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Besides and winning
Besides converting the Anti-Comintern Pact into an anti-British military alliance, Ribbentrop argued that German foreign policy should work to " furthermore, winning over all states whose interests conform directly or indirectly to ours ".
Besides writing songs for films, he also writes songs for television series such as the Emmy-Award winning current theme song of Monk, " It's a Jungle out There ".
Besides winning this bout, Hart has earlier in the year defeated Jack Johnson over 20 rounds at San Francisco.
Besides winning the Cuban heavyweight title ( which he would win each year until his retirement, except 1999 and 2000 when he lost to Odlanier Solis, who he would lose to twice and defeat once in their 3 meetings ), he also won the Junior World Championships in 1985.
Besides his prowess at the plate and on the bases, Morgan was an exceptional infielder, winning the Gold Glove Award in consecutive years from to.
Besides winning three consecutive Cheltenham Gold Cups ( 1964, 1965, 1966 ) and the 1965 King George VI Chase, Arkle triumphed in a number of other important handicap chases, including the 1964 Irish Grand National ( under 12-0 ), the 1964 and 1965 Hennessy Gold Cups ( both times under 12-7 ), the 1965 Gallagher Gold Cup ( conceding 16 lb to Mill House while breaking the course record by 17 seconds ), and the 1965 Whitbread Gold Cup ( under 12-7 ).
Besides being a defender at the centreback position, Koeman was also known for his powerful right-footed freekicks and deadball ability where he scored many vital goals for the team, and it was from a free kick that he scored Barcelona's winning goal in the 1992 European Cup final.
Besides setting a record for the worst ever regular season winning percentage for a World Series winner and hosting the first ever World Series game indoors, the 1987 Twins were the first team to ever enter the World Series having been outscored in the regular season.
Besides the winning combinations, all Cee-lo rules include certain rolls that establish a " point ," and there are situations where two or more players will roll and compare their points to determine a winner.
Besides having the advantage historically, Colo-Colo are also victorious in obtaining the largest margin of victory between the two by winning 6-0 on August 7, 1938.
Besides instructional dance for PE or Fine Arts credit, Clements has an award winning dance team named the Stars.
Besides coaching youth baseball, Curtis coached the equestrian team at Lakewood Public Schools winning state championship honors in 2011.
Besides winning the Nebula Award, The Terminal Experiment won the Aurora Award for Best Best Long Form in English of 1995.
Besides Purdue, the Kentucky Wildcats, the Kent State Golden Flashes and the played in the Gary Regional on June 1 4, 2012, with Kent State winning to advance to the Eugene Super Regional.
Besides running his school, Machado has been involved in competition, winning twice the Pan American of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( 97 / 98 ), several events in the U. S. ( U. S Open 98 / 99 ), and the World Master's Championships ( 2000 ) in two weight divisions ( middle weight and open class ).
Besides almost always winning his own line-out ball, Matfield is known for his exceptional skill at disrupting opposition line-outs this skill was a cornerstone of their 2007 World Cup success, where he was crowned IRB ( International Rugby Board ) player of the Rugby World Cup and his speed around the field led former Australian coach Eddie Jones to comment that he should be an Olympic sprinter instead.

Besides and consecutive
Besides direct effect of asteroid impacts on a planet's surface topography, global climate and life, recent studies have shown that several consecutive impacts can have effect on the dynamo mechanism at a planet's core responsible for maintaining the magnetic field of the planet, and can eventually shut down the planet's magnetic field.
Besides fronting the finale performance at the Chingay Parade 2010 and performing for the second consecutive time in Seoul under the invitation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea and Singapore's NAC, he continued to earn recognition for his music.

