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Ben and claims
He also claims that the alleged encryptions settle the question of the identity of " the Fair Youth " as Henry Wriothesley and contain striking references to the sonnets themselves and de Vere's relationship to Sir Philip Sidney and Ben Jonson.
* The English title is again disputed and claims to it are made by Burke, Ben Caunt and Nicholas Ward, brother of Jem Ward.
* Colonel Ben Zayn claims that Sinclair was chosen over him by the Minbari for command of the station despite being low on a very long list, stressing the interest the Minbari have in Sinclair.
The core of the group's lifestyle is the Tanakh, Ben Ammi claims that " the Law and the Prophets ... are the light ; they are the essence of what is required to set man on the path and show him the way back to his Maker.
Ben Ammi claims that Africans are the victims of " a cruel plot to control us, an international religious plot that came about as a result of Blacks disobeying the law and commandments of God.
When Ben and Riley try to tell various authorities, including the FBI, and Dr. Abigail Chase at the National Archives, they dismiss their claims, considering the Declaration impossible to steal.
He claims the group named him an honorary lesbian for his support, and to have pseudonymously written the earliest work of " lesbian SF " in 1947 in Vice Versa, the lesbian fanzine edited by Lisa Ben.
These included the introduction of Ben & Jerry's new ( yet controversial ) ice cream flavor, Schweddy Balls ; Charlie Sheen's breakdown ; theft claims by Lindsay Lohan ; charges of sexual assaults against Dominique Strauss-Kahn ; the 2012 presidential campaigns with the 9-9-9 plan ; the trial and conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray.
In its campaign literature, the CEC claims to associate itself with " a tradition " including such Australian figures as the Rev John Dunmore Lang, King O ' Malley, William Guthrie Spence, Frank Anstey, Daniel Deniehy, Jack Lang, Ben Chifley and John Curtin.
* Ben Hanlon, the father and leader of the Wild Hanlons from the NBC television show Treasure Hunters, claims a Masters and PhD from Hamilton University
Like many South African whites, Ben refuses to get involved in the racial divides that have been tearing the country apart, thinking that Gordon's claims against the white minority government are unfounded.
According to an interview conducted by Wes Anderson in the DVD features for the film, director Peter Bogdanovich claims Hepburn and Ben Gazzara fell in love and had an affair while shooting Bloodline ( 1979 ).
This becomes evident when Ben goes missing on Isabel's watch and Jackie claims that she has never lost him, which she later admits to be untrue.
The Doctor, Ben and Polly attend Quinn ’ s trial, during which Lesterson arrives with the reactivated Dalek, who claims to be the colony ’ s servant.
He claims that John is wanted for rape ( whether this is true or not is uncertain ) and that he ’ ll come back “ when he ’ s tired of the hens .” Like Ben, Anna treats Henry ’ s father coldly and pays more attention to Katherine, who brings her food for her children.
Katherine Winter ( Hilary Swank ) and her colleague, Ben ( Idris Elba ), are in Chile investigating claims of a miracle.
A 1950 article by Ada Bedell Wootton claims that Ben and Lew Snowden sometimes played with Dan Emmett during the minstrel's retirement.
" However, in an essay on the ethics in this episode, C. W. Marshall claims that Giles actually exhibits heroism, as his murder of Ben serves a greater good and protects those he loves.

Ben and land
( Ben Dykes, who owned the land on which the prison was built, was both depot agent and postmaster.
The Fatah subgroup Black September hijacked a Sabena flight on route to Vienna and forced it to land at the Ben Gurion International Airport in Lod, Israel.
The eponymous creature was played by Ben Chapman on land and Ricou Browning in underwater scenes.
* Ben Chapman as Gill-man ( land )
He moved into movies in 1954, playing the underwater role of the Gill-man in Creature from the Black Lagoon ( while Ben Chapman played the monster on land ), a feat he repeated in two sequels.
Meanwhile, in October 1956, the French Air Force intercepted a Moroccan DC-3 that was flying to Tunis, carrying Ahmed Ben Bella, Mohammed Boudiaf, Mohamed Khider and Hocine Aït Ahmed, and forced it to land in Algiers.
Ben Altheimer owned of land in Arkansas.
Three brothers, Bob, Darrell and Ben Jent purchased a tract of land in the city limits of Eddyville and started construction of a mall, which opened the following fall with ten stores.
In 1870, Ben Plumb, a land speculator and developer, sold building lots around the railroad junction and named the settlement Huntington City.
The FBI discovered that Ben Chester White had been killed on federal land near Pretty Creek in the Homochitto National Forest of Natchez, which gave them jurisdiction.
Allen had acquired more than of land in what would become northern Hays County from Ben Milam ’ s colony grant from the Republic of Texas.
He and Ben F. Gooch began leasing of land to cotton sharecroppers.
Roy and Wang decide to jump by gripping hold of a large British Flag drapped over Big Ben and land in the carriage containing Queen Victoria.
In 1941, Prime Minister Robert Menzies stated that there should be no restrictions on private citizens using the Blue Ensign on land, and in 1947 Prime Minister Ben Chifley reaffirmed this position, but it wasn't until the passage of the Flags Act 1953 that the restriction on civilians flying the Blue Ensign was officially lifted, after which use of the Red Ensign on land became a rarity.
The settlement of Ben Ami, named after the fallen commander of an attack on nearby Nahariyya, was also established on the village land.
The Israeli settlement of Ben Ami was established in 1949, in part on village land.
Recently, he has discovered that his father intends to sell his store and the land to a Japanese company rather than leave it to him ; when he asks why, Big Ben reveals that it is because his son " stubbornly refuses to follow example " by adopting an honest work ethic instead of a ruthless drive to usurp.
After stabilizing the country, Ben Bella embarked on a series of popular but somewhat anarchic land reforms to the benefit of landless farmers, and increasingly turned to socialist rhetoric.
Ben Ammi accused the government of racism and usurping the holy land, while claiming that " The greatest conspiracy ever conceived in the minds of men was the creation of National Homeland for Jewish People .".
As well as denying the Israelite heritage of world Jewry and its claim to the land of Israel, the stalemate between the community and Israel in the late 70s led to heightened tensions and according to the Jerusalem Post, " Ben Ammi mounted a worldwide public-relations offensive against the government that dripped with anti-semitism.
In response to the concerns of anti-Jewish prejudice or stereotyping that arose during their formative years in the land of Israel, community leader Prince Immanuel Ben Yehuda states simply that they have " grown up.
After 1948, a number of Israeli villages were founded on Yibna land: Kfar HaNagid and Beit Gamliel in 1949, Ben Zakai in 1950, Kfar Aviv ( originally: " Kfar HaYeor ") in 1951, Tzofiyya in 1955.
In 1821 John ( aged 20 years ) and brother Henry journeyed to Van Diemen's Land ( now known as Tasmania ) to settle on land in the north-east near Ben Lomond.

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