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Besides and using
Besides using the flag, the Council also uses a defaced version of the flag as its emblem: it is the existing design with a stylised, green " e " over the stars.
Besides fans who are community members, Lomo Amigos, or friends of Lomography, are invited to contribute to the magazine and are often celebrities who enjoy using Lomography cameras.
Besides using pieces as an aid to teaching various elements of playing style, a good teacher will also inspire more intangible qualities such as expressiveness and musicianship.
Besides Arne, the other dominating force in English opera at this time was George Frideric Handel, whose opera serias filled the London operatic stages for decades, and influenced most home-grown composers, like John Frederick Lampe, who wrote using Italian models.
Besides the ubiquitous helicopter, there are currently two types of VTOL aircraft in military service: craft using a tiltrotor, such as the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, and aircraft using directed jet thrust such as the Harrier family.
Besides using professional actors, German, American and otherwise, Herzog is known for using people from the locality in which he is shooting.
Besides using entropy encoding as a way to compress digital data, an entropy encoder can
Besides the basic movement of the pieces, rules also govern the equipment used, the time control, the conduct and ethics of players, accommodations for physically challenged players, the recording of moves using chess notation, as well as provide procedures for resolving irregularities which can occur during a game.
Besides using NOR memory as random-access ROM, you can use it as a storage device, by taking advantage of random-access programming.
Besides counting fruits, addition can also represent combining other physical and abstract quantities using different kinds of numbers: negative numbers, fractions, irrational numbers, vectors, decimals and more.
Besides these public available services, generally without authentication, there were also several private services using the same infrastructure but using their own access-phone numbers and dedicated access-points.
Besides using percussion from around the world, Eidelman treated the choir as percussion, with the Klingon language translation for " to be, or not to be " (" taH pagh, taHbe ") being repeated in the background.
Besides the ubiquitous helicopter, there are currently two types of VTOL aircraft in military service: craft using a tiltrotor, such as the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, and aircraft using directed jet thrust such as the Harrier family.
Besides using the voice, which has been developed to use various techniques such as complex hard melisma and yodel, a wide array of musical instruments are used.
:: Besides their use as rotation sensors, interferometers constructed using the Sagnac topology played an important role in experiments leading to Einstein's discovery of special relativity, and in the subsequent defense of relativity against theoretical and experimental challenges.
Besides his signature basses, Hoppus was seen using one other bass guitar live on stage: the six-stringed Fender Bass VI, most notably for the song " I Miss You ".
Besides using natural, locally available resources ( e. g. wood or adobe ), waste materials imported from cities using conventional ( and inefficient ) waste management may be gathered and re-used to build a sustainable living environment.
Besides the technique common in Western alcoholic beverages of either fermented from fruit juices that already contain simple sugars ( wine ), or else malted grains with sugar converted from starch using the grain's own enzymes ( beer ), Chinese jiu ( and many other East Asian alcoholic beverages ) are most commonly fermented from sugars converted from grain starch using enzymes from certain mold strains.

Besides and Gothic
Besides these buildings which were part of the official structures of the bishopric ; an additional four parish churches were constructed in the city: the Jacobikerk ( dedicated to Saint James ), founded in the 11th century, with the current Gothic church dating back to the 14th century ; the Buurkerk ( Neighbourhood-church ) of the 11th century parish in the centre of the city ; Nicolaichurch ( dedicated to Saint Nicholas ), from the 12th century and the 13th century Geertekerk ( dedicated to Saint Gertrude of Nivelles ).
Besides the monumental 17th century Renaissance chateau with an English-style park ( a rebuilding of original Gothic castle ), the most significant sight is the town square, a unique complex of long urban plaza with well-conserved Renaissance and Baroque houses with high gables and arcades ; since 1992 all of this has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Besides and architecture
Besides the renovation of various buildings, projects such as the reconstruction of the pavement of the streets and squares ( reversing them to their historical appearance ), and the introduction of new plants, trees and objects of ' small architecture ', are underway.
Besides accomplishments in architecture, Brunelleschi is also credited with inventing one-point linear perspective which revolutionized painting and allowed for naturalistic styles to develop as the Renaissance digressed from the stylized figures of medieval art.
Besides the quirky welcome sign ( shown at right ), the town boasts several roadside sculptures and the Space Age Lodge motel and restaurant ( opened in 1963 ), named for its " Space Age " themed architecture and decor.
Besides viewing many paintings, the architecture and the music of Europe left a deep impression on Rothko.
Besides Japanese religious architecture, Ando also designs Christian Churches, such as the Church of Light ( 1989 ) and the Church in Tarumi ( 1993 ).
Besides speaking the spirit of the architecture, the association between the nature and the architecture is also his architecture strategy.
Besides being known for its architecture and collections, the Philadelphia Museum of Art has in recent decades become known due to the role it played in the Rocky films -- Rocky ( 1976 ) and four of its five sequels, II, III, V and Rocky Balboa.
Besides remodelling his London home at No. 4 St James's Square ( now the Naval & Military Club ) he designed the new Wrest House inspired by French architecture at his Wrest Park estate in Bedfordshire between February 1833 and October 1839, assisted by James Clephan, and maintained the Park adding a number of decorations and statues.
Besides their artistic value, they are a priceless source of information on the history and architecture of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, whose historical heritage was largely destroyed by the Germans during World War II.
Besides System / 38 and the AS / 400, which inherited much of the FS architecture, bits and pieces of Future Systems technology were incorporated in the following parts of IBM's product line:
Besides the town, which maintains much of its older architecture, there are several tourist and cultural sites:
Besides architecture, this work also acquaints the reader with Gaudí's political and social thoughts.
Besides animals and plants, the Wilhelma is therefore also worth visiting for its architecture, which is intact from the mid-19th century.
Besides, " Saracen chimneys " () are a typical local architecture feature of Bresse, a region in Eastern France.
Besides the Hazel Quick letter from Michigan, there was a reply from Alice Goff, expressing her support of the idea of a society for women in engineering and architecture, " Undoubtedly an organization of such a nature would be of great benefit to all members, especially to those just entering the profession.
Besides some changes in the levels ( extra rooms in one version that's not in another, added architecture on the PlayStation ), the levels Amun Mines, Heket Marsh, Set Palace, Cavern of Peril, and Kilmaat Colony are almost completely different between the two versions.

