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Billy and Adams
Governor Adams-The perseverance demonstrated by Billy Adams in founding his teachers college also characterized those who took over the task of making Adams State more than a dream.
Billy Adams died in 1954, just shy of his 93rd birthday.
Although it was initially reported that there were 10 members of the band, along with Plant the band consists of former Strange Sensation members, Cast guitarist Liam " Skin " Tyson, Justin Adams, Billy Fuller and John Baggot along with Dave Smith, Juldeh Camara and Patty Griffin.
Paterson stayed with Rowland, who added Billy Adams ( guitar / banjo ), Seb Shelton ( drums, formerly of Secret Affair ), Micky Billingham ( keyboard ), Brian Maurice ( alto saxophone ), Paul Speare ( tenor saxophone ) and Steve Wynne ( bass ), releasing a handful of singles in 1980 and 1981, and adopting a new look that included hooded tops, boxing boots, and pony tails.
| align = left | Billy Adams
Left without the Orioles, Til picked up another group, The Regals, whose members were Tex Cornelius, Diz Russell, Jerry Holeman, Billy Adams, and pianist Paul Griffin.
The song was written by Kevin Rowland, " Big " Jim Paterson, and Billy Adams ; it was produced by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley.
* Billy Adams, Governor of Colorado
Among the many well-known bands and artists who contributed their music to the show were Roger Daltrey, El Debarge, Devo, Russ Ballard, Black Uhuru, Jackson Browne, Kate Bush, Meat Loaf, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Tina Turner, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, The Tubes, Dire Straits, Depeche Mode, The Hooters, Iron Maiden, The Alan Parsons Project, The Ward Brothers, Godley & Creme, Corey Hart, Glenn Frey, U2, Underworld, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Foreigner, The Police, Red 7, Ted Nugent, Suicidal Tendencies, The Damned and Billy Idol.
In March 2006, BBC Scotland documentary Happy Birthday Oor Wullie celebrated his 70th birthday with celebrity guests including Karen Dunbar, Sanjeev Kohli, Kaye Adams, Iain Robertson, Tony Roper, Tam Cowan, Stuart Cosgrove and Dominik Diamond, and was narrated by Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd.
As one of only three AFL owners to be on relatively solid financial ground ( along with Hunt and Bud Adams ), Wilson lent the financially troubled Oakland Raiders $ 400, 000 and was also willing to lend money to Billy Sullivan of the Patriots.
Some of the hot feuds of the era included Chris Adams & Toni Adams vs. Phil Hickerson & Tojo Yamamoto ; Kerry Von Erich vs. Tarras Bulba ( with Kerry doing a stretcher job against Bulba, pinned by Bulba's iron claw ); and Eric Embry vs. Billy Travis.
The angle, developed by Embry and Adams, was brought about when Adams and Embry blamed each other for two significant losses in tag team matches, including one during a tag team tournament between Billy Travis and Gary Young.
Adams helped establish the league by fighting and winning the battle with the NFL for LSU's All-American Heisman Trophy winner Billy Cannon.
Additionally, LeRoy was credited with liner notes and biographies for musicians Billy Corgan, Liz Phair, Conor Oberst, Ash, Bryan Adams, Marilyn Manson, Nancy Sinatra and Courtney Love and profiled award-winner Juergen Teller.
Publishers, Editors and writers for Creem included Connie Kramer, Lester Bangs, formative early editor Dave Marsh, Billy Altman, Bob Fleck, John Morthland, Ben Edmonds, Ed Ward, Richard Riegel, Ric Siegel, Robert Christgau, Richard Meltzer, Nick Tosches, Greil Marcus, Jeffrey Morgan, Richard C. Walls, Rob Tyner, Patti Smith, Peter Laughner, Cameron Crowe, Linda Barber, Charlie Auringer, Judy Adams, Jaan Uhelszki, Penny Valentine, Susan Whitall, John " The Mad " Peck, Robot A.
* Concerts: 50 Cent, AC / DC, Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, Anastacia, Andrea Bocelli, Backstreet Boys, The Beach Boys, Black Sabbath, James Blunt, Sarah Brightman, Bon Jovi, David Bowie, Michael Bublé, Cher, Eric Clapton, Leonard Cohen, Phil Collins, Depeche Mode, Celine Dion, Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Evanescence, John Fogerty, Genesis, Guns N ' Roses, Whitney Houston, Billy Idol, Enrique Iglesias, Il Divo, Iron Maiden, Elton John, Tom Jones, Judas Priest, KISS, Lenny Kravitz, Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin, Paul McCartney, George Michael, Kylie Minogue, Muse, Nightwish, No Doubt, Ozzy Osbourne, Laura Pausini, Luciano Pavarotti, P. Diddy, P! nk, Prince, Pussycat Dolls, R. E. M., Rammstein, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cliff Richard & The Shadows, Rihanna, Rush, Shakira, Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Gwen Stefani, Sting, Tina Turner, Shania Twain, Roger Waters, The Who, Robbie Williams, Yes and Neil Young, among others
The street has also been mentioned in songs by Willie Nile, Jim Croce, Regina Spektor, Dire Straits, Bill Callahan, Saint Etienne the Vancouver Twee pop band cub, Sonic Youth, Two Gallants, Steve Earle, Beastie Boys, Paul McDermott, Billy Joel, Tom Waits, Ryan Adams, The Clash, the Ramones, Jesse Malin and The Foetus All-Nude Revue, The Lumineers, Deerhunter, among others.
Goodsall has also performed and / or recorded with Bill Bruford, Desmond Dekker, Peter Gabriel, Billy Idol, Bryan Adams, Toni Basil and Mark Isham.
Olsen and Johnson led a large cast of entertainers: the comedy team of Barto and Mann ( Dewey Barto and George Mann ); Charles Whithers ; celebrity impersonators, the Radio Rogues ; Hal Sherman ; Walter Nilsson ; singing group The Charioteers ; identical-twin dancers Bettymae and Beverly Crane ; stage magician Theo Hardeen ( better known as Houdini's younger brother ); the Hawaiian music of Ray Kinney and the Aloha Maids ; Bergh and Moore ; J. C. Olsen ; Reed, Dean and Reed ( Bonnie Reed, Syd Dean, and Mel Reed ); Roberta and Ray ; The Starlings ; Dorothy Thomas ; Shirley Wayne ; Cyrel Roodney and June Winters ; Billy Adams ; and Whitey's Steppers ( also known as Whitey's Lindy Hoppers ).

