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Beyla and referred
The only surviving mention of Byggvir appears in the prose beginning of Lokasenna, and stanzas 55 through 56 of the same poem, where he is referred to as one of Freyr's servants and as the husband of Beyla.
Bembeya Jazz, also referred to as the Orchestre de Beyla in the early days, started as the regional orchestra from the town of Beyla in southern Guinea.

Beyla and prose
Beyla is mentioned in stanzas 55, 66, and the prose introduction to the Poetic Edda poem Lokasenna.
In the prose introduction to Lokasenna, Beyla and Byggvir are cited as attending In stanza 55 of Lokasenna, after his verses with Sif, Loki accuses Beyla of being filthy but the reason for this is unclear.

Beyla and she
Loki tells Beyla to be silent, that she is " much imbued with malice ," that no worse female has ever been among the " Æsir's children ," and calling her a bad " serving-wench.

Beyla and on
Leo Sarkisian ( who went on to join the Africa Service of the Voice of America in 1963 ) recorded Orchestre de Beyla in 1961 for the Hollywood based Tempo International label ( Tempo 7015 ).

Beyla and .
He has the servants Skírnir, Byggvir, and Beyla.
Sif does not respond, and the exchange turns to Beyla.
: For the city in Guinea, see Beyla, Guinea.
For the prefecture, see Beyla Prefecture.
Beyla is one of Freyr's servants along with her husband, Byggvir, in Norse mythology.
Since this is the only mention of Beyla, scholars have turned to the etymology of Beyla's name for additional information about her.
In Puntland, rising waters destroyed properties in especially Hafun and Kulub, while parts of the towns and villages of Bander Beyla, Eyl, Foar and Bargaal were flooded.
Wassulu, Wassalou, Ouassalou ) is an historic region in southwest Mali, northeast Guinea ( Prefectures of Kankan, Kerouané, Beyla, and Siguiri ) and the area west of the Sankarani river and south of the Niger River in Mali and Côte d ' Ivoire.
Bembeya Jazz National ( originally known as Orchestre de Beyla ) is a Guinean jazz group that gained fame in the 1960s for their Afropop rhythms.
The band were just being formed in Beyla and according to Sarkisian, called themselves Orchestra Bembeya, after a local river.
Orchestre de Beyla and included the songs Présentation, Yarabi, Lele, Din ye kassila, Wonkaha douba, Seneiro, Wassoulou and Maniamba.

referred and prose
Byggvir ( referred to in the prose introduction to the poem as a servant of Freyr ) says that if he had as noble a lineage and as an honorable a seat as Freyr, he would grind down Loki, and make all of his limbs lame.
In the last nine years of his life, Morris wrote a series of imaginative fictions usually referred to as the " prose romances ".
In the prose introduction to the poem Lokasenna, Skaði is referred to as the wife of Njörðr and is cited as one of the goddesses attending Ægir's feast.
The Völsungasaga ( often referred to in English as the Volsunga Saga or Saga of the Völsungs ) is a legendary saga, a late 13th century Icelandic prose rendition of the origin and decline of the Völsung clan ( including the story of Sigurd and Brynhild and destruction of the Burgundians ).
William Fulke referred to Tom in 1579 in Heskins Parleament Repealed and Thomas Nashe referred to him in 1592 in his prose satire on the vices of the age, Pierce Penniless, His Supplication to the Divell.
The Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges referred to Reyes as " the greatest prose writer in the Spanish language of any age " At least five avenues in Monterrey's metropolitan area, three in the municipality and one in Mexico City are named after Reyes.
The Fenian Cycle (; ), also referred to as the Ossianic Cycle after its narrator Oisín, is a body of prose and verse centering on the exploits of the mythical hero Fionn mac Cumhaill and his warriors the Fianna.
Philosopher John Searle suggests that, despite the " opaque prose " and lofty claims of Giroux, he interprets the goal of Giroux's form of critical pedagogy " to create political radicals ", thus highlighting the contestable and antagonistic moral and political grounds of the ideals of citizenship and " public wisdom "; these varying moral perspectives of what is " right " are to be found in what John Dewey has referred to as the tensions between traditional and progressive education.
The island of Savai ' i is also referred to by Samoans as Salafai, a classical Samoan term used in oratory and prose.
This antagonism often took on an extremely personal form: White referred to Franz Boas's prose style as " corny " in no less a place than the American Journal of Sociology, while Robert Lowie referred to White's work as " a farrago of immature metaphysical notions ," shaped by " the obsessive power of fanaticism unconsciously warps one's vision.
Possibly his Python (), which contained a long account of a conversation with Pyrrho, during a journey to the Delphic oracle, may be referred to this class ; unless it was in prose.
Fathers and Sons might be regarded as the first wholly modern novel in Russian Literature ( Gogol's Dead Souls, another main contender, is sometimes referred to as a poem or epic in prose as in the style of Dante's Divine Comedy ).
Cilydd is the father of Culhwch, hero of the Middle Welsh prose tale Culhwch and Olwen, the earliest of the collection usually referred to as the Mabinogion.

