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Bixby and married
Bixby was married three times.
He was married to ( they later divorced ) writer Sarah Bixby Smith.

Bixby and late
The show made Bixby a pop icon of the late 1970s and 1980s.
Bixby was executive producer of the three Hulk made-for-television sequel movies in the late 1980s and in 1990.
Born in New York City, Nickerson made appearances in the late 1960s on such shows as The Doctors, and opposite Bill Bixby in an unsold television pilot called Rome Sweet Rome.

Bixby and 1993
Wilfred Bailey Everett “ Bill ” Bixby III ( January 22, 1934 − November 21, 1993 ) was an American film and television actor, director, and frequent game show panelist.
In early 1993, after rumors began circulating about his health, Bixby went public with his illness, discussing his disease and the energy needed to keep him alive.
* 1934 – Bill Bixby, American actor ( d. 1993 )
** Bill Bixby, American actor and director ( My Favorite Maritan, The Courtship of Eddie's Father and The Incredible Hulk ) ( d. 1993 )
On November 15, 1993, shortly after learning that his illness was terminal, Bixby collapsed on the Blossom set and was hospitalized.
However, all such projects were canceled when Bill Bixby died of cancer in November 1993.
Reportedly, this attempt finally fell through when Bill Bixby died of cancer in 1993.
* Bill Bixby ( 1934 – 1993 ), American actor and director

Bixby and just
The first tournament's finalists were Dick Gautier, James Shigeta, Peter Bonerz, and Don Galloway, with Shigeta winning the championship ; the second tournament's finalists were Richard Dawson, Bill Bixby, Hal Linden, and Betty White, with Dawson winning the championship ( Dawson had almost made it to the first tournament finals, but Gautier beat him out during their preliminary week by just one point ).
The CPLEX Optimizer was named for the simplex method as implemented in the C programming language, although today it provides additional methods for mathematical programming and offers interfaces other than just C. It was originally developed by Robert E. Bixby and was offered commercially starting in 1988 by CPLEX Optimization Inc., which was acquired by ILOG in 1997 ; ILOG was subsequently acquired by IBM in January 2009.

Bixby and before
On the lands south of the factory ( and current Orangewood Avenue ), Fred Bixby, son of John Bixby and future member of the Cowboy Hall of Fame, used the sugar beet lands as a finishing ranch to fatten cattle before sending them off to slaughter ( he also managed Hellman's lands in present Seal Beach ).
* Jaydee Bixby, the runner up from the show Canadian Idol, attended Hunting Hills High School before auditioning for the show.
In the film, General George Marshall ( played by Harve Presnell ) reads the Bixby letter to his officers before giving the order to find that brother, Private Ryan, and send him home.
It was some decades before European Americans traced the cause to snakeroot ; although today Dr. Anna Pierce Hobbs Bixby is credited with identifying the plant in the 1830s, legend has it that she was taught about the plant's properties by a Shawnee woman.

