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Between and voice
Between these episodes the two protagonists voice their confusion at the progress of events of which — occurring onstage without them in Hamlet — they have no direct knowledge.
Between 1918 and 1926 Martin lived successively in Zurich, Rome and Paris: compositions of the period show him searching for an authentic musical voice of his own.
* Talk Between Ships, a U. S. Navy term for low-powered voice radio, used during World War 2
Between 1777 and 1821 the mayor was appointed by the Council of Appointments in which the state's governor had the loudest voice.
Between them he mentioned a “ guaracha ” named “ La Guabina ”, about which he says: “ in the voice of those that sings it, tastes like any thing dirty, indecent or disgusting that you can think about …” At a later time, in an undetermined date, “ La Guabina ” appears published between the first musical scores printed in Havana at the beginning of the XIX Century.
Between 1925 and 1934 he wrote six operettas specifically for Tauber's voice.
Between the two versions, there is a brief cut of a female voice discussing Brahmanism, used in a BBC Radio documentary.
Between 2001 and 2003, Roddy was also the voice of Mike the microphone on the cartoon Disney's House of Mouse.
Between the first two flights, Curbeam served as a spacecraft communicator ( CAPCOM ) responsible for relaying all voice communication between Mission Control and crews aboard the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.
Between March 4 – 16 of the year 2000, the ITGA, financed by the tobacco industry, set out on what they dubbed a " Roadshow ," during which ITGA representatives spoke to policy-makers in the developing countries of India, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, in addition to two " mini-Roadshows " in Argentina and Brazil, in order to voice ITGA opposition to the FCTC on the grounds that the CTE had underestimated the threat that tobacco control would pose to developing economies.
Between 2009 and 2010, the phone and mouse appeared together in TV campaigns with Stephen Fry providing the voice of the phone and Paul Merton as the mouse.
" The film ends much like the last verse of the song A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, with an injured Darnell in hospital pondering over what happened to him and deciding to change, and a mugshot of Brandi and Darnell's voice saying " Damn I'm truly sorry about what happened to Brandi I hope po ' baby lands on her feet, but they better make damn sure they fix that dent in her heart before they let her out ".
Between 1984 and 1990, he alternated with Ian Carmichael as the voice of Rat in the British television series The Wind in the Willows, based on the book by Kenneth Grahame.
Between 2001 and 2003, The Sun newspaper used a " white van man " as an alleged representative voice of the people.
The collection is McEwan's first published work and was regarded by the author ( along with his second collection of short stories, In Between the Sheets ) as an opportunity to experiment and find his voice as a writer.
Between 1952 and 1978, he made numerous TV appearances as a singer and actor ( such as NBC's The Gisele MacKenzie Show and ABC's The Bing Crosby Show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents ) and voice for animation ( such as the Walt Disney feature Johnny Appleseed, handling multiple characters ).
She also voice directed Dog City for Nelvana, worked as a designer for The Muppet Movie, a performing assistant for Yoda on The Empire Strikes Back, and was one of the creators of Between the Lions.

Between and sessions
Between Congressional sessions he toured Kentucky and Ohio, trying in vain to convince any Union commander who would listen to conduct an operation into East Tennessee.
Between his sessions at Harvard, Fuller worked in Canada as a mechanic in a textile mill, and later as a laborer in the meat-packing industry.
Between 1880 and 1920, many great international medical conferences devoted a lot of time to sessions on dissociation.
Between sessions, party conferences of the regional, county, district and work committees were taking place.
Between these sessions, power is exercised by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress which contains about 150 members.
Between his last two sessions at Aberdeen, Hall acted as assistant pastor to Dr Evans at Broadmead chapel, Bristol, and three months after leaving the university he was appointed classical tutor in the Bristol academy, an office which he held for more than five years.
Between sessions the board of selectmen interprets the policy set at Town Meeting and is assigned numerous duties including: approving all town non-school expenditures, authorizing highway construction and repair, serving as town purchasing agent for non-school items, issuing licenses and overseeing the conduct of all town activities.
Between sessions of the Central Executive Committee, the Presidium supervised the government administration.
Between these two sessions, several most fateful events occurred: in 1903 the aged Mustafà finally retired, and a few months later Pope Leo XIII, a strong supporter of Sistine tradition, died.
Between recording sessions they toured Australia, including appearing at the St Kilda Festival with Ceberano, and at the East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival in April.
Between its founding and April 1984, the tribunal pronounced two advisory opinions on Western Sahara and Eritrea and held eight sessions ( Argentina, Philippines, El Salvador, Afghanistan I and II, East Timor, Zaire and Guatemala ).
Between 2001 and 2006, Brown hosted a series of recording sessions at his home studio with Ian Lloyd ( vocals ), Tom Finn ( bass guitar / vocals ), Jim McAllister ( guitar ), and Jon Ihle ( drums ).
Between 1960 and 1963, the Russell Sextet featured musicians like Dave Baker and Steve Swallow and memorable sessions with Eric Dolphy ( on Ezz-thetics ) and singer Sheila Jordan ( their bleak version of " You Are My Sunshine " on The Outer View ( 1962 ) is highly regarded ).
Between the release of Slay Tracks and the recording sessions for Demolition Plot J-7, Koretzky formed Drag City with Dan Osborn.
Between March and November every year, when episodes of The Simpsons were being recorded, Roswell had to fly back to Los Angeles twice a week to attend the table reads and the recording sessions.
The second block of recording sessions for Between the Buttons began on 8 November at the newly opened Olympic Sound Studios in Barnes, London and alternated between there and Pye Studios until 26 November.
Between the Buttons proved to be the last album produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, with whom The Rolling Stones would have a creative falling-out in mid-1967 during the arduous and meandering recording sessions for Their Satanic Majesties Request.
Between 1992 and 1993, the group recorded three sessions for John Peel and one session for Mark Goodier for BBC Radio 1.
Between April and July the training sessions ran continuously.
Between 1962 and 1965, he participated in all four sessions of the Second Vatican Council in Rome.
Between 1962 and 1965, he attended all four sessions of the Second Vatican Council.
Between sessions, classes utilize a variety of distance-learning technologies to support student learning.
Between sessions, he dreamt of single-handedly defeating the Justice League and being a member of the Injustice Gang when Lex Luthor and Joker arrive to recruit him.
Between 1962 and 1965, he attended all four sessions of the Second Vatican Council.

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