referred and introduction
Jerome, in the introduction to his Latin translation of the books of Samuel and Kings ( part of the Vulgate ), referred to the book as a chronikon (" Chronicles " in English ).
The revolutionary period saw the introduction of policies favouring French over the regional languages, pejoratively referred to as patois.
A year after its introduction this design was improved to include a full 16-bit parallel math unit using four 74181s, this design being referred to as the SuperNova.
Freed is commonly referred to as the " father of rock and roll " due to his promotion of the music and his introduction of the phrase " rock and roll " on radio in the early 1950s.
Hershey and Chase showed that the introduction of deoxyribonuclease ( referred to as DNase ), an enzyme that breaks down DNA, into a solution containing the labeled bacteriophages did not introduce any < sup > 32 </ sup > P into the solution which demonstrated that the phage, while intact, is resistant to the enzyme.
Although the use of the term infantry in English dates from the 15th century ( from French Infanterie, itself from the Italian Infanteria ), the foot troops of the previous eras in history who fought with a variety of weapons before the introduction of the firearms are also referred to as infantry.
Thus, Islamic architecture started witnessing the introduction of such structures as domes and large, arched entrances, referred to as iwans.
There is no consensus on a precise starting point of the New Wave-Adam Roberts refers to Alfred Bester as having singlehandedly invented the genre, and in the introduction to a collection of Leigh Brackett's short fiction, Michael Moorcock referred to her as one of the genre's " true godmothers ".
In the introduction to the song, Springsteen referred to it as " just about one of the most beautiful songs ever written.
The Short Text of the Revelation of Love was finished by 1413, as noted in its introduction in the fifteenth-century Amherst Manuscript, now in the British Library, which named Julian and referred to her as still alive.
In this period the construction of the great tower of the male, referred to as " Saracen " and the introduction of tuna fishing that will develop in later centuries with more modern techniques.
Historic crop rotation methods are mentioned in Roman literature, and referred to by several civilizations in Asia and on three major elements: sophisticated systems of crop rotation, highly developed irrigation techniques and the introduction of a large variety of crops which were studied and catalogued according to the season, type of land and amount of water they require.
Although old-age pensions had already been introduced by Asquith as Chancellor, Lloyd George was largely responsible for the introduction of state financial support for the sick and infirm ( known colloquially as " going on the Lloyd George " for decades afterwards ) — legislation often referred to as the Liberal reforms.
; Plays: Started as plays enacted in town squares followed by the actors using the courtyards of taverns or inns ( referred to as Inn-yards ) followed by the first theatres ( great open air amphitheatres and then the introduction of indoor theatres called Playhouses.
A solution to these problems was the introduction of the mechanical " drafting machine ", an application of the pantograph ( sometimes referred to incorrectly as a " pentagraph " in these situations ) which allowed the drafter to have an accurate right angle at any point on the page quite quickly.
On April 6, 1997, The Disney Channel shortened its name to simply " Disney Channel " ( however, promos that ran until September 2002 often referred to the channel only as " Disney " and the logo often omitted the " Channel " in the network's name ) took on a revamped look including the introduction of a new logo, which featured a 1930s-era Mickey Mouse on a black Mickey ear-shaped TV.
In most of peninsular Italy the widespread medieval introduction of the of the title was Longobardic, while in Sicily and Sardinia it was coeval with Norman rule some centuries later, and one referred to the baronage when speaking of landed nobles generally.
The Fennell investigation's findings prompted the introduction of the Fire Precautions ( Sub-surface Railway Stations ) Regulations 1989 ( usually referred to as the Section 12 Regulations because they were introduced under section 12 of the Fire Precautions Act 1971 ).
Prior to the introduction of a new city charter on June 20, 1984, council members in Windom were referred to as alderpersons.
The next iteration of the mainframe and the server-based products were named DB2 Universal Database ( or DB2 UDB ), a name that had already been used for the Linux-Unix-Windows version, with the introduction of widespread confusion over which version ( mainframe or server ) of the DBMS was being referred to.
This Hour Has 22 Minutes ( almost always referred to since fall 2009 as simply 22 Minutes ; the full title is still seen briefly in the show's current introduction ) is a weekly Canadian television comedy that airs on CBC Television.
In other contexts, " classical theory " will have other meanings — if a current accepted theory is considered to be " modern ", and its introduction represented a major paradigm shift, then previous theory ( or new theories based on the older paradigm ) will often be referred to as " classical ".

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