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Belgian and journalist
* 1917 – Paul Frère, Belgian race car driver and journalist ( d. 2008 )
" The following estimates of civilian deaths during World War I were made by a Russian journalist in a 2004 handbook of human losses in the 20th century: Kenya 30, 000 ; Tanzania 100, 000 ; Mozambique 50, 000 ; Rwanda 15, 000 ; Burundi 20, 000 ; and the Belgian Congo 150, 000.
* November 15 – Arthur Haulot, Belgian journalist ( d. 2005 )
Antoine Louis Camille Lemonnier ( 24 March 1844 – 13 June 1913 ) was a Belgian writer, poet and journalist.
* Siegfried Bracke ( N-VA ), former Belgian political journalist
In the spring of 1993, Zoran Misetic, a journalist and the owner of Radio CD-CEMP, was awarded with the Belgian Award for Independent Journalism ; the " Pen Of Peace ".
* Paul Michel Gabriel Lévy ( 1910 – 2002 ), Belgian journalist and professor
According to Tertio, a Belgian Roman Catholic magazine, Verhofstadt's primary motivation to write this book on Pius XII was his support for the elimination of " one dominant religion's power " in Europe ; the journalist of the magazine also point to the fact, that Verhofstadt is not an academic historian, but a journalist and politician.
British journalist Edward Hooper publicized a hypothesis that AIDS was inadvertently caused in the late 1950s in the Belgian Congo by Koprowski's research into a polio vaccine.
Pictured from left to right: SS aide, camp leader Untersturmführer Heinrich Wicker ( mostly hidden by the aide ), Paul Michel Gabriel Lévy | Paul Lévy, a Belgian journalist ( person with helmet looking to the left ), Dr. Victor Maurer ( back ), General Henning Linden ( person with helmet, looking right ) and some U. S. soldiers.
Alain Hertoghe ( b. 1959 ) is a Belgian journalist, formerly an employee of the French Catholic newspaper La Croix.
Jean-Charles Houzeau de Lehaie ( October 7, 1820 – July 12, 1888 ) was a Belgian astronomer and journalist.
Baron Arthur Haulot ( Angleur near Liège, 15 November 1913-24 May 2005 ) was a Belgian journalist, humanist and poet who served, during World War II as an active member of the military resistance against German foreign occupation also known in Western Europe as the Resistance.
Georges Van Vrekhem was a Flemish-speaking Belgian journalist, poet and playwright, who was the artistic manager of a professional theater company, the " Nederlands Toneel te Gent ".
Christine Ockrent ( born April 24, 1944 ) is a Belgian journalist whose career has principally centered on French television.
A one time maitre d ' of the Trocadero was Belgian born Maurice F. Monbiot, grandfather of the journalist and environmentalist George Monbiot.
An action by Belgian police followed that resulted in the journalist being detained by the police for several hours, his home and office being searched, and possessions including 16 boxes of documents, two archive boxes, two computers and four mobile phones being seized.
An unnamed acquaintance told the Belgian journalist Philippe van Holle:
Marc Moulin ( 1 September 1942 – 26 September 2008 ) was a Belgian musician and journalist ( print, radio, TV ).
Gilles Verlant is a Belgian journalist.
Tomislav Dretar ( born March 2, 1945 ) is a Croatian, Bosnian, French and Belgian poet, writer, critic, and translator, as well as an academic, journalist, editor, political leader and president of Bihać's HVO.
Marco Lamensch is a Belgian journalist.

Belgian and Jo
* 1972 – Jo Van Daele, Belgian discus thrower
* Pioneers of the Lute Revival by Jo Van Herck ( Belgian Lute Academy )
The team regrouped with new drivers and Tony Southgate as designer, and gained its first V12 victory for Pedro Rodríguez at the 1970 Belgian Grand Prix in a P153, with further victories for Jo Siffert and Peter Gethin in 1971 in the P160.
Dutronc's and David Bowie's " Jean Genie " share a riff likely derived from the Yardbirds ' accelerated version of Bo Diddley's " I'm a Man " ( the Belgian singer Arno Hintjens recorded a medley of the Dutronc and Bowie songs (" Jean Baltazaarr ") with the American singer Beverly Jo Scott that highlight these similarities ).
Technotronic is a Belgian studio-based music project formed in 1988 by Jo Bogaert, who had already made his musical mark in the beginning of the 1980s as a part of a cover band and as a solo artist under various New Beat projects, including The Acts of Madmen and Nux Nemo.
Vandenbroucke's Belgian compatriots, Nico Mattan, Chris Peers, Peter Farazijn, and Jo Planckaert, stayed on but were criticised for inconsistent performance.
Belgian Justice Minister Jo Vandeurzen accused the Chinese government of electronic espionage against the government of Belgium, while Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht informed the Belgian Federal Parliament that his ministry was hacked by Chinese agents.
In cooperation with the Belgian authorities, Pieper helped to secure information that ultimately led to the formal charging of the founders Jo Lernout and Pol Hauspie.