Besides and setting
Besides the advantages offered by such a plan, in setting immediately before the eyes of the student the final results of the investigation in a more concrete form, and thereby rendering easier his insight into the nature of particular Indo-European languages, there is, I think, another of no less importance gained by it, namely that it shows the baselessness of the assumption that the non-Indian Indo-European languages were derived from Old-Indian ( Sanskrit ).
Besides the obvious instances of setting records, absolute scores are also used for rankings and qualifications for higher level meets.
Besides attacking pieces, a target of a fork can be a direct mating threat ( for example, attacking an unprotected knight while simultaneously setting up a battery of queen and bishop to threaten mate ).
Besides studies with minimal risk, waivers of consent may be obtained in a military setting.
Besides the chapel, it contains the Sängersaal ( Hall of the Minstrels ), which is in fact Wagner's setting for Act II of Tannhäuser and the Festsaal ( the Feast or Festival Hall ), both of which contain fine frescoes by Moritz von Schwind with the theme of the minstrels ' contest in the Sängersaal and frescoes of the triumphs of Christianity in the Festsaal.
Besides the new character names, some other substitutions suitable to the new setting ( e. g. " by Ran " for " by Jove ", " Vishnu's shrine for " the north gate ", " the mighty gods ' wrath's appeased " for " the Eternal's wrath's appeas'd ", sahiba for lady, sahib for sir, and sari for robe ), and the addition of some Indian dialogue, the production used Shakespeare's text.
Besides the Hero System itself, Hero Games is also the publisher of genre books which supplement the generic system: Champions, a role-playing game where players can create and play superheroes ; Fantasy Hero, where characters operate in a fantasy setting ; Star Hero, which uses science fiction settings ; Dark Champions, which simulates various forms of the action-adventure genre ; and many other games.
Besides the scheduled workshops and talks, Debian developers take the opportunity to hack on the Debian system in a more informal setting.
Besides some literary cameos in renowned movies ( an example of which is Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief, at the start of which an issue of Paris Herald-Tribune is shown in close-up to highlight a column bylined by Buchwald about jewel thefts on the French Riviera setting up the plot ) Buchwald also participated to the English dialogues of Jacques Tati's Play Time.
Besides setting a record for the worst ever regular season winning percentage for a World Series winner and hosting the first ever World Series game indoors, the 1987 Twins were the first team to ever enter the World Series having been outscored in the regular season.
Besides providing a setting for the imposing Palais Garnier, it is a nexus from which several streets radiate.
Besides setting up churches, the Protestants established schools, clinics, and youth clubs, and they distributed copies of the Bible and their own religious publications in Bulgarian.
Besides setting the numerical targets, reliability requirements should drive a ( system or part ) design to incorporate features and functions that prevent failures from occurring or limit consequences from failure in the first place.
Besides lending itself to the traditional problems of culture, history and chronology, the site provides the ideal setting for the study of the cultural processes responsible for the transition from Igneri to Taíno cultural manifestation.
Besides, the clayey ground allowed setting up brickyards.

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