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Beneath and are
Beneath the petals are five sepals ( or in the case of some Rosa sericea, four ).
Beneath the founder's statue are the coats of arms of Edward III, the founder of King's Hall, and those of his five sons who survived to maturity, as well as William of Hatfield, whose shield is blank as he died as an infant, before being granted arms.
: Beneath the humble earth where you are laid,
Beneath the ground are tunnels of the Catacombs of Paris.
Beneath the rose itself are five tall lancet windows ( 7. 5m high ) showing, in the centre, the Virgin as an infant held by her mother, St Anne – the same subject as the trumeau in the portal beneath it.
Beneath are roses and lilies, the flos campi and lilium convallium, changed into garden flowers, to show the culture of aspiration.
Beneath the city's seal are crossed palm fronds and orange branches.
Beneath the drift deposits of the Vale of York lie Triassic sandstone and mudstone, and lower Jurassic mudstone but these are completely masked by the surface deposits.
Beneath these stars in raised letters are the names of the five men who were killed that day: Crispus Attucks, Samuel Gray, James Caldwell, Samuel Maverick, and Patrick Carr. Crispus Attucks Middle School, Sunnyside, Houston | Sunnyside, Houston, Texas
Beneath the mandorla of Christ-Emmanuel are representations of Cherubim ( blue ) and Seraphim ( red ).
Zuckerman also makes an appearance in Salman Rushdie's 1999 novel The Ground Beneath Her Feet, where in an alternate universe it is the literary alter-egos ( and their novels ) that are real.
Beneath the Bishops ' Conference are the regional or provincial meetings of bishops
Beneath the scales and osteoderms is another layer of armor, both strong and flexible and built of rows of bony overlapping shingles called osteoscutes, which are embedded in the animal's back tissue.
Beneath the valley floor lie the remains of 40, 000, whose names are accounted for in the monument's register.
Beneath the observable surface presentation of criticism, which is freely advertised, there are often more additional layers of deeper criticism.
: Beneath its base are heroes ' ashes hid,
Beneath this vacuole is found an array of microtubules that are connected to the inner membrane by intramembranous particles.
In 2004, Charles Cecil commented " Beneath a Steel Sky 2 is a project Revolution has been considering for a while, and has started to move forward on, but we are unable to comment beyond this.
Beneath the ground are an abandoned mineshaft and limestone quarry, the shadowy labyrinths of an " Undercity ", and the dark Iron Maiden dungeon.
Beneath the fish are layers of suffocating wind, a veil of darkness, and mist.
Beneath the surface are numerous nodules ( f ) of lymphoid tissue.
Beneath this pass, rival railway companies excavated the Merstham tunnels, which are still used by regular commuter trains and occasional goods transport, with the two railway lines intersecting to the south of the station.
The caverns are referred to as the World Beneath, and many dinosaurs go there to die.
Among the subjects he studies are the flora of the island, the partnership of its inhabitants, and the existence of a place known as the World Beneath.

Beneath and open
Beneath the rock is a natural cave known as the Well of Souls, originally accessible only by a narrow hole in the rock itself, Crusaders hacked open an entrance to the cave from the south, by which it can now be entered.
" Beneath the blazing of the sun, in that morning of new growth, the countryside rang with song, as its belly swelled with a black and avenging army of men, germinating slowly in its furrows, growing upwards in readiness for harvests to come, until one day soon their ripening would burst open the earth itself.
Beneath the riding surface, the box girders are open with a width of and a height which varies from to.

Beneath and serpent
For example, his use of ten harps in Beneath the 12 Mile Reef created an extraordinary underwater-like sonic landscape ; his use of four bass flutes in Citizen Kane contributed to the creepy opening, only matched by the use of 12 flutes in his unused Torn Curtain score ; and his use of the serpent in White Witch Doctor is possibly the first use of that instrument in a film score.
Beneath Bahamut is an abyss of air, then fire, and beneath that a giant serpent called Falak.

Beneath and common
Beneath the dormitory, overlooking the green court or herbarium, lay the " pisalis " or " calefactory ," the common room of the monks.

Beneath and representation
Beneath Masaccio's fresco of the Trinity painted in 1425-28 in Santa Maria Novella, Florence, is a painted representation of a cadaver tomb.

Beneath and entrance
Beneath the waters was an entrance to the Underworld, and the Hydra was its guardian.

Beneath and into
The Southern Cross was written into the lyrics of " Advance Australia Fair " in 1901: " Beneath our radiant Southern Cross "; the song was adopted as the Australian National Anthem in 1984.
With production due to commence following the completion the Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse, Beneath a Steel Sky 2 is to be developed for iOS, Android, PC, Linux and OSX, whilst Revolution confirmed that it was looking into the possibility of a console release.
Arthur, for his part, travels into the World Beneath, at the same time that Will and Sylvia are learning to fly with the Skybax.
After returning from his first expedition in A Land Apart From Time, Arthur presents two items he discovered – a sunstone and half of a key – to the council at Waterfall City in an attempt to get a second expedition into the World Beneath.
Beneath a range of meat hooks is a square patch where the hole for the post would have been dropped into the Glue Pot.
Beneath the main hall is the Otowa waterfall, where three channels of water fall into a pond.
Rodgers's " Beneath the Southern Cross " theme was given words by Oscar Hammerstein, titled " No Other Love ," and put into their 1953 musical, Me and Juliet.
Beneath it, about of tunnels were to be dug into the chalk hillside to accommodate workshops, storerooms, fuel supplies, a LOX manufacturing plant, generators, barracks and a hospital.
Beneath this ganglion lies an exocrine gland that empties into the pharynx.
" is translated into English as " Beneath the pavement, the beach!
Beneath this theme is a musical structure that, while not conforming to the traditional recapitulation of themes in sonata form, succeeds in moving forward without losing unity or degenerating into a series of episodes.
Beneath the statues of Leah and Rachel are two bronze bas-reliefs representing " The deposition from the Cross " and " The descent into Limbo ".
* Boating: Beneath the Orange Bubble Express is a 20 million-gallon reservoir that is transformed into a high alpine gathering area.
Beneath its documentary exterior there lies a straight melodrama that harks back to the great gangster films of the early 1930s ... Along a continuous line of fresh details, film includes a crackerjack fight sequence between Stevens and a professional pug, a glimpse into the FBI machinery, and a slambang finale in which the cops and the hoodlums shoot it out in an industrial plant.
( Beneath her composure and grace, even her occasional ribbing against him, Cora is infatuated with Gearhart from the moment he rides into the fort and spends much of the film trying subtly to win his affection.
Beneath the shield is a scroll with the school's Latin motto " Pro Deo et Patria ", in which translates into English as " For God and Country ".
Though this track faded into obscurity somewhat, it would lead to several more collaborations between Mathematics and Ghostface ; Math also began to produce for many other Wu-Tang members and affiliates, including several tracks on GZA's second album Beneath The Surface as well as Method Man's Tical 2000: Judgement Day, Inspectah Deck's Uncontrolled Substance and Method Man & Redman's Blackout !.
* The French cartoon Les Mondes Engloutis ( known in English as Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea ) involves protagonists descending through a maze of underground caves into a subterranean world of different space and time, inhabited by various peoples.

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