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Believing and himself
Believing himself without heirs the King commits suicide after a reign of 48 years.
Believing he was under suspicion of atheism himself, he wrote to the Lord Keeper, Sir John Puckering, protesting his innocence, but his efforts to clear his name were apparently fruitless.
Believing nothing honest and unsentimentalized had been written about the Bowery, Crane became determined to do so himself ; this would become the setting of his first novel.
Believing them, Antony stabbed himself in the stomach with his sword, and lay on his couch to die.
Believing that the credibility of one's action lay in setting a personal example, Gandhi began with himself.
Believing the venture could not succeed without Einstein, Goldstein quickly agreed to resign himself, and Einstein returned ; his brief departure was publicly denied.
Believing his boss insane and consumed with a desire to play God, Hobson subconsciously altered his own memory to hide this fact from himself.
Believing it will solve the dilemma, he leads them to the deserts and kills himself.
Believing that the paper would be a means of wealth, Bourne instead soon found himself facing debts of nearly £ 1, 600.
Believing that the role of the royal family should transcend partisan politics, his father promoted him to Chief of Butanyerera, but Rwagasore turned down the appointment so that he could devote himself fully to the nationalist cause.
Believing himself a better Catholic than Capone, Moran refused to run brothels.
Believing himself to be dying, he admitted his body to the custody of one Dr. Osto for research purposes.
Believing himself discovered, Bond escapes by ski from Piz Gloria, chased by SPECTRE operatives, a number of whom he kills in the process.
Believing the bus is in trouble, Lenny the Lifeguard decides to try to save the children and instead finds himself accompanying them on the field trip.
Believing himself called to religious life, he went to Leuven and entered the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
Believing himself successful, Warmonger then found himself at a loss as to what to do with his new-found power and position.
Believing himself finally cured, Banner proposed to Betty, and she accepted.
Believing that testing on animals and volunteers will produce uselessly subjective observations, he begins testing the drops on himself.
Believing himself to be of the elect, Goodman Brown falls into self-doubt after three months of marriage which to him represents sin and depravity as opposed to salvation.
Believing that Mussolini himself issued the orders, Lady Hester is delighted, proudly brandishing the newspaper photo of her tea with Il Duce.
Believing himself a failure as a poet, Keats asked for his tombstone to read " Here lies one whose name was writ in water ".
Believing Columbus to be lost, he sent a letter to the King and Queen ; some have argued that he claimed the glory of the great discoveries for himself, while others defend him from the charge ; the letter itself is lost.
Believing that Tetheus had died and while he himself was rendered weak, Shydeman joined with Nadil to receive enough power to make up for his lacking past.

Believing and be
Believing that without Christian wisdom there can be neither prosperity nor success in war, Alfred aimed " to set to learning ( as long as they are not useful for some other employment ) all the free-born young men now in England who have the means to apply themselves to it.
Believing the Saints to be in insurrection, the Missouri governor ordered that the Saints be " exterminated or driven from the State ".
Believing Jed to be dead, Tony hid his body in the Christmas hamper during the party.
Believing his creations to be treacherous, Davros begins using mind control on Daleks and humans, ultimately releasing the virus to kill off the Daleks before they can exterminate him.
Believing the Catholic Church to be corrupted in many ways, the Lollards looked to Scripture as the basis for their religious ideas.
Believing that more attention should be given to the message of the scriptures rather than to ceremony and worship, the Lollards denounced the doctrines of the Church such as transubstantiation, exorcism, pilgrimages, and blessings, believing these led to an emphasis on Church ritual rather than the Bible.
Believing women to be just as capable of academic accomplishment as men, More insisted upon giving his daughters the same classical education given to his son.
Believing it to be a type of opossum, naturalist George Harris wrote the first published description of the Tasmanian devil in 1807, naming it Didelphis ursina, due to its bearlike characteristics such as the round ear.
Believing that Caesar would be distracted by the turmoil in Rome following the death of Publius Clodius Pulcher, the Carnutes, under Cotuatus and Conetodunus, made the first move, slaughtering the Romans who had settled in their territory.
Believing the attack to be genuine, NORAD prepares to retaliate.
Believing the town to be only lightly defended, Burgoyne and Baum were unaware that Stark and 1, 500 militiamen were stationed there.
Believing that reinforcements might be necessary, Burgoyne marched the army toward Bennington until further word arrived that Breymann and the remnants of his force were returning.
Believing in the success of an invention can involve risk, so it can be difficult to obtain support and funding.
Believing that " nobody who speaks German could be an evil man ," they release him.
Believing herself to be a normal human girl named Mary ( who had miraculously recovered from cancer three years prior ), she rediscovers her powers and identity when she finds her boyfriend and best friend betraying her on Prom Night.
Believing his political career to be over he concentrated on the bar for some years, becoming head of his chambers, and did not at first hold office when the Conservatives returned to power in 1951.
Believing the other parties to be out of touch with mainstream Australia, One Nation ran on a broadly populist and protectionist platform.
Believing that " Kids just don't want to listen to God's empty songs anymore ", in December 1969 Capitol released Norman's first solo rock album, Upon This Rock, " the first major label record to marry rock music with the gospel ", " the Sergeant Pepper of Christianity ", widely regarded as " the album that first recruited rock in the service of salvation ", later cited as being " one of the roots of the current Contemporary Christian Music "; and now considered to be the first full-blown Christian rock album ".
Believing Madeline to be dead, Ernest phones Helen for advice, not noticing as Madeline slowly stands and approaches him with her head now twisted backwards.
Believing it to be the gentlemanly thing to do, Fielding convinces Aziz not to seek monetary redress from her.
Believing farming could be as efficient as industry, Barber intended the farm to be the basis of an agricultural college, but he did not complete financing before his death.
Believing society would be better for it, Raskolnikov commits murder with the idea that he possessed enough intellectual and emotional fortitude to deal with the ramifications, on his paper / thesis, " On Crime ", that he is a Napoleon, but his sense of guilt soon overwhelms him to the point of psychological and somatic illness.

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