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Bender's and ("
The pottery wheel scene is very well known and often parodied, most notably in Saturday Night Live, Family Guy (" The Story on Page One "), All's Well, Ends Well, Naked Gun 2½, Loaded Weapon 1, The Penguins of Madagascar, Futurama (" Bendless Love " and " Bender's Game "), Community (" Beginner Pottery "), Victorious (" Survival of the Hottest "), Wallace & Gromit (" A Matter of Loaf and Death "), 6teen (" Unhappy Anniversary ") and Ellen (" Alone Again ...

Bender's and Hell
The episode " Hell Is Other Robots " centers around Bender's becoming addicted to high-voltage electricity, then discovering the religion of Robotology to help him break the habit.
In the episode " Hell Is Other Robots ", Professor Farnsworth complains about Bender's devotion to Robotology, saying, " If only he had joined a mainstream religion, like Oprahism or Voodoo ".
Catholicism is shown to still exist in some form in the 31st century, as the show makes several references to the " Space Pope ": in the opening titles of " Hell is Other Robots " ( stating that the show has been " Condemned by the Space Pope "); in " A Bicyclops Built for Two ", with Bender's rhetorical question " Is the Space Pope reptilian?

Bender's and Other
Other animated movies Tom has voiced include Mulan II, Kim Possible: The Secret Files, Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and the four Futurama movies: Bender's Big Score, The Beast with a Billion Backs, Bender's Game and Into the Wild Green Yonder.

Bender's and robots
* Rosie appears in the ' Futurama movie Bender's Game ; she has been sent to the Hal Institute For Criminally Insane robots after murdering Elroy and Astro.
Initially he worked under the idea that all robots would have square heads in 3000 ; however, it was later decided that Bender's head should be round, a visual play on the idea that Bender is a " round peg in a square hole ".
Although consumption of booze is necessitated by Bender's design and should not be generally viewed as a vice for alcohol-fueled robots, he apparently drinks far more than he needs for energy conversion.

Bender's and can
In the Futurama film Bender's Big Score, Cartman's head can be seen in a jar at the Head Museum while Lars and Leela feed Charles de Gaulle on their date.
Bender's serial number is 2716057, which can be expressed as the sum of 2 cubes .< ref > Specifically, 952 < sup > 3 </ sup > + (- 951 )< sup > 3 </ sup > with Flexo's serial number 3370318 = 119 < sup > 3 </ sup > + 119 < sup > 3 </ sup >.
Though never addressed, an explanation to this seeming contradiction can be found on the fact that, as noticed by the Robot Devil himself, Bender's spirit existes on a universal wireless that allowed him to travel in the physical world while trapped in a Limbo-like loop.
Futurama has returned to the theme of time travel twice since ; in Futurama: Bender's Big Score, although the cause of time travel is different, and in " The Late Philip J. Fry ", which involves a time machine that can only travel forwards in time-to specifically avoid creating a paradox.
You can also see him in a soup line in " Bender's Big Score ".

Bender's and well
Although he regularly frustrates the group, they have demonstrated a certain affection for him as well ; during " How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back " the entire crew traveled to the Central Bureaucracy to recover his brain after Morgan Proctor downloaded it onto a disc and sent it away, Hermes Conrad subsequently risking his bureaucratic license to locate the disc with Bender's brain on it by sorting the entire pile in just under four minutes.
In 2007 and 2008 he performed under the name Ariel Bender's Mott The Hoople performing Spooky Tooth and Mott The Hoople songs, as well as cover songs.
East 13th Avenue is the center of Denver's punk community with the punk club Bender's, as well as various stores that cater to punks and hipsters.

Bender's and on
* In the 2007 Futurama movie, Bender's Big Score, Professor Farnsworth falls for a lottery scam, giving away his personal details on the Internet after he thought he had won the lottery.
In one of Bender's earliest performances with the band they played the Masonic Temple in Detroit on October 12, 1973 with a young Aerosmith opening the show.
Exceptions who are not subject to Bender's prejudicial attitude are those individuals on his " Do Not Kill " list, such as his best friend, Fry, Hermes, Amy, Leela and Dr. Zoidberg.
Even when Bender's body is seemingly destroyed or completely detached from his head, it has no effect on Bender's ability to think and communicate, indicating that his electronic brain is located in his head.
The fact that Bender's ghost is an incorporeal program rather than a soul is further supported by the fact that the " spirits " on " The Honking ", where actually mere holograms of an old computer folder.
Jesus is referenced several times throughout the show, the most notable being on " A Tale of Two Santas ", where all of the crew dress up as Santa and Zoidberg dresses up as " his friend Jesus " to attempt to stay Bender's execution.
The plot device of having Bender's head being lost for many years on Earth while the rest of the crew returns to their own time also alludes to " Time's Arrow ", a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, and to the robot Marvin from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, who is left waiting for his masters for millions of years until the end of the Universe.
She and her husband often refer to each other only as " husband " and " wife ," although in on the Starship Titanic he referred to her simply as " Hot Woman ", or simply " Woman " in Bender's Big Score.
Bender's levels are platformer-oriented, based on the Crash Bandicoot series, while Leela's revolve around hand to hand combat.
Bender returned to the program as a full-time host after the network closed down, but announced on December 11, 2010, that he was again stepping away from the program ; Seder announced on The Majority Report podcast December 17, 2010 that he would be Bender's replacement.
Poltergeist and space-time: A contemplation on Hans Bender's Ideas About RSPK.
Bender's wife was on the same train.

