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Besides and Jimmy
Besides Chiam and Ling, the SDP also fielded Ashleigh Seow ( the son of former Solicitor-General Francis Seow ), businessmen Jufrie Mahmood, Cheo Chai Chen and Ng Teck Siong, sales manager Kwan Yue Keng, bank clerical assistant Mohd Shariff Yahya, teacher George Sita, financial futures trader Jimmy Tan, former PAP MP Low Yong Nguan, businesswoman Toh Kim Kiat, construction supervisor Francis Yong Chu Leong and shipping manager Chia Ah Soon.

Besides and Olsen
" Besides Paul Christman, Curt Gowdy's other football broadcast partners were Kyle Rote, Al DeRogatis, Don Meredith, John Brodie, and Merlin Olsen.

Besides and other
Besides the well-known hydrogen line at 21 cm wavelength, the spectra of extraterrestrial radio sources may contain sharp lines characteristic of other atoms, ions, and small molecules.
Besides, it's important to the way a painter thinks that he should move in a certain atmosphere, an atmosphere in which he may absorb the ideas of other masters, as Durer went to Italy to meet Bellini and Mantegna ''.
Besides iodine and tellurium, later several other pairs of elements ( such as argon and potassium, cobalt and nickel ) were known to have nearly identical or reversed atomic weights, leaving their placement in the periodic table by chemical properties to be in violation of known physical properties.
Besides those mentioned, other large bodies of water adjacent to the Atlantic are the Caribbean Sea ; the Gulf of Mexico ; Hudson Bay ; the Arctic Ocean ; the Mediterranean Sea ; the North Sea ; the Baltic Sea and the Celtic Sea.
Besides the Portuguese, significant numbers of people from other European and from diverse Latin American countries ( especially Brazil ) can be found.
Besides the normal print book editions, the novel was also included on a CD-ROM sold by ClariNet Communications along with the other nominees for the 1993 Hugo awards.
Besides AppleTalk and TCP / IP, any Ethernet network could also simultaneously carry other protocols such as DECnet, NetBEUI, and IPX.
Besides hydrogen, other elements can be bound to the carbon chain, the most common being oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and chlorine.
Besides fulfilling other journalistic engagements, Beckett was on the staff of Punch from 1874 to 1902, edited the Sunday Times 1891-1895, and the Naval and Military Magazine in 1896.
Besides Dick Tracy, Capp parodied many other comic strips in Li ' l Abner — including Steve Canyon, Superman ( at least twice ; first as " Jack Jawbreaker " in 1947, and again in 1966 as " Chickensouperman "), Mary Worth, Peanuts, Rex Morgan, M. D., Little Annie Rooney and Little Orphan Annie ( in which Punjab became " Punjbag ," an oleaginous slob ).
Besides the state owned airline Cubana ( Cubana de Aviación ), the two other major Cuban airlines are Aero Caribbean and Aerogaviota, both of whom operate modern European and Russian aircraft.
Besides keeping existing public buildings and facilities in a proper state of repair, the censors were also in charge of constructing new ones, either for ornament or utility, both in Rome and in other parts of Italy, such as temples, basilicae, theatres, porticoes, fora, walls of towns, aqueducts, harbours, bridges, cloacae, roads, etc.
Besides the previously mentioned spices, other commonly found spices in different curry powders in India are allspice, white pepper, ground mustard, ground ginger, cinnamon, roasted cumin, cloves, nutmeg, mace, green cardamom seeds or black cardamom pods, bay leaves and coriander seeds.
Besides the climate, other factors such as the high occurrence of parasites, diseases and the very low nutritional value of the native forage were problems.
Besides the great trilogy, Clement's only other extant work is the treatise Salvation for the rich.
Besides the importance of eating a balanced diet that includes all the necessary nutrients, other factors also contribute to healthy nutrition.
Besides the above, the region features other important industries including aerospace and biomedical research, as well as older industries such as agriculture and — especially since the development of the Gulf Coast beginning in the 1920s and the increase in wealth throughout the United States — tourism.
Besides its widespread monetary and symbolic functions, gold has many practical uses in dentistry, electronics, and other fields.
Besides black powder, there are other historically important types of gunpowder.
Besides its use as an explosive, gunpowder has been occasionally employed for other purposes ; after the Battle of Aspern-Essling ( 1809 ), the surgeon of the Napoleonic Army Larrey combated the lack of food for the wounded under his care by preparing a bouillon of horse meat seasoned with gunpowder for lack of salt.
Besides the already mentioned Project Xanadu, Hypertext Editing System, NLS, HyperCard, and World Wide Web, there are other noteworthy early implementations of hypertext, with different feature sets: Hypertext Editing System ( HES ) IBM 2250 Display console – Brown University 1969
Besides, the author of Kings coordinated dates in the two kingdoms by giving the accession year of a monarch in terms of the year of the monarch of the other kingdom, ( e. g. ) though some commentators note that these dates do not synchronise.
Besides the bright new uniforms there were some other changes.
Besides Hultsfred, in the mid north of the municipality, there are the towns of Virserum in the south-west and other ever smaller settlements such as Lönneberga, Silverdalen and Målilla.
Besides fronting his own band and rap projects, Ice-T has also collaborated with other hard rock and metal bands, such as Icepick, Motörhead, Slayer, Pro-Pain, and Six Feet Under.