Bixby and on
In 1961, Bixby was in the musical The Boy Friend at the Detroit Civic Theater, returning to Hollywood to make his television debut on an episode of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.
In 1969, Bixby starred in his second high-profile television role, as Tom Corbett in The Courtship of Eddie's Father a comedy-drama on ABC.
Bixby made his directorial debut on the show in 1970, directing eight episodes.
Bixby also hosted Once Upon A Classic on PBS from 1976 to 1980.
Consequently, Bixby starred in the pilot movie called The Incredible Hulk, based loosely on the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Marvel comic book characters.
He also worked on the show with his friend, movie actress Mariette Hartley, who would later star with Bixby in his final series, Goodnight, Beantown in 1983.
Bixby made his last acting appearance in 1992, guest starring on an episode of Diagnosis: Murder.
In 2003, while promoting X2, Hugh Jackman mentioned in an interview on UK television morning talk show This Morning that he planned to make a biopic of Bill Bixby, that he had been drawn to the project by Bryan Singer and that it was a project he loved.
Although Ferrigno and Bixby did not share lines on camera ( except for one episode, " King of the Beach "), the two were friends, with Ferrigno describing Bixby as a " mentor " and " father figure " who took Ferrigno under his wing.
The show is noteworthy in that Bixby insisted on doing all of the magic himself, without any trick photography, although it was not possible for this to be the case in the TV-movie / pilot.
After the series ' cancellation, Bixby went on to host a string of magic specials on NBC and a series in first-run syndication.
The following are listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Constant Riley W. Bixby House, Amzi Bradley Farmstead, District # 10 Schoolhouse, Harrington Cobblestone Farmhouse and Barn Complex, and Philo Newton Cobblestone House.
The Jenks Journal, Glenpool Post and Bixby Bulletin were combined into one print publication in January 2012, but each newspaper has its own section on the South County Leader website.
In February 2007, Steven Bixby was convicted on 17 counts including the two murders, as well as lesser charges of kidnapping and conspiracy.
It is based on the 1953 short story It's a Good Life by Jerome Bixby and is considered by many, such asTime Magazine and TV Guide, to be one of the best episodes of the series.
The show featured several guest stars that went on to star in their own series, including Andy Griffith, Joey Bishop, and Bill Bixby.
Bill Bixby became a frequent director on the series in its third season, a role he continued for several episodes into the fourth, despite his ongoing battle with prostate cancer.
Speaking to the 1911 National Rivers and Harbors Congress, the chief of the Corps, Brigadier General William H. Bixby, suggested that modern treatment facilities and prohibitions on dumping " should either be made compulsory or at least encouraged everywhere in the United States.
The show centered on Tom Corbett ( Bill Bixby ), a handsome, thirty-something magazine publisher and widower from Los Angeles who had shouldered the responsibility of raising his freckled-faced, six-year-old son, Eddie ( Brandon Cruz ), who often cleverly manipulated his father about getting a new wife, shortly after the death of Eddie's mother and Tom's wife, Helen.
In 1970, Bill Bixby made his debut as a director, going on to direct eight episodes of the show.
The show was canceled in 1972 when Bixby had a falling out with James Komack on the direction of the show.

Bixby and .
Bixby, a fourth-generation Californian of English descent, was born in San Francisco, California.
His father, Wilfred Bailey Everett Bixby Jr., was a store clerk and his mother, Jane ( née McFarland ) Bixby, was a senior manager at I. Magnin & Company.
When Bixby was eight, his father enlisted in the U. S. Navy during World War II and traveled to the South Pacific.
Just four credits short of earning a degree, Bixby dropped out of college and joined the United States Marine Corps after being drafted into the United States Army during the Korean War.
Bixby served stateside duty in the Marines and was honorably discharged.
Bixby took the role of young reporter Tim O ' Hara in the 1963 CBS sitcom, My Favorite Martian, in which he co-starred with Ray Walston.
After the cancellation of Martian, Bixby starred in four movies: Ride Beyond Vengeance, Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding, and two of Elvis Presley's movies, Clambake, and Speedway.
Bixby was nominated for the Emmy Award for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 1971.
After the show was canceled, Bixby and Cruz remained in contact.
The death of Bixby's only child, in 1981, drew Bixby and Cruz closer still.
In 1995, Cruz would name his own son Lincoln Bixby Cruz.
In 1973, Bixby starred in The Magician.
During the show's popular, although short-lived production, Bixby as always, invited a few old friends along to co-star such as Pamela Britton ( in her final role ), Kristina Holland and Ralph O ' Hara.
In 1977, Bixby appeared with Donna Mills, Richard Jaeckel, and William Shatner in the last episode, entitled " The Scarlet Ribbon ", of NBC's western series The Oregon Trail, starring Rod Taylor and Andrew Stevens.
Bixby directed two of The Oregon Trail episodes.

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