Bender's and also
Bender's human-like character is also reinforced by his ability to display many traits that are often regarded as exclusive to humans, such as whistling, snoring, having bloodshot eyes, crying, feeling at the least physical attraction, being tickled, dreaming, and belching.
West also voices Lars Fillmore in Futurama: Bender's Big Score, who is a time travel duplicate of Fry with an injured larynx, and therefore, a slightly altered voice.
Bender's works have also been published in Granta, GQ, Harper's, Tin House, Opium Magazine, McSweeney's, The Paris Review, and several anthologies.
He also wrote the direct-to-DVD Futurama movies Bender's Big Score and Into the Wild Green Yonder.

Bender's and ).
Because interrogatories are so heavily used in American discovery, there are two major compilations of generic interrogatories covering almost every conceivable type of legal case: Bender's Forms of Discovery: Interrogatories ( published by LexisNexis ) and Pattern Discovery ( published by West ).
Ostap Bender's origins are mysterious ; he mentions only that his father was " a Turkish subject " and that his full name is Ostap-Sulayman-Berta-Maria-Bender-Bey ( Остап-Сулейман-Берта-Мария-Бендер-Бей ).
In Bender's Big Score, Hermes limbos under one sword that nicks his belly, but as he begins to gloat he is accidentally decapitated by another sword ( which was crossed with the first one over the Planet Express ' fireplace ).
It was a three-hour block of party-themed music sponsored by Bender's On George, a local nightclub, hosted by Mike Campbell and later Micky T ( Thomas ).

excessive and drinking
However, in the autumn of 1908, Munch's anxiety, compounded by excessive drinking and brawling, had become acute.
Throughout his life he had enjoyed excessive living, and his drinking probably hastened his death, which occurred in London on 20 June 1787.
" According to Allmusic, " Moon, with his manic, lunatic side, and his life of excessive drinking, partying, and other indulgences, probably represented the youthful, zany side of rock & roll, as well as its self-destructive side, better than anyone else on the planet.
Using meconium, a Canadian research group at the Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto, showed that by measuring a by-product of alcohol ( FAEE ) they could objectively detect babies exposed to excessive maternal drinking of alcohol in pregnancy.
Commentators, as early as the Classical era, on have excused Noah ’ s excessive drinking because he was considered to be the first wine drinker, the first person to discover the soothing, consoling, and enlivening effects of wine.
The statutes were notable in that they both gave preference to students born in France who had already studied elsewhere in England, and that they required students to report fellow students if they indulged in excessive drinking or visited disreputable houses.
The tabloid gossip newspaper Sensaatio-Uutiset (" Sensational News ") accused Kekkonen of fistfighting, excessive drinking and extramarital affairs.
Throughout his life McGonagall campaigned against excessive drinking, appearing in pubs and bars to give edifying poems and speeches.
Harthacnut presumably consumed large quanties of alcohol, as he was drinking to the health of the bride — he " died as he stood at his drink, and he suddenly fell to the earth with an awful convulsion ; and those who were close by took hold of him, and he spoke no word afterwards …" The likely cause of death was a stroke, " brought about by an excessive intake of alcohol " In The Death of Kings: A Medical History of the Kings and Queens of England ( 2000 ), Clifford Brewer suggested a cardiac arrest as the immediate cause of death.
Rodriguez was, by all accounts, loving and loyal but also prone to jealous rages and excessive drinking, so the relationship was a tempestuous one.
This resulted in excessive drinking and quarrels in which the festival booths were torn down, or overturned, during the confusion.
His poor health, made worse by excessive smoking and drinking, laid him low.
The rating was based on premature death, low birth weight, smoking, obesity, inactivity, excessive drinking, car crashes, sexually transmitted diseases, graduation rates, poverty, violent crime rates, air pollution, limited access to healthy food, unemployment, and the number of single parent households.
The couple eventually had two children and divorced in 1952 due to his excessive drinking and erratic behavior.
By the time the ship was ready to leave there were about 300 people on board although some had disembarked before the ship sailed due to the excessive drinking.
The network balked at the idea of Frawley, fearing that his excessive drinking — which was well known in Hollywood — would interfere with his doing a live show.
Proteinuria can also be caused by certain biological agents, such as bevacizumab ( Avastin ) used in cancer treatment, or by excessive fluid intake ( drinking in excess of 4 litres of water per day ).
The Fennomans also disapproved of its depiction of not-so-virtuous rural life that was far from their idealized point of view, and his excessive drinking may have alienated some.
Loudon Wainwright wrote ' Wine with dinner ', about excessive drinking, which includes the line, ' Let us spend a lost weekend under the volcano '.
Diogenes Laërtius says that, like his successor Lacydes, he died of excessive drinking, but the testimony of others ( e. g. Cleanthes ) and his own precepts discredit the story, and he is known to have been much respected by the Athenians.
* Polyuria ( excessive urine production ) of which, in turn, the most frequent causes are: uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, primary polydipsia ( excessive fluid drinking ), central diabetes insipidus and nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.
McCrae had no doubt about Kendall having at times given way to excessive drinking, but stated positively that he had never actually seen him the worse for drink.
** Treating the excessive drinking of fluids in psychogenic polydipsia,
Nevertheless, his excessive drinking was also noted, and two " eyes only " memorandums were placed in his file.

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