusions might be both somewhat unjust and exaggerated, he was however a man of firm principles and ideals of a democratic, natural and tolerant society.
Being Roman Catholic and not part of the landed classes which dominated the Parliament of that time, he proved to be somewhat populist in character, advocating universal suffrage and public ownership of power and utilities.

Being and delicate
Being a delicate organ, the eye requires extreme care before, during and after a surgical procedure.
Being a delicate child, the young Mohr received much of his early education at home, a great part of it in his father's laboratory.

Being and health
Being ethical and professional people interested in community health and well-being, we felt this wasn't a function of our position.
Being conspicuous elements of the ecosystem, they have been considered as indicators of ecological health.
Being spawned entails having the score, health, armor and equipment reset to default values which usually is 0 score, full ( 100 %) health, no armour and a basic firearm and a melee weapon.
Being of sensitive health, he received his elementary education at home ( in " the classroom without walls "), learning from his father Milan, private teachers, and from numerous relatives and friends of the family, some of whom were renowned philosophers, inventors, and poets.
* Being covered by more than one health insurance plan
Being in poor health, Fulci was furious that the filming was delayed so many times, as he knew he was running out of time and wanted desperately to make one last, big-budget film before he died.
Being unemployed, and the financial difficulties and loss of health insurance benefits that come with it, may cause malnutrition and illness, and are major sources of self-esteem which may lead to depression, which may have a further negative impact on health.
* Being in good health
Being unable to attend due to her health, Crosby wrote a poem that was read at the dedication of Cleveland's birthplace in Caldwell, New Jersey in March 1913.
Many noted health professionals including Dr. Otis Brawley ( author of " How We Do Harm: A Doctor Breaks Ranks About Being Sick In America ", and currently ( as of August 2012 ) both chief medical officer and executive vice president of the American Cancer Society ) have expressed the view that this improvement in efficacy is due to the dose of esomeprazole recommended for therapy rather than any inherent superiority of esomeprazole.
Being a morally sound person entails “ a high-quality life that is extendable in years well beyond the lifespan of the previous generation – a relative immortality, won by a redoubled commitment to the health and fitness lifestyle ”
Being a medical doctor by training, Siti Hasmah also has an interest in mental health.
Being very popular among kids in Nepal, its a major health concern.
Being compelled by his health to return home, he then amused himself with making a clock having wooden wheels and a whalebone spring.
Being that juvenile detention facilities operate on the foundation of rehabilitating the youth, different mental health programs are provided by facilities to help the youth rehabilitate.

Being and at
`` Being at the polls was just like being at church.
Being a protective encasement with at least one gun position, it is essentially a pillbox or small fortress ( though these are static fortifications of a purely defensive nature ) that can move toward the enemy-hence its offensive utility.
Being unable to recall the events from memory ( because he was still young ) places him at an age much younger than 10 in 303.
Heidegger, in his quest to re-pose the original pre-Socratic question of Being, wondered at how to meaningfully ask the question of the meaning of being, since it is both the greatest, as it includes everything that is, and the least, since no particular thing can be said of it.
Being able to use a computer to support teaching and research was quite novel at the time.
Being politically and geographically inclusive and leaving at the same time space for diversity, this historical vision filled the needs of Dutch nation-building and integration in the 1890-1914 era.
Examples of these films include Being John Malkovich, The Princess Bride, Night at the Museum, Groundhog Day, Click and Shrek.
Being larger than a submachine gun, they are harder to maneuver in tight encounters where superior range and stopping power at distance are not great considerations.
Being Japanese at that time meant shame, guilt, and an image of the enemy.
Being much fewer in number than the Pharisees and the Sadducees ( the other two major sects at the time ), the Essenes lived in various cities but congregated in communal life dedicated to asceticism, voluntary poverty, daily immersion, and abstinence from worldly pleasures, including ( for some groups ) celibacy.
Being at rest, no net force is applied.
Being an individual man is a thing that has been abolished, and every speculative philosopher confuses himself with humanity at large ; whereby he becomes something infinitely great, and at the same time nothing at all.
Being 18, Bobby had the choice to either stay at home or return to the X-Men and he made the choice to rejoin the team.
One of Kosiński's most significant works is Being There ( 1971 ), a satiric look at the unreality of America's media culture.
: Being exceedingly alarmed at the misery into which I had fallen, and much more at that which threatened me in view of eternal death, I, duty bound, made it my first business to betake myself to your way, condemning my past life, not without groans and tears.
Being a surprisingly tolerant and pluralistic society, even its army incorporated Jews, Christians, Muslims and Pagans at a time when religious warfare was the order of the day around the Mediterranean and in Western Europe.
Being fond of alcoholic beverages, he joined the Trier Tavern Club drinking society ( Landsmannschaft der Treveraner ) and at one point served as its co-president.
Being much fewer in number than the Pharisees and the Sadducees ( the other two major sects at the time ), the Essenes lived in various cities but congregated in communal life dedicated to asceticism, voluntary poverty, daily immersion, and abstinence from worldly pleasures, including ( for some groups ) marriage.

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