Belgian and Gérard
* Gérard Buzen, Belgian general
When the London Conference compelled Dutch forces to evacuate Belgian territory, Sébastiani indicated that the French troops under General Gérard were to remain in the area until " all reasons why the French Army has maneuvered would be dealt with resolutely, and no danger would threaten us ".
The all-inclusive model originated in the Club Med resorts which were founded by the Belgian Gérard Blitz.
The Club was started in 1950 by former Belgian water polo champion, Gérard Blitz.
Gérard Blitz ( 28 February 1912 – 3 March 1990 ) was a Belgian water polo player and Yogi.
Born in Antwerp, he was the son of Maurice Blitz and nephew of Gérard Blitz, both members of the Belgian water polo national team who won Olympic medals.
Gérard Blitz ( 1 August 1901 – 8 March 1979 ) was a Belgian Olympic swimmer and water polo player during 1920s.
Maurice Blitz and his brother Gérard were both member of the Belgian water polo national team who won silver in two consecutive olympic events, in 1920 and 1924.
* Gérard Leman ( 1851 – 1920 ), Belgian general

Belgian and has
Due to mutual agreements with foreign clubs, the youth academy has also signed foreign players as teenagers before making first team debuts, such as Belgian defensive trio Jan Vertonghen, Toby Alderweireld and Thomas Vermaelen ( now with Arsenal ) and winger Tom de Mul ( now with Sevilla ), all of whom are full internationals as well as Dutch youth international Javier Martina and Vurnon Anita of the Netherlands Antilles.
Belgian hip hop music has a few rappers stemming from Africa and Italy.
Postal service in Belgium is in many cases performed by Belgian Post Group, a semi-privat public company which has as a monopoly on letters until 50g weight.
The Belgian waterway network has 2, 043 km, 1, 532 km of which in regular commercial use.
The Belgian Blue has a natural mutation in the myostatin gene which codes for the protein, myostatin (" myo " meaning muscle and " statin " meaning stop ).
Conversely, the Belgian Blue's meat tenderness has been argued to be just as tender because there are a large number of smaller muscle fibers.
The most common compound of chlorine, sodium chloride, has been known since ancient times ; however, around 1630, chlorine gas was obtained by the Belgian chemist and physician Jan Baptist van Helmont.
During its history the area has also been known as Congo, Congo Free State, Belgian Congo and Zaire.
* Belgian Congo ( 1908 – 60 ) this was arguably the longest-albeit coerced-period of tranquility the country has experienced.
* the constituent governing institution of the federal Belgian state through the institutions named the Flemish Community ( capital " C "), exercising the powers in most of those domains for the aforementioned community, and the officially Dutch-speaking Flemish Region, which has powers mainly on economic matters.
Belgian player Jean " Toots " Thielemans is a well-known master of jazz chromatic harmonica, as well as a champion whistler, who has been recorded on many notable songs in film and television, such as the theme from Sesame Street, and the score from the Academy Award winning film Midnight Cowboy.
The government of Luxembourg has ordered 1 Airbus A400M transport aircraft in cooperation with the Belgian Air Component and will be delivered in 2019.
* Armand Quoidbach, is a Belgian saw player who has played the saw since 1997.
" Thuis " often is in the top-5 of most watched Belgian shows and has over one million viewers ( with 6. 3 Flemmings in total ).
The Belgian school has a three-tier education system, each stage being divided into various levels:
The ball is interrupted by General Müffling ( John Savident ), who announces that Napoleon has crossed the Belgian border at Charleroi, much to Wellington's displeasure.
; Belgian surrealism: The surrealism movement has major representatives in Belgium: Paul Delvaux, René Magritte.
The domestic pet known as the " Belgian hare " is a rabbit that has been selectively bred to resemble a hare.
Ecclestone has expressed an intention to return Formula One racing to the circuit by hosting a biennial French Grand Prix at the circuit beginning in 2013 ( with a Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps in the alternate years ).
The Belgian Commission has found that the execution was carried out by Katanga's authorities, but de Witte found written orders from the Belgian government requesting Lumumba's execution and documents on various arrangements, such as death squads.
In order to conform to the common guidelines on the design of national faces of coins, Belgium has updated the design of the Belgian national face of euro coins to be produced from 2008.
In Belgium, the title of Duke of Brabant ( historically the most prestigious in the Low Countries, and containing the federal capital Brussels ), if still vacant, has been awarded preferentially to the eldest son and heir presumptive of the king, other male dynasts receiving various lower historical titles ( much older than Belgium, and in principle never fallen to the Belgian crown ), such as Count of Flanders ( King Leopold III's so-titled brother held the title when he became the realm's temporary head of state as prince-regent ) and Prince of Liège ( a secularised version of the historical prince-bishopric ; e. g., the present King Albert II until he succeeded his older brother Baudouin I ).
Since 15 November 2006, the Belgian national football team has used the King Baudouin Stadium.

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