Besides and well
Besides doing a single song, `` When The Sun Comes Out '', they worked on the ambitious American-Negro Suite, for voices and piano, as well as songs for films.
Besides the history of Augustus ' reign that caused him so much grief, his major works included an Etruscan history and eight volumes on Carthaginian history, as well as an Etruscan Dictionary and a book on dice playing.
Besides the wellknown ratio e = f / a, it is also true that e = a / d.
Besides the use of steel wheels providing sparks for the fuses, there were other methods used as well, such as the ' underground sky-soaring thunder '.
Besides mythological gods, many deities made up by Marvel writers exist as well, such as the Dark Gods, enemies of the Asgardians.
Besides, a number of German non-governmental organisations as well as institutions like
Besides the international think tanks present in the surrounding countries as well ( with Open Society Foundations being the most notable one ) Slovakia has a host of its own think tanks as well, such as Institute of Public Affairs ( Inštitút pre verejné otázky or IVO in Slovak ) and Forum Minority Research Institute ( Fórum Kisebbségkutató Intézet or Fórum Intézet in Hungarian and Fórum inštitút pre výskum menšín or Fórum inštitút in Slovak ), with the latter concentrating on minority issues.
Besides Luther's strength of faith, Melanchthon's many-sidedness and calmness, as well as his temperance and love of peace, had a share in the success of the movement.
Besides recordings his own compositions, Ellington also recorded a handful of current hits, as well as a number of specially written songs by Dorothy Fields-Jimmy McHugh and Fats Waller-Andy Razaf for various Cotton Club Revues.
Besides these well known dorsalizing factors, further molecules known to be involved in dorsal ventral patterning are also present in S. kowalevskii, such as a netrin that groups with netrin gene class 1 and 2.
Besides the basic movement of the pieces, rules also govern the equipment used, the time control, the conduct and ethics of players, accommodations for physically challenged players, the recording of moves using chess notation, as well as provide procedures for resolving irregularities which can occur during a game.
Besides its function as a grain shipment route and major vein of river borne indigenous trade in China, the Grand Canal had long been a government-operated courier route as well.
Besides Persian and Turkmen forces, Nader was accompanied by the young Ahmad Shah Durrani and 4, 000 well trained Pashtun troops from Afghanistan.
Besides finding a solution to a particular puzzle, mathematicians are usually interested in counting the total number of possible solutions, finding solutions with certain properties, as well as generalization of the problems to NxN or rectangular boards.
Besides the quotations made directly, there are found numberless allusions, more or less distinct, showing that the minds of the New Testament writers were filled with the expressions and ideas as well as historical facts recorded in the Old Testament.
Besides ship-newbuilding also ship repairs and conversion as well as construction of engines and industrial equipment was carried out.
Besides the OKeh recordings, Parlophone also issued recordings from US Columbia, Brunswick as well as a few sessions produced at US Decca.
Besides its gold mines, the wine, nuts and marble of Thasos were well known in antiquity.
Besides the assumption that deities of other Baltic peoples must be Latvian as well but were simply lost over time, many new deities were modeled after Greek and Roman deities.
Besides his books on the State, we find quoted various treatises on Education, on Royalty, on the Best State, on Political Morals, and particularly his works on the Laws, one of which, containing a recapitulation of the laws of various barbarian as well as Greek states, was intended to be a companion to Aristotle's outline of Politics, and must have been similar to it.
Besides, this gypsyism gives me the appearance of an uncultured, ignorant and primitive poet that you know very well I ’ m not.
Besides the UU, Wizard magic is known to be taught at Bugarup University in Fourecks ( Archchancellor, Bill Rincewind ) and Krull University in the secretive nation of Krull, as well as the recently-established Braseneck College in Pseudopolis.
Besides the 5th Division, the 6th, 11th, 13th, and 20th Armored Divisions as well as the 86th and 97th Infantry Divisions, and the 2d Filipino Infantry Regiment were all stationed at Cooke at varying times during the war.

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