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BioWare and Mythic
As of October 2011, the BioWare group consists of six studios: BioWare Edmonton, BioWare Austin, BioWare Mythic, BioWare Montreal, BioWare Ireland, and BioWare San Francisco ( formerly EA2D ).
Later, EA announced that BioWare would be merged with Mythic Entertainment, another division of EA, so that they could have all of their RPG development in one business unit.
In 2009 Mythic Entertainment, based in Fairfax, Virginia, became part of the RPG / MMO Group, later being renamed BioWare Mythic in early 2010.
Electronic Arts announced on June 24, 2009, that they are restructuring their RPG and MMO games development into a new group that includes both Mythic Entertainment and BioWare.
On June 24, 2009, EA announced it will merge two of its development studios, BioWare and Mythic into one single role-playing video game and MMO development powerhouse.
The move will actually place Mythic under control of BioWare as Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk will be in direct control of the new entity.
** BioWare Mythic ( formerly Mythic Entertainment )
It was developed by Mythic Entertainment ( currently known as BioWare Mythic ) and was simultaneously released in North and South Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand on September 18, 2008.
On June 24, 2009, it was announced that as part of EA's restructuring plan Mythic Entertainment and BioWare would come together under a new RPG / MMO division headed by BioWare General Manager Dr. Ray Muzyka.
The company is now called BioWare Mythic.
On 24 June 2009, it was announced that longtime Mythic boss Mark Jacobs had left the company and that EA intended to merge Mythic with fellow RPG developer BioWare.

BioWare and formerly
** BioWare Victory ( formerly Victory Games )

BioWare and Entertainment
Jacobs left EA in June 2009 after the company decided to merge BioWare with Mythic Entertainment.
Developed by BioWare and published by Interplay Entertainment.
* BioWare / Interplay Entertainment have not released any such images into the public domain.

BioWare and EA
It comprises the RPG / MMO Group within Electronic Arts, with Muzyka, EA Senior VP and the Group General Manager and Zeschuk EA VP and Group Creative Officer of the BioWare Group ; co-founder Doctor Yip left in early 1997 to return to medicine.
BioWare therefore became a unit of EA, but retained its own branding.
EA has confirmed that a new free-to-play game, entitled Command & Conquer, is in development with the studio BioWare Victory.
After EA Los Angeles started up their new internal group Danger Close and switched its focus to the Medal of Honor series, EA launched a new studio named BioWare Victory to continue the Command & Conquer franchise.
" EA has announced that it is turning its attention to creating new game IPs in order to stem this trend, with recently acquired and critically acclaimed studios BioWare and Pandemic would be contributing to this process.
In early 2010, Mythic was moved completely into the BioWare RPG group within EA, changing its name to BioWare Mythic.

BioWare and .
Gaming fans have also recently made a big impact on content developers, namely BioWare Corp.
Buckling under the pressure of this heated demand, BioWare released a DLC ( downloadable content ) packet on June 26, 2012 in hopes of reconciling the game's endings and soothing the fandom's aggression.
Gernsback's importance to science fiction was acknowledged by video game developer BioWare, who named a vessel after him in the game Mass Effect 2.
While the Bhaalspawn Saga was originally developed exclusively by BioWare for the Personal Computer, in 2012 Atari revealed that Beamdog and Overhaul Games would remake the games in HD.
BioWare is a Canadian video game developer founded in February 1995 by newly graduated medical doctors Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuk, and Augustine Yip.
BioWare is currently owned by American company Electronic Arts.
BioWare specializes in role-playing video games, and became famous for launching highly praised and successful licensed franchises, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
In 2011, BioWare launched their first MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic.
BioWare was established in February 1995 by Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuk, and Augustine Yip, who had graduated together from medical school at the University of Alberta.
When Interplay financed " exploratory development ", BioWare presented the publishers with a demo called Battleground: Infinity.
At this point, BioWare decided to return to the action genre.
MDK 2 was released on PC, Dreamcast, and eventually PlayStation 2, offering BioWare their first taste of developing games for consoles.
MDK 2 drew the same level of praise as its predecessor but, despite the success, BioWare returned to the Baldur's Gate series for their next project.
Following Interplay's bankruptcy, BioWare began to work with Infogrames, which was later renamed to Atari.
Neverwinter Nights was originally to be published by Interplay, but the company lost the license of the game to Atari and part of their Dungeons & Dragons license, to BioWare.
After selling their D & D license to Atari, BioWare developed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire.
In November 2005, it was announced that BioWare and Pandemic Studios ( itself founded by former Activision employees ) would be joining forces, with private equity fund Elevation Partners investing in the partnership.
In 2007, BioWare released the science fiction RPG Mass Effect.
The following year, BioWare released Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood on the Nintendo DS, its first title for a handheld game console.
Near the end of 2009, BioWare released the fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins, and in January 2010, Mass Effect 2.
BioWare completed three major games between 2011 and 2012.
The MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is based on BioWare's previous contribution to the Star Wars franchise, and was announced on October 21, 2008, although BioWare had first mentioned an unspecified new collaboration with LucasArts in October the previous year.

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