Besides and at
Besides Church and Sunday School I went to out-of-door meetings on the sidewalk at the church door.
Besides the well-known hydrogen line at 21 cm wavelength, the spectra of extraterrestrial radio sources may contain sharp lines characteristic of other atoms, ions, and small molecules.
Besides the bundle centers where contributions may be made there will be facilities at Philmont Country Club for those who would like to bring the bundles on the night of the party.
Besides Dick Tracy, Capp parodied many other comic strips in Li ' l Abner — including Steve Canyon, Superman ( at least twice ; first as " Jack Jawbreaker " in 1947, and again in 1966 as " Chickensouperman "), Mary Worth, Peanuts, Rex Morgan, M. D., Little Annie Rooney and Little Orphan Annie ( in which Punjab became " Punjbag ," an oleaginous slob ).
Besides his use of the comic strip to voice his opinions and display his humor, Capp was a popular guest speaker at universities, and on radio and television.
Besides which, he was the half brother of Valeria Messalina, and at this time those wounds were still fresh.
Besides being the changing rooms, the Cottage ( also called The Clubhouse ) was traditionally used by the players ' families and friends who sit on the balcony to watch the game, but the club now sell those seats at a premium game-by-game rate.
Besides hearing and vision, at least one species, the tucuxi or Guiana dolphin, is able to use electroreception to sense prey.
Besides the main island, there are three small islets at the mouth of the lagoon: West Island ( 3. 4 ha / 8. 4 acres ); Middle Island ( 6 ha / 14. 8 acres ); and East Island ( 11. 75 ha / 29 acres ).
Besides those six camps, there existed the little-known Maly Trostenets extermination camp, at Minsk, Belarus, in the anti-Communist Lokot Republic ( July 1942 August 1943 ) established in the Nazi-occupied USSR ; similar camps existed at Warsaw and Janowska.
Besides the French space center at Kourou, fishing and forestry are the most important economic activities.
Besides the short stories included in Dance Band on the Titanic, Chalker wrote at least one other short story:
Besides its two sea entrances, the Kiel Canal is linked, at Oldenbüttel, to the navigable River Eider by the short Gieselau Canal.
Besides Zarathushtra's Gathas, Plato gives the earliest surviving account of a " natural theology ", around 360 BC, in his dialogue " Timaeus " he states " Now the whole Heaven, or Cosmos, ... we must first investigate concerning it that primary question which has to be investigated at the outset in every case ,— namely, whether it has existed always, having no beginning of generation, or whether it has come into existence, having begun from some beginning ".
Besides Arne, the other dominating force in English opera at this time was George Frideric Handel, whose opera serias filled the London operatic stages for decades, and influenced most home-grown composers, like John Frederick Lampe, who wrote using Italian models.
Besides product homogeneity and absence of collusion, the notion more generally associated with perfect competition is the negligibility of the size of agents, which makes them believe that they can sell as much of the good as they wish at the equilibrium price but nothing at a higher price ( in particular, firms are described as each one of them facing a horizontal demand curve ).
Besides turning over to them some deserted Benedictine monasteries, he presented them with the monastery of St. Paul at Albano, which he himself had founded and richly endowed when he was still cardinal.
Besides making decision as which interface a packet is forwarded to, which is handled primarily via the routing table, a router also has to manage congestion, when packets arrive at a rate higher than the router can process.
Besides the Panoramaterras, Schiphol has other spotting sites, especially along the newest Polderbaan runway and at the McDonald's restaurant at the north side of the airport.
Besides the cost of ameliorating damaged areas and the loss of at least part of the initial investment in them, salinization and chemicalization of land have reduced agricultural productivity in Central Asia by an estimated 20 to 25 %.
Besides Stewart, Jones, and Jagger, the first rehearsal of the as-yet-unnamed band also included Richards attending at Jagger's behest.
Besides its main campus at University Park, USC also operates the Health Sciences Campus about northeast of downtown.

Besides and Ohio
Besides being the regular season home of the Massillon Tiger Football team, the stadium hosts numerous Ohio High School Athletic Association state football playoff games as well as divisional championship games.
Besides financing such Eastern railroads as the Pennsylvania and the Louisville & Nashville, he took part in the reorganization of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1896-99, and at various times aided the American Smelting & Refining Company ( ASARCO ), the Westinghouse Electric Company, and the Western Union Telegraph Company.

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