Billy and Colorado
Billy Jones, who would sometimes show up to jam with the group on organ in 1971 and 1972, returned from a stint in Boulder, Colorado in 1973 and switched to guitar, giving birth to the band's first infamous guitar trio later dubbed " The Florida Guitar Army ".
Senator Adams ' uncle, William Herbert " Billy " Adams, served as the Governor of Colorado 1927-1933.
Billy James Gobble ( born July 19, 1981 ) is a Major League Baseball pitcher who is currently in the Colorado Rockies organization.
Alva Adams ' younger brother, William Herbert " Billy " Adams also served as Governor of Colorado, 1927-1933.
As a student at Adams State College, Porter and other students would take turns visiting and reading aloud to the aged and infirmed former governor of Colorado, Billy Adams.

Billy and who
Billy decided to set an example by arresting one of the ranchers, named Ed Dunn, who lived at Rock Fort.
Billy Koch, who had once worked for Wright as a chauffeur, gave a deposition for Miriam's use that he had seen Olgivanna living at Taliesin.
And for his playmate, Francis Coletta of West Warwick, who has a bit part, Billy.
Charlton's next England game was his 75th as England beat Northern Ireland ; 2 caps later and he had become England's second most-capped player, behind the veteran Billy Wright, who was approaching his 100th appearance when Charlton was starting out and ended with 105 caps.
Billy Graham ( evangelist ) | Billy Graham, who attended BJU for one semester, was later at odds with the University
Mumy also played the character of young Pip, a boy who enjoyed playing with his father but was always ignored, in the episode " In Praise of Pip " ( September 1963 ), and the character of Billy Bayles, a boy who talks to his dead grandmother through a toy telephone, in the episode " Long Distance Call " ( March 1961 ).
The price for such support was the resignation of Nationalist ( ex-Labor ) Prime Minister, Billy Hughes, who was replaced by Stanley Bruce.
Wrigley ejected Billy Sianis, who had come to Game 4 with two box seat tickets, one for him and one for his goat.
CNN reported that " Brooks was joined on stage by two surprise guest stars, Billy Joel and Don McLean, who brought down the house with an acoustic rendition of ' American Pie '.
In addition, they saw the efforts of evangelist Billy Graham, who worked with non-evangelical denominations, such as the Roman Catholics ( which they claimed to be heretical ), as a mistake.
The signal film in this vein was Double Indemnity, directed by Billy Wilder ; setting the mold was Barbara Stanwyck's unforgettable femme fatale, Phyllis Dietrichson — an apparent nod to Marlene Dietrich, who had built her extraordinary career playing such characters for Sternberg.
She was a special guest at the 70th Academy Awards, where the show's host, Billy Crystal, introduced her as the " Beauty who charmed the Beast ".
In this way, Ackerman provided inspiration to many who would later become successful artists, including Joe Dante, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Stephen King, Donald F. Glut, Penn & Teller, Billy Bob Thornton, Gene Simmons ( of the band Kiss ), Rick Baker, George Lucas, Danny Elfman, Frank Darabont, John Landis and countless other writers, directors, artists and craftsmen.
Billy Whelan, one of the eight Manchester United players who lost their lives in the Munich air disaster of 6 February 1958, was born locally on 1 April 1935.
In 1956, Geelong recruited Billy Goggin, Geelong's greatest rover, who also coached Geelong in the 1980s.
In Sabrina, Billy Wilder, unable to secure Cary Grant, chose Bogart for the role of the older, conservative brother who competes with his younger playboy sibling ( William Holden ) for the affection of the Cinderella-like Sabrina ( Audrey Hepburn ).
Blues harmonica players who are primarily or mainly associated with the instrument include Norton Buffalo, Jerry Portnoy, Lazy Lester, Bob Dylan, Sugar Blue, Billy Branch, Charlie Musselwhite, Corky Siegel, Junior Wells, Ron " Pigpen " McKernan, Kim Wilson, Slim Harpo, Al " Blind Owl " Wilson of Canned Heat, Jack Bruce of Cream and John Sebastian of The Lovin ' Spoonful.
He has three siblings: two are older, brother William " Billy " Ritchie and sister Carol Ritchie ; and one is younger, sister Jill Ritchie who is an actress.
The narrator of the tale is " Billy Duncan ", " a rough, hardened soldier of fortune ", who is frequently involved in fights that leave him near death.
Top musicians who played on Nirvana sessions include: Lesley Duncan, Herbie Flowers, Billy Bremner ( later of Rockpile / Dave Edmunds fame ), Luther Grosvenor, Clem Cattini and the full lineup of rock band Spooky Tooth, Pete Kelly ( Keyboards ) who also co-wrote ' Modus Operandi ' on the ' Local Anaesthetic ' album.
When I joined, they had what they called a Shepherd — after all, the meetings were at the Lambs Club — who was the president, Billy Gaxton.
" Also in 2000, she played Alejandra Villarreal, who is Matt Damon's love interest in Billy Bob Thornton's film adaptation of the western bestselling novel, All the Pretty